After Maintenance VVVS Weapons Giveaway Event

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We will be giving away Very very very strong weapons to newbie thieves, swordsmen, and acolyte tomorrow night. VVVS Knives for Thieves with 67 Total Damage, wherein the 50 damage ignores defense. VVVS Swords for Newbie Swordsmen with a total of 75 Damage. VVVS Club for Newbie Acolytes with a total of 73 damage. We all know that at levels … Read More

29 Things We Hate in Ragnarok Online [PG13 – Contains Vulgar Words]

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This vent is taken from ROPH IYAKAN CENTER authored and administrated by Luisito Galang Pastrana Jr. Please take note that this article is full of vulgar words though all of them are targeted towards items or mobs such as wolf, sandman, Elite Siege Box, etc… Enjoy and Have fun!


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Hahahahahhahhahahaa… Oh gawdd… YOU WONT’ BELIEVE THIS! I can’t believe this to happen either. If you were on that #PrayerVigil #PrayForROPH Event on Loki’s Prontera Church. You sure would have a hard laugh on this. For soooo many times had a maintenance, the lag was never fixed. They just added some headgears and the player’s expectations were not satisfied. BUT … Read More

[Promotion] 900PHP = 1k EXCash by Kentski of ELITES UNITED

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WTF?!! 900PHP for 1k EXCash? Are you serious??? — Yep! Right now, you could be either of the two: Cut the Talk! I Want to Order or Uhuh? Uhuh? The Suggested Retail Price for 1k EXCash is 1000php. I’ll be honest with you because I want you to learn economics, they earn exactly 120php per order, so that’s 880php per 1k … Read More

Change DNS to Google DNS

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This is suggested for anyone who still can’t connect to ROPH. Right Click the Mini Computer on the bottom right and Open Network and Sharing Center… Click Ethernet or right Click your Internet Connections and Click Properties Click Properties Click IPV4 and Change DNS to and, these are GOOGLE DNS, you can check this online.

What are the Chances of you Getting a Card?

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UPDATE: Many have found this article misleading… This is because I usually simplify the words for most people to understand quick. Anyway there is no “solid proof” to this but this is just my mere observation. Knowing that all cards drop at a rate of 0.01%. That would mean, out of 10,000 hydras, an AVERAGE OF ONE  of them will … Read More