About Us

Behind the creation of the website are two people, but behind the whole ROCLASSIC-GUIDE is the whole ROPH Cancer-Free Community and the supporters of ROPH Support. But to be more specific and to give credits to the Pioneers, I would like to announce the primary Porings first.


The Innovative Crazy Moderator in ROPH Cancer-Free Community



Ready to help everyone especially newbies in Loki/Chaos.


Answers questions about In-game Stat or Skill Builds.


Answers the general in-game questions in the main fanpage.



Answers the questions in the website. Administrated by: Sir Kyle, Madam Ayleen, Sir Red, Sir Yats, Sir Jethro, Sir Phao and Sir Alexander.

Additionally: Sir openbox, Kevin, Je Rick, Albee, Klembert, Jeson, Alwin, Dino, Xavier, Jeff, Ivan, An-Drew, Micmic, Varron, Dominguez, Joey, Vincent, Marvin, Ryan Dy, Geeky, Reynner, Berto, Bryan.

Lastly, the WHOLE ROPH Cancer-Free Community. Moderated by: Sir Julius, Patrick, Sid, JP, Winston, Berto, Luisito, Orv, John Lenard, Onyx, Jaztine, Senorito, Godfred, Dan Filardo.

Thank you all! This would not got this far without you guys.