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Hi, I’m a mage with a cutter. xD Looks funny for a mage to wear a dagger, but yeah, that’s how I leveled up fast. Level 33/23 in 2 hours and 30 minutes during an EXP Event (9:30pm – 12mn). Of course, I bought a Rod[3] for 50 zeny on the Geffen Weapon Dealer NPC, bottom leftmost House of Geffen.

So first of all, after job changing into a mage, I instantly teleported to Alberta since it is the nearest to JOB EXP MOBS. Think about it, once you go into alberta’s first field. Top map goes to Eggyras; Left Map goes to Wolves; Bottom Map is the map that will lead you to the Spore Land.



My plan stats are: 99 dex 90+ int. But as I level up, here are my stats…

As a novice, put all your stats to dex until you reach 20 dex. The main purpose of this dex is just to hit spores more frequently, and a better casting time once you become a mage. After this, put all your stats to int until it reaches 85-90. This way, you have GREAT damage and SP regeneration. Magicians who prefer to build DEX first WASTE A LOT OF SP potions. Remember that every 6 int is 1 sp regeneration and every 1 int is 1% MAX SP increase. I could just sit for 30 seconds and have my full sp regenerated again. Contrary to dex types who have fast casting, but low damage, low sp regen and low maximum sp.

As a wizard, in order to level up fast, you will have to team up with a Suffragium Priest and storm gust High Orcs in the future.

Anyway, instead of saying “Mage Level 1-10”, I will instead talk about Job Level…

Mage Job Level 1-15

Before we proceed, you should pick first which type of magic you will use. Fire? Water? Wind? or Ghost? 

Fire Bolter

Noob-friendly, since death by fire is the purest fire, it is effective against Earth and Undead elements.

Your Target Mobs: GEOGRAPHER, Muka, Yoyo, Green Orcs, Giearth, Smokie, Savage, Hode, Sandman, Wolf, Beetle King, LEAF CAT.

IGN: Tynn suggested that you could also do Mandragoras, Floras and Geographer. But I don’t really suggest Mandragoras and Floras. They have low XP per HP and are inefficient. Geographers are GREAT targets though, your only problem is competition. They are level 56 and give tons of XP since they have high HP. Unless you are in Thor, then Yuno field is very convenient place for you. Thanks for you advice though Tynn 🙂

As a fire bolter, I suggest you to get level 10 Stone Curse too.

Cold Bolter

A little bit hard to level up at start, but is essential in getting Storm Gust build Wizards, and easy to level up once you get at least 60+ int.

Your Target Mobs: Elder Willow, Pecopeco, Marduk, Frilldora, Metaller, Scorpion, Zerom, Greatest General, Horong, Wootan Fighter.

I will also use this skill once I reach job level 25, so you can read through the article.

Wind (Lightning)

Going for Lord of Vermilion Quagmire WOE build? Pick this one and after killing Spores, save in Izlude and never go anywhere else again.

Your Target Mobs: Spore, Swordfish, and everything else in Byalan.

Ghost (Soul Strike)

Fastest caster, fastest level up. Most newbie-friendly. Needs a party to go to Geffen Dungeon 2 or Glast Heim Sewers which seems to not exist as I have tried to go into it.

Your Target Mobs: Eggyra, Whisper, Nightmare Marionette or any Undead on Glast Heim and other Ghosts.

Spore Land

2 Maps Left, 1 Map South from Alberta; 3 Maps Down from Payon

I decided to level up as fast as possible. So I’ll have to go Soul Strike Build and Increase SP Recovery. This skills will be “somehow” useless once I’m a max level mage, so yes, I guess I will use a neuralizer box in the future. If you don’t have money for that, then you can go fire bolt type and kill Mukas and Wolves. But me, I chose Spores then Eggyras since Wolf Map is crowded.

I only used one Job Manual to achieve this, but using manuals actually work better during events. Spores. Again. I leveled up here to 12 in less than an hour. I was just waiting to get my Soul Strike maximized so I could 1 hit Eggyra.

I got bored at Job level 13 so I went to Mukas.


I noticed my physical damage was very low. I just checked on Muka’s stats and realized it has 30 vit. Take note that every VIT means 1 damage less for Physical attacks. Same with INT, 1 int means 1 less damage for magical attacks. I just realized at this part why Mukas give tons of exp. But still it wasn’t a very big deal for me, I just use Soul Strike twice to a Muka and hit a little bit. I was really excited to kill Eggyras, so at this point, I was forced to buy ROK points from MOL. After that, I bought ESBs and put the white potions to storage. I just needed mana.

Mage Job Level 15-25

Land of Eggyras

1 Map Left, 1 Map Top from Alberta

This is where things got pretty exciting for me. I level up from 24 to 33 just by killing these Eggyras for 1-2 hits! It even felt like I was playing on a low rate private server. Remember, Eggyra is a ghost, and Soul Strike is a ghost attack. So it gets a total of 150% damage!

