Priest Skills Guide in Revo-Classic

The AdminPriest, Skill Builds

Priests has the highest Skills Versatility among all jobs. That means they have sooooo many skills that you would have a hard time thinking which one’s the best for you. Sometimes you’d really run out of Skill Points just to get a skill. Anyway, I will be mentioning 5 Skill Templates that you might like. It’s still up to you … Read More

Knight Skills Guide in Revo-Classic

The AdminKnight, Skill Builds

Knight skills aren’t really that complicated to upgrade. Actually, Swordsmen skills are much more complicated. Anyway, all you have to care about is the sequence. If you noticed I maxed Magnum Break on all Types of Knight, that’s because it gives 20% more damage for 10 seconds which helps you kill enemies ASAP. Bowling Bash Knight Skills Swordsman Skills Sequence: Level … Read More

Hunter Skills Guide in Revo-Classic

The AdminHunter, Skill Builds

Alright! As for the following skill sets, you will notice that I left a lot of skill points for you to have some freedom to choose. I just picked the “necessary” skills. You can get creative with your combos, but really… it’s all up to you. Archer Skills Uhm… There’s nothing really complicated to discuss here. Just put Level 10 … Read More

Assassin Skills Guide in Revo-Classic

The AdminAssassin, Skill Builds

I noticed that Assassins’ Stat Builds post has become a mess and even I myself didn’t like reading it as it is really dirty. So I thought of separating all Stat Build Guides from now on. Thief Skills As you have noticed there are only 6 upgrade-able skills in Thief Class. To be completely honest with you, only Double Attack, … Read More