How to Speed up Bluestacks for Ragnarok M

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The biggest problem in Ragnarok M is that you want to grind all the way through the 300 minutes every day. But most of us know that charging while playing games will damage the battery in the long run since charging itself will heat up the battery and so does playing games. This is the main reason why your battery … Read More

Ragnarok Trivia Compilation by Jayvee Ordanez

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Of Course we wanted to bookmark Jayvee Ordanez posts of ROPH Official Community. He has been giving Trivias that sometimes actually make sense but we know isn’t true which makes it funny. He has been giving trivias about MVP monsters and you can search them in ROPH Official Community by searching #BasicGUWAPOGI & #RagnarokGENIUS hashtags. Anyway, let’s start! Alam nyo … Read More

How To Create an Endow Sage By Sir Oliver Toto Gabuna

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Here’s how to create an Endow Sage in just a few hours. If you want your sage to be WoE Support or Hindsight/Freecaster, this is not your guide. ENDOW: grants a weapon elemental property for 20-30 mins depending on skill level. VVVS wpn+endow OR Carded Wpn+endow is better than elemental weapons. Must have: Arcwand (or better) Good to have: alarm … Read More

What First Job Are You In Real Life?

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Share nyo sa profile nyo ah kung tama hula ko xD Yung questions galing talaga yan dun sa ragnarok, sa taas ng training grounds sa novice sa pre-renewal. Medyo inedit ko lang kasi yung iba ang hirap intindihin ng tanong. Comment your results below 🙂 Screenshot nyo. Reference:

Imba Weapons Like Ice Pick To Be Removed in ROPH too?

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There have been sellers of Imba Weapons like Ice Pick in ROPH Marketplaces recently. One ice pick is currently for sale at $1500 in an ROPH Marketplace that we cannot mention for the privacy of the seller. But as we can see, there are still some superheroes who do not wear capes to warn the people from buying imba weapons. … Read More

How much Int is Needed for Zaha Doll Hat to be Worth It?

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Question of the Day: “At how much INT po worth it ang Zaha Doll Hat?” Considering that Zaha Doll Hat is Magnificat Level 3, that means it takes 40 sp but multiplies your SP recovery by 2x in 60 seconds. Therefore if you have an sp regeneration of 40 in 60 seconds, Zaha Doll hat is totally not worth it. … Read More

Zeny Making Guide by Oliver Toto Gabuna

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A short guide to zeny earning in REVO with limited time and PHP spending. Server: Loki Current Status Earnings: 1-2 Million zeny a day Ave Time in game: 4 hrs/day (80% in towns, 20% leveling). Merchants are OL 24/6 Background: I played pRO in 2004-2008. I would say I was doing fairly well, I was running 7-11 bots depending on … Read More

[Quick Rogue Guide] How Does Rogue’s Snatcher Work?

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There’s still a lot of people who don’t understand this, and wonder what’s the BIG DEAL with Rogues. At around 60 DEX, you have an estimated chance of 60% chance to loot one item from a mob. (Estimated… not always) There are even people in ROPH Cancer-Free Group saying that they looted more rares from snatcher rather than drops. They … Read More

How To Customize Loading Screens

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1. Search for Wallpapers in Google 2. Make a Copy of Any of These folders just to make sure. 3. Save Your Images Inside with the names: “Loading00-Loading12” I only did 9. 4. Login to the Game and edit Video Configuration to the name of your Skin folder 5. Character Select then login you character again to Test Then, VOILA! … Read More

G4’s Opinion Regarding Muramasa Falling Down on Top 2

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Thread: G4 Elemental Weapons – Loki here… Aba ewan, natatawa nalang ako sa mga comments dito ????Sa totoo lang bakit ba kasi BIG DEAL para sa mga tao ang TOP 1? Same lang naman damage TOP 1-10. Para ma maintain ang rank? Okay…. pero ang laki parin ng difference sa rami ng bumibili sa TOP 1 kesa sa TOP … Read More