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It has been confirmed that leaf cat actually exists. This place is a heaven for Swordsman, Merchants, and Fire Bolt Mages who wanted to Job Level up in no time.

Step 1 – Prepare the Materials

If you have at least 50k zeny to invest, you can skip this part and jump to Step 2. A lot of people sell the quest items in Ayothaya itself. But if you also want to sell quest items, then I’m not stopping you from reading this.

In Boonthom’s quest, she asks for things that doesn’t totally make sense. I’m not sure if it’s a riddle or if it’s how it is called in different servers but for sure it is not the same as the things asked by Boonthom in RMS Ayothaya Dungeon Quest.

This is what Boonthom actually needs: Transparent Cloth = Fabric; Fox Tail = Nine Tails; Solid Peeling = Solid Husk; Holy Water = ??? Guess what? Yea, it’s the same…

Item #1 – Fabric


Aside from whispers, you can find dozens of wraiths in Churchyard. This is the Building in the Center of Glast Heim. Most payon warpers warp you to the top building of Glast Heim, so you could just go down then go to the right portal after getting in that building. The place before this is full of Ghouls and Evil Druids.

Item #2 – Solid Husk

um_fild04, 1 map below Umbala

There are lots of Beetle Kings and Horns in this area. It is much safer than the map below. This map is 1 map below Umbala. If you don’t know how to get there, warp from Morroc > Comodo then walk north to beach_dun2, exit to the top right portal then go to the top portal.

Item #3 – Nine Tails


This is one of the hardest part if you don’t have a Level 50+ character, better just buy 1 nine tails near the warp portal to Payon Dungeon or go to Payon Dungeon Level 4.

Item #4 – Holy Water

Anywhere with water

Log in your acolyte that has an Aqua Benedicta and make sure it has at least one empty bottle, if you don’t have one, just buy one, it’s the cheapest among the 4. This place is the Sunken Ship in Alberta Marina. It only costs 150z, but you could also just go to Ayothaya and just go near the beach if you are planning to bring your Acolyte/Priest to Ayothaya too. It would be a wise decision to bring them there anyway since you don’t have to pay 10k for travelling anymore, you just pay for a 300z blue gem (I mean warp portal).

Step 2 – A Venture to Ayothaya

Talk to Albakthing at the bottom right most of Alberta. You have to pay 10k. It is highly suggested that you do this with a warper so you just have to pay blue gemstone next time.

Say Hi to Ayothaya! It’s quite popular already, but not yet too crowded. Especially in Thor Server. I could lure Leaf Cats better there.

Step 3 – Talk to Dusit

Just don’t say that you already know the story then you know you talked to him correctly already if he tells you to talk to Boonthom.

Step 4 – Talk to Boonthom… TWICE…

Twice, because on the first conversation, she will talk to you about your curiosity towards Ayothaya Dungeon and will request about the materials needed. On the 2nd conversation, she will give you the @#$@%$@#@ item if you already have the materials. Yeah, it somehow looks like that.


Step 5 – Talk to Puraim

Puraim will send you to the Ayothaya field leading to the dungeon. Be careful, there are Wootan Fighters which are fire type. While the rest are Earth Type, so if you are pure fire, don’t waste your time killing them. They give good XP though… I mean Every thing in this map gives good XP.

So that’s it! Enjoy your Job XP guys 🙂 If you wanna enter Ayothaya Dungeon 2, just follow RMS. Also, be careful of these WELLS, you’ll die instantly if you walk through it.

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