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I did this article last because Acolyte leveling Guide is pretty simple. After job changing as an acolyte, all you have to do is get a good amount of heal and just sit down and heal people. It’s like a free leech service but you can’t be afk because you should heal your party members. Hey IGN: ~Alexander~ your request is here 😀


Just like my usual suggestion. Also, go for DEX INT LUK instead of AGI DEX INT. Agi is useless for you, but luk is essential especially for Turn Undead Priests. Fill up DEX until 20 while you are still a novice. Then when you are an Acolyte, fill all to INT until at least a total of 60 int. So you have an additional 10 sp regeneration every 5 seconds while sitting.

A BIG NO to Payon Dungeon? Why?

I will explain in this article why Payon Dungeon is a shit place for you. First of all, Zombies give VERY SMALL amount of XP and Zombies and Poporings are the best XP givers on that area. Second, it is so CROWDED, none of the mobs there are listed in the Top 50 Job XP Giving or TOP 50 Base XP Giving Mobs on levels 1-40. Third and final reason, healing zombies and skeletons are inefficient, you spend your whole mana killing only 1 zombie. While if you use that heal to a party member, it heals twice more, and you could kill up to 4 with only 1 heal.

Then why is it a popular place to level up?

Even if Zombies give low XP, they receive 50% more damage from Holy attacks which is the usual arrow of an Archer. That makes them EFFICIENT in this area. BUT ONLY ARCHERS. But what I find FUNNY is that everyone is actually trying to level up here from level 10-30. And I tell you it will waste your hours leveling up in this shitty place if you are not an archer. Also, if you are an acolyte, you don’t need to be here. Archers don’t need your help, they are ranged, they are pretty stupid if they don’t kite a slow walking zombie. Farmiliars are aggressive? So what, they have very low damage? Also… what are novice potions for? Get your shit together and go to spore heaven.

Acolyte Job Level 1-11


Ah, the gift to the world of Ragnarok… In fact, battle acolytes stay here until job level 50. Funny? No it’s not, it’s faster than going to your shitty payon cave.

Wear the club that you looted from a fabre that kept hitting your for 1 damage from novice training grounds. Use a concentration potion. Buy a Chain[2] from the church where you changed into an acolyte and equip it only level 14. If you are that poor, the just club it until you reach Job Level 11.

Acolyte Job Level 11-25

Prontera Culvert (with Battle Acolyte)

Where is this?

Savage (with my Battle Acolyte)

Where is this?


2 Maps Down from Payon

I was leveling 19 when I hit wolf map. It was only 1 map top of spore heaven. It was a little bit hard to find a party because most people of my level are still grinding in the shitty payon cave. Wolves Rank 5th Job XP giver and Rank 13th Base XP Giver from levels 1-40. They are not even lethal that’s why lots of parties stay here. But since you are an acolyte and everyone NEEDS you. You have to join or create party.

Acolyte Tips and Tricks

it is recommended that you heal on ALT+Z instead of doing it manually on the screen. You can heal on ALT+Z so you can easily see who has the lowest HP.

If you have another acolyte in your party, I suggest you guys to do heal shifting. Because sometimes when acolytes heal at the same time, they waste SP as the other acolyte could heal late and would waste mana healing a fully healed party member. So our method here is: the first acolyte heals then the 2nd acolyte sits down until his SP is full or when the first acolyte’s SP is depleted.

The first acolyte must inform the 2nd acolyte that their mana is depleted and must sit down, the 2nd acolyte takes the shift. At level 25+, we already had high (60) int and only use level 1 Heal to full heal a party member. Heal level 1 only consumes 12 sp while we regenerate 12sp every 5 seconds while sitting.

So what we did was: role assignments. Acolyte #1 Heals and Acolyte #2 Buffs.

More TIPS and TRICKS can be found here.

Acolyte Job Level 25+

FS Priests can level ANYWHERE THEY WANT

I still get questions like, “Sir, where should I level up level 30+, Acolyte?”. The thing is, acolytes SHOULD not worry too much about where to level up. All they have to care about is WHO they are with. The most ideal party member would be Wizards, Hunters, and Knight. Here are some samples.



As you can see, I’m just the recruiter here. Nobody really wants to party with an Acolyte here unless you’re lucky or you organized the party yourself especially those days when ESB was rampant. All you have to do is buff and heal them in exchange for a party. Nice people who have no potions will take the deal and ask for buffs. In my situation here, I stayed here at the middle so when I notice in my party message that someone’s buff has been removed, I can go to their place and buff them. Sometimes it’s them who come close to me.

The worst part of doing this method is: “rejection”. That’s the main reason why I prefer leveling alone, but I am an FS Priest and I am useless without someone to support. This were the days when ESB can still be bought in Kafra Shops.

Stranger:”Pa heal po ate…” *Buffs* *Heals* 
Me: “Tara party nalang tayo! :)”
Stranger: “No thanks.”

They don’t need you so much here since they don’t get damaged a lot unless a Punk hit them or they accidentally stepped on a geographer. But actually, they could earn the same EXP again if they work together and you are the only acolyte and there are 3 Party members. That’s 47% XP for each member, meaning if the two hitters kill at the same rate, they gate 97% XP each. I too, get 97% XP, contrary to leveling solo which is 100% XP. Only 3% difference but WITH BUFFS and FREE HEAL. You guys would also level up faster if there were 4 of you. The only negative side here is if someone starts slacking.



1 map down from Umbala

My second best leveling spot aside from Leaf Cat. But since Leaf Cat area is REALLY High competition. I enjoyed this place since these mobs give XP as much as wolves do, and surprisingly they have a large amount of density.



Ayothaya is everyone’s JOB XP favorite place. You could get job level 50 here at an early base level of 40. The only problem is how crowded the place is. Anyway, this server is thor, so the leveling spot is not as crowded as it is in Loki. You could job level up here to 50 but I easily get bored doing only the support role. Even in Dota, I love support, but I am a support that harms enemies with debuffs, so I decided not to job level up until 50 here.

With my Battle Priest

Acolyte Benefits: Level Up Anywhere with Anyone!


2 Maps Down from Umbala, 1 Map Right

This is where I met a friend Heidiaki. He bravely contacted me through ROPH Support Facebook Fan Page and asked me:

Heidiaki:“Psst, diba may Acolyte ka, tara!”
Me: “Sure, wait…”
*Levels up together*
*Gets bored 2 hours later*

I really get bored just doing mere support haha. I am JOB level 45 in this image. As you can see, there’s only that archer who I think is around Job level 20 because his Attack Speed is really slow, but he still manages to job level up fast because he can’t be touched by those Parasites. His only problem as an Archer are Dragon Tails and a Gryphon in this map. Just get 50 Fly Wings and put it in your panic button “space bar” and also a fast internet so you don’t die if ever you see one.

This is my Priest now 🙂

And here’s my Battle Priest sneaking behind a tree. (Kuhang kuha sa CCTV… upload ko to maya sa jorpetz)

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Priest Leveling Guide
Priest Leveling Guide
Finally a FULL-SUPPORT Priest. Usually used as slave for Heidiaki's Hunter. Feel free to ask me any Questions in-game.