Is Oridecon Already Too Cheap? Here’s What We Can Do.

The AdminEconomics

I’ve been receiving complaints lately that farming oridecon has become less and less profitable that some people are already trying to control the price of Oridecons through organizing an oligopoly. To be exact, this discussion has become a trending topic right now in ROPH Cancer-Free Community.   Benefits for the farmers, yeah… but not the “market stabilization part”. I think … Read More

What is Zeny Burning?

The AdminEconomics, FAQs

A number of people asked: “Sir ano ba ang Zenny Burning? Di ko po gets eh.”   Have you watched The Dark Knight 2008 (Batman) where Joker is? That’s a good example of LITERAL ZENY/MONEY BURNING. It’s a funny but precise comparison to the game. Due to that simple gesture of Joker, wherein he robbed the bank and killed his … Read More

Leveling Guides by the People, for the People

The AdminLeveling

Thanks for the initiative of Rigil Kent Migallen of ROPH Cancer-Free Community and thanks to ROPH Cancer-Free Community for helping each other with giving leveling guides of “THE BEST LEVELING SPOTS”. This is the format: JOB: BLEVEL: JLEVEL: LOCATION: OTHERS: (For Side Comments, tips and tricks) If you want to contribute to the community, join ROPH Cancer-Free Community. Thief Class Swordsman Class … Read More

[LOKI FORGER] Your Community Forger is Here to Serve

The AdminEconomics

Say hello to the new member of the TEAM! G4_STEEL_FABRICATION. The main goal is to make leveling MORE AFFORDABLE. We all know that the purpose of these weapons are mere leveling and nothing else. It’s not really used in PVP therefore we do anything we can do to make leveling faster for everyone. TAKE NOTE that I only sell NON … Read More

Revo-Classic Item and Skill FAQs [WRONG Descriptions and More]

The AdminFAQs

Alright, as we know, Official ROPH has low budget. They obviously did not hire enough workers. The customer support queue is always long, the wrong descriptions were never updated, the LAG is too high even with fiber optics connection, the DDoS defense package is not good enough. I really suggest buying cash via EXCash if you want this game to … Read More

Top 100 Most Expensive Misc Items In Classic RO

The AdminLists, Old

A lot of people kept asking me about great places to farm. So here I have listed all the Misc Items that don’t have effects and added a column whether it has a “Player Value” which means you can sell that item to a human player. I am not yet done listing ALL the items, it’s hard. I had to … Read More

What are the Chances of you Getting a Card?

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UPDATE: Many have found this article misleading… This is because I usually simplify the words for most people to understand quick. Anyway there is no “solid proof” to this but this is just my mere observation. Knowing that all cards drop at a rate of 0.01%. That would mean, out of 10,000 hydras, an AVERAGE OF ONE  of them will … Read More

Top 25 Best Base XP Giving Mobs (Lvl 51-60)

The AdminLists, Old

I have confirmed that Niflheim actually exists in Classic Server. But I am not 100% sure it exists here, but I am around 90% sure so I will confirm that once I go hunting for wootan shooters in umbala. Niflheim is near Umbala. I will update it in my FB page once it is 100% confirmed. It is a good … Read More

Top 25 Best Job XP Giving Mobs (Lvl 51-60)

The AdminLists, Old

Dark Frames may top the list, but they are on a difficult map and the map is so big that they are not so dense. Hunting them would not be very efficient. Going with a party is suggested for hunting most mobs in this list. Like, Raydrics and Raydric Archers… The perfect target for Level 65 and above hunters. Just … Read More

Top 25 Best Base XP Giving Mobs (Lvl 41-50)

The AdminLists, Old

Isis… your childhood fap material, and most active terrorist group of today. Killing one of them will give you a BIG XP Reward. Just like you could have IRL. I personally don’t suggest hunting Deviace since they’re rare to find on Byalan. Punks, move slow and looks vulnerable to magic but they aren’t, so beware, they also have high hit … Read More