After Maintenance VVVS Weapons Giveaway Event

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We will be giving away Very very very strong weapons to newbie thieves, swordsmen, and acolyte tomorrow night. VVVS Knives for Thieves with 67 Total Damage, wherein the 50 damage ignores defense. VVVS Swords for Newbie Swordsmen with a total of 75 Damage. VVVS Club for Newbie Acolytes with a total of 73 damage. We all know that at levels … Read More

How to get FREE 600ROK POINTS or MORE from COINS.PH

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Reminder that this is only applicable to those who have not registered to COINS.PH yet. They actually have a promo wherein you get 60php when you register with a promo code and get VALIDATED and 50php when you refer a friend. Validation takes 1-3 Days. 60 php is 600 ROK Points… That’s already 7 FREE ESB. You can register here and … Read More

[Promotion] 900PHP = 1k EXCash by Kentski of ELITES UNITED

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WTF?!! 900PHP for 1k EXCash? Are you serious??? — Yep! Right now, you could be either of the two: Cut the Talk! I Want to Order or Uhuh? Uhuh? The Suggested Retail Price for 1k EXCash is 1000php. I’ll be honest with you because I want you to learn economics, they earn exactly 120php per order, so that’s 880php per 1k … Read More