How much Int is Needed for Zaha Doll Hat to be Worth It?

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Question of the Day: “At how much INT po worth it ang Zaha Doll Hat?” Considering that Zaha Doll Hat is Magnificat Level 3, that means it takes 40 sp but multiplies your SP recovery by 2x in 60 seconds. Therefore if you have an sp regeneration of 40 in 60 seconds, Zaha Doll hat is totally not worth it. … Read More

ESB Alternatives and How to Control It’s Price

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Remember when ESB used to be 9k each? Now it multiplied by almost 10x more expensive. Elite Siege Boxes are our life support. In real life, it’s like RICE. Rice owners, hoard them to reduce supply and to make the price of rice HIGHER. A lot of people depend on this especially if they only want to focus on one … Read More

[Forging Guide] How Strong are VERY VERY STRONG Weapons?

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This became a FAQ since before. Some people who do not find out how strong VVS are just buy it even if they are still poor expecting themselves to become very very strong because it is also very very expensive. Being a forger is like going for a Doctorate Degree. You pay them high because they had a hard time … Read More

Revo-Classic RO Tips and Tricks

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Major Facts #1 – 3D View Using 3D view is essential for killing mobs under a tree especially if you are playing as an archer and you are in a Payon PVP map. It is also good for taking Selfies. The command is Ctrl+Shift+Drag Right Click. #2 – Auto Follow Seen those Dual client characters with a FS Priest following … Read More

Frequently Asked Locations on Ragnarok Online Revo-Classic

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Having a hard time searching for the location of Arrow Crafting NPC? It’s just… right here… Near the tool dealer of morroc. Thanks to IGN: SadStyLus of Loki. Arrow Crafting NPC Charge Arrow NPC Thanks to IGN: Mholz for informing us about this 🙂 It is near the bridge on Payon. Once you walk near him, he will say “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….”, so … Read More