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It’s June 29 2017, Official Launch of Ragnarok Online Classic in Philippines. Phew! So finally, I have made this Novice named: “Assassin Leveling Guide”. If you ever see me in-game (Loki Server), feel free to ask help from me. Just not zeny, I’m poor like anyone else.

So, anyway, back to the question, “What is the Cheapest to Level-Up Job” in Ragnarok Online Classic. I will, make the full list soon by sequence, but the easiest and most cost-efficient characters to level up are Priests, Hunters, and Agi-type Assassins.

The #1 fastest character to level up is Turn-Undead Priest. But it will cost A LOT of SP pots while you are still acolyte. Second fastest to level up are agi type Archers and Hunters, but we may run out of arrows fast with this character.Therefore I will pick the one that will cost me less since I have nothing from the start except the FREEBIES that I received from Close Beta Test. We will be doing “Assassin”.


So let’s start from the stats. Make sure you have STR, AGI, and DEX upgraded by 9 stat each as a novice. Name your Novice and start the game. Talk to the NPCs… of course you already know what to do with Brade and Jinha, so I have no other details to tell you here.



Make sure you have these items equipped as a novice, and your STR should always be divisible by 10 as much as possible. There is a hidden bonus damage every time you upgrade by 10. IT DOES NOT SHOW IN THE DATA, but you will see the damage difference once you attack a mob. As of now, we will upgrade DEX so we could hit the enemies and increase our damage mortality. Meaning, if you have around 10-30 attack, once you upgrade DEX by 1, it becomes 11-45 attack. You get 30 dex as a novice, you get 31-45 attack if you have main gauche equipped.



After talking to these NPCs, go to Brade and tell him “Send me to the Real Combat Training”.  MAKE SURE YOU DON’T PRESS THE OTHER OPTION. Well unless, the training grounds is too crowded with novices. But take note, you will not receive a Kafra Transport Pass if you do this.

Also, once you level to 10. Talk to brade to get your NOVICE CUTTER. I just learned this when a friend showed me.



Hypocritically speaking, I actually did the other option of leaving the battleground while I was still novice. You’ll understand me once you see the picture below:

Thief Job Change

This is a pretty nice place to level up from this level. If you are still below Job level 10, you could do it here. The full process of thief job change can be found here. I just have an extra tip on the mushroom hunt: take off your knife, it gives you more attack speed. One more tip, if you have money, buy a pecopeco hairband. It has permanent increase agi lvl 1 effect which will make your move speed a lot faster. Like having a moonlight card.


Check here for the Thief Leveling Guide,

Assassin Job Change

Job changing to Assassin was easier than I expected. I actually prepared for the actual quest that I know. Searching for the right poring; Hiding from Mummies; Walking through the maze. But guess what? Job change in this server was INSTANT! I’m not so sure if it was a bug or something. I tried Hunter on CBT to level up rapidly, and I think it’s just all about talking to NPCs and no actual quest. I think this is the easiest Job Change Quest I ever had. Easier than the Priest Job Change Quest.

I actually even did Headgear Switch, Peco Peco while walking then Snake Head Hat when attacking.

Check here for my Assassin Stat Build Guide.


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Assassin LevelingGuide
Assassin LevelingGuide
Hi, I'm RO Classic's Assassin. I just job changed to an Assassin! Feel free to ask me anything online 🙂