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FINALLY, here’s what you’re waiting for. The easiest first job quest with the hardest leveling cost. Presenting… SWORDSMAN! Anyway, as a novice choose, STR,AGI,DEX because you have no choice. But don’t level up your AGI once you try to level up as a novice. Always maximize DEX so you can just kill spores and job level up to 10 in 5 minutes.

I’ll tell you the stats first before I proceed to how I leveled up my Swordsman. As a starter who plans to go VIT Knight, balance your DEX, VIT, and STR. But once you level up high, limit your DEX to 40. It’s a good idea to save up some stats especially when you are already level 80.

Yeah, you’re right. Leveling up a swordsman is costly. You do not evade attacks that much unless you are an AGI build. But, since I already have a flee type Assassin, I decided to make this one VIT build. It’s fun to see enemies hitting you with 1 damage. VIT knights require to buy lots of armors and upgrade equipment with elunium in contrary to Flee Type Assassins who can just wear novice cutter or Katar and a Pantie Set and survive the doomed midgard. Anyway, let’s start…

My Swordsman Skill Build

Currently, this is my Swordsman Skill Build. I am planning to be a Spear-user as a Vit Knight so I’m not taking Sword Masteries. My Plan will be Level 10 Increase HP Recovery, Level 10 Bash, Level 10 Magnum Break, Level 10 Provoke, and Level 9 Endure on Job Level 50. I mistakenly added 2 points on Bash early. I could have had my Lvl 10 Magnum Break as early as Job Level 16. But past is past, I’ll tell you anyway the quicker way than I mistakenly did.

Life as a Novice

There’s really nothing to prepare for job change but yourself. In comparison to archers where you should gather willow trunks and 1k zeny for being a merchant. Just walk carefully and fight your fear of heights. I usually just refer people to go to when I talk about job change quests, but this one is pretty so I will discuss it.

Stage 1 – No detailed tip. Just don’t walk on those black holes and use common sense. Walk carefully.

Stage 2 – A lot easier than I thought. Just… press hold your mouse on the same direction and VOILA! You reached Stage 3. I just realized it looks SCARIER though.

Stage 3  is 3-cky. Once you reach this dark part, it has a scam. Don’t go to the left side just because it looks nearer to the platform. ITS A SCAM!!!

Then Congratulations! You are now a Swordsman!

Swordsman Job Level 1-17

Spores (Job Level 1-6 or 1-17)

Some people really take hours to level up the job level. They don’t know that the secret to leveling up JOB are SHROOMS, I mean Spores! So AGAIN, we will visit SPORES just to job level up QUICK!  Level up BASH at level 5 and you can start going to MUKA if you have an axe like a battle axe that you looted with your other character on Orcs, or just continue killing Spores here.

If you noticed, I have weird stats. Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex… What flummery is this? Just putting random stats anywhere? No… Every 6 Int gives you 2 SP regen, that’s why I decided to have my 18 int as early as I can so I don’t want to waste too much SP pots. You can actually stay here until Job Level 16 to get level 10 Magnum Break.

Muka (Job Level 6-17)

Go here if you have an AXE. Muka’s really love getting hit by an AXE on the face. AXE works best on Mukas since… surprisingly, they are actually LARGE monsters. Doesn’t look large to me though.

When I was a Thief, I used to use dagger on them and wonder why I only deal 50 damage. I thought that was because of their 30 vit. I just realized that it is because of the weapon I used. Axe deals twice the damage in this comparison. So if you have an axe, go Muka.

I suggest leaving at Job Level 17 so you can get Level 5 Bash, Level 10 Magnum Break, Level 1 Provoke. Level 1 Provoke will help you lure mobs as if you are playing RAN Online.

Swordsman Job Level 17-25

Getting Mobbed

It’s time to get MOBBED and test your TANKING SKILLZZZZZ!!! But before that, you must really be well equipped too especially if you are going Culvert or Poison Spores. Wolves have low damage, so you can manage them even without full equipment.

Since I have a merchant with me that I didn’t turn to Blacksmith yet. (Sorry BS Fans) I financed this Swordsman with high DEF equip. It’s fine even without slot, but if you have one… then that’s better.