Remember, when you were still a noob thief and you went to Payon Cave and killed Eggyra? You thought, the EXP given by Eggyra was just fair enough for your effort killing that “hard-shelled” egg, when in fact it’s just hard because you are attacking physically with neutral attack that deals a total of 25% damage? Well, what if you deal 6x!?  Then it feels like you get 6x more exp right? (25% x 6 = 150%)

So that’s what I did. Enjoying “6x more EXP” than a noob thief not dealing with any threat like Skeleton Archer and Skeleton Soldier. Here’s a picture of me doing 1 hit attack to cook ghost omelet:

Me, Wearing Eggyra’s skin on my Head to Establish Dominance, “Fear me”

I was level 39 after using 2 FMs and 2 JMs during EXP EVENT and that’s when I tried Glast Heim Churchyard.

Glast Heim Churchyard or Underground Prison 1 (Optional)

Warp from Payon Priests and Acolytes

Almost everyone loves Undead, especially Underground Prison 1 since Undead mobs are handicapped with move speed and you can heal them to kill them. But they certainly hurt if they touch you.

So after the EXP event, I tried to venture somewhere else because I got tired looking at Eggyra’s faces. I tried Google Churchyard since Soul Strike has fixed 50% more damage against Undead. I could go to Glast Heim Underground Prison 2 but they are crowded with silver-arrowed hunters and the more crowded the map is, the more lag it is. I tried killing Wraiths, they give me 7% XP at this level but consumes all my mana. It is not yet very efficient since I don’t have ARC Wand. I suggest you should have an arc wand if you want to level up here so you don’t waste too much mana. I could 1 hit Eggyras and could kill 10 of them with my full mana, my problem is the time I use for teleporting and searching for the mob. They also drop Pet Incubators which sells for 1500 without overcharge. I have 10 of them in total now, so it is also a good farming spot.

You might question why I wore Peco Peco Headgear even if it increases my cast speed by 25%. Who cares? Soul Strike casts for 0.5s, you add 25% of 0.5, that’s just a total of 0.625 casting time and I can kite enemies faster because I run faster.

I died here because I was not able to fly wing before I got hit. Undead mobs hurt a lot. Slow but painful especially when the server is lag. This was an exp event hour so there is a bit delay and even fly wing didn’t evade the damage. I realized it was better on Eggyras. But if you really wanna try this place, since almost 0-2 people only visit this place, go and take a try. It is worth it.

Shared Merchant Account

This is a little bit out of topic but yes, since I told you I hated it when my damage was low and I needed Arc Wand. I leveled up my friend’s merchant job level just by killing Spores  until Job Level 14 just so I could maximize Discount. It is always a good idea to use Merchant’s OC/DC. A lot of merchants in game can sell you Arc Wand for 40k so they profit 4800z. You get a discount of 5000z anyway, so don’t complain. You can always take that option if you are focused in ONE CHARACTER and don’t want to make a merchant. #RoadtoLvL99

Being PURE GHOST build was hard since I need a party to go to Geffen dungeon 3 where most Ghosts exist. Like Nightmare and Marionette who actually give BIG XP. I noticed that GHOSTS give the HIGHEST XP and UNDEAD give the lowest XP per HP… except Anubis… Priests can Turn Undead them easy though and kill them by luck… so it’s fair.

I needed a Knight or Blacksmith if I should go there. So I went Ghost and Cold Bolt Combo.

Mage Job Level 25-50

This is the best MAP ever in Payon for someone who needs a JOB level boost. Everyone, except BIGFOOT and EDDGA is part of TOP 50 BEST JOB XP GIVING MOBS! Eggyra exists, Horong exists, Poison Spore exists, Greatest General exists. Leave no stone unturned! Kill em all!!! I have a screenshot of the area on Archer Leveling Guide though…

I still don’t suggest this map for melee attackers. But almost every long ranged character COULD level up here. Archers, Hunters, Mages… Crap, I lost my screenshots. I’m going to level up here tomorrow again anyway.

Btw, here’s me… LEVEL 50/43 in a TOTAL of 5 HOURS LEVELING. Total of 4FMs and 5 JMs.


So after 3 Hours more, leveling on the same spot during the event period, my Magician turned into JOB level 50, and all I have to do now is FILL UP the remaining skill points.

I had to AFK and plan out my Skills in the RMS Skill Simulator. So I was planning to be the generic kind of wizard. 90+ int, 99 DEX with Level 10 Jupitel, only level 1 Lord of Vermillion just to flinch enemies in woe, Level 5 Water Ball because I just wanna be different, Level 4 Ice Wall because I don’t see the reason of MAXing it. Level 10 Storm gust, a combo for jupitel thunder, Level 5 Heaven’s Drive to pull out hiding Assassin who have grimtooth, and Quagmire to remove enemie’s increase agi and slow their move speed. A good combo to Lord of Vermillion.

You could plan your own skills too, but this will be mine.

Anyway… I’m finally a Wizard now. Done this for 8 HOURS leveling. I know I’m not the best but I know it’s better than average. So if you have done better, feel free to comment below and tell us how you did it. We will surely appreciate that 🙂

“Strikes a pose”

See ya soon as I create a Wizard Leveling Guide or as I add more content to this post. So if you wanna get updated, do like my facebook page! Enjoy Leveling!

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Wizard Leveling Guide
Wizard Leveling Guide
Hi, I am a Wizard of Thor. Just made this character on 7/3/2017. I am a Water-ball build Wizard rather than a Storm-Gust-High-Orc Mainstream Wizard. Feel free to chat me in-game 🙂