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Major Facts

#1 – 3D View

Using 3D view is essential for killing mobs under a tree especially if you are playing as an archer and you are in a Payon PVP map. It is also good for taking Selfies. The command is Ctrl+Shift+Drag Right Click.

#2 – Auto Follow

Seen those Dual client characters with a FS Priest following them? They are not bots, they are doing auto-follow. Make sure your /nc and /ns is off. Then Ctrl+Shift+Right Click on the character you want to follow. Sometimes the follow script is delayed so when your main characters walks too fast, the following character can be left alone behind.

#3 – How to Mute Your Annoying Best friend

Right clicking on a player and clicking “Reject Whispering” will not only block whispers. It is a bad ragnarok “term selection” for the word “mute this player”. Please help me suggest to Ragnarok to change the term. I had to hide his face and name because he also needs his privacy. Love you bro :*

#4 – Event XP + Field & Job Manual Combo

If you wanna be efficient, use FM and JM during EXP BONUS HOURS only! (8pm-12mn) to be exact. But if you’re already sleeping at those hours, use it any time… Playing at these hours will boost your level a lot. Why? Let’s do the math. This is the answer to your question: “WHEN WILL WE EVER USE MATH IN REAL LIFE?”…

If Server’s current multiplier is 150% and you use a Field Manual that adds 50% more exp, then…

150 + (150)0.5 = 150+75 = 225%

I know you guys don’t like math… So I made it a one-line formula. You get a total of 225% XP every kill. While if you use it during normal rate, you only get 150% XP. That’s 75% MORE EXP DUDE!

ALSO, you must only use Field Manuals only when your target mobs give BIG BASE LEVEL XP PER HP,  Job Manuals if you are targetting BIG JOB LEVEL XP PER HP.

With Bubble gums, I only suggest them when you are hunting cards or a particular equipment, but the best choice in my opinion is to keep it for boss hunting.


Minor Facts

Maximizing your Cart Weight

This is effective for battle Merchants and Blacksmiths. For Only 8000z you could maximize your cart termination and cart revolution damage.

The Buying Store

This has been googled multiple times “How to buy in Ragnarok Online”. The answer is simple. Once you have at least level 1 vend, go back to Merchant’s guild and talk to this guy.

20 Grasshopper Legs from 10 Rockers

A lot of people who took the skill BACKSLIDE might have already known this, but if you have been killing rockers without stealing, you’re doing it wrong.



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