Actually, I made my Assassin first so I can farm via steal because Rogue isn’t yet available. Anyway, I spent thousands of zenies for this. So please, if you are kind and have a good job, and a paypal account, please donate while I’m spending time and money for creating guides that doesn’t earn me anything. Haha. Well, except you fans. LOVE YOU :* <3

Wolf Map (Job Level 17-25)

It’s 2 maps down of Payon, or 2 maps left of Alberta. (Sorry, I’m not really good with North, South, East, West) The perfect Map for a Magnum Breaker. Wolves are weak against fire type and all you have to do is provoke a wolf and everyone else tries to kill you. Don’t use Bash, save your mana… Normal attack when there’s only one wolf, when you are starting to get mobbed by 2-3 mobs, use Magnum Break. They receive 50% more damage so that feels like every wolf receives LVL 15 Bash Each.

Stay on one spot if you are in Loki. If you are in Thor, you can roam. So while there are no mobs around in Loki, just sit down and wait for a wolf that you can provoke. In my experience sitting, my SP regeneration is actually faster than my HP, since I already have 18 int. Huehue…

Culvert (Job Level 17-40)

If wolf map is too crowded, try this. Try provoking a thief bug, and the whole thief bug family attacks you. Of course, the Female Thief Bug is not part of the family because they are a separate group: feminists. So you provoke one of them too, and the whole Feminist Thief Bug Squad rallies on you. Warning! Females do more damage when angry.

But this is not where you try to level up. It’s just bonus XP and Items while walking to Culvert Level 3.

Culvert Level 3 is full of Poison Spores, Male Thief Bugs, and Familiars. It is a good alternative for Wolf Map which is almost always crowded. Don’t dare walking into Culvert Level 4, the Golden Thief Bug is there. It is not aggressive, but Cramps are. And it can definitely give you a cramp smashing your head on your keyboard as you die.

How to get in Culvert? <- Just Click that Link.

This has been my favorite map so far. Everyone’s going to mob you aggressive or not and it’s so convenient that they get 1 hit by magnum break. Every lure, I get around 2-5% Exp which is fun. I noticed that it was actually FASTER than staying on poison spores especially on event period, where people crowd leveling spots.

If you noticed, I wore Two Handed Axe instead of Bastard Sword. Their damage difference is 185-140= 45 Damage. Plus I have an Andre Card which gives a total of 65 Total damage difference. Of course, it is a lot slower, but all I have to do is lure by provoking and magnum break anyway and they all die.

Poison Spores (Job Level 17-40)

This sure is a fun place to stay since the spawn rate is pretty fast. I just attack, loot, then another poison spore comes. EXP is great since they are included in the top 50 best giving base xp mobs. 

To the people on the picture above IGN: Heleus and the Woof. Sorry guys, but my identity is private. xDDD

I already Job Changed into Knight last Friday. What i did was, after grinding in Poison Spores and Male Thief Bug in Culvert, my friend named IGN: Ninong Yaman confirmed the existence of Leaf Cats which give 0.5 JOB XP per HP. You can get to Job Level 50 in 3 hours grinding there since leaf cats are easy to kill.

Swordsman Job Level 40-50

Ayothaya (Job 40-50)

Ayothaya is home for the BEST JOB XP Giver mob below Level 40. But of course, great rewards require some investments, so you still have to do the Ayothaya Dungeon Quest.

You could just Provoke level 1 these leaf cats and Magnum Break them twice to die. But it would hardly work if the server is crowded. Considering this character is playing in LOKI, it’s hard to lure Leaf Cats because asshole archers/hunters will touch them. I wouldn’t dare 1 v 1 a Leaf cat and spend 70sp for 2 magnum breaks anyway, so I just used my Hunter to leech this character.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a hunter, get a Full Support acolyte or Priest with you.

Anyway, here’s my Knight now. I will be creating a Knight Job Change walkthrough and Leveling Guide soon. So do like my page if you wanna get updated with new posts in the website.


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Knight Leveling Guide
Knight Leveling Guide
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