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I searched around the internet for a Dota Auto Chess guide but all they gave are one biased opinion of their “favorite” heroes instead of giving a list of hero combos.

So today I created my own unbiased guide to create a list of all possible best combinations and their pros and cons.

Here is the list of all heroes. I will discuss each combo from early game to late game, 1 by 1.

First Time? Or Is it Your Second?

If not you can skip this part. So basically, your goal is to be one of the Top 3 Survivors. All you have to do is select a race of your choice like for example 3 Mechs, 6 Warriors, or 6 Assassins or whatever. I’ll discuss the possible combinations below. All you have to do is to invest on heroes, stack 3 of them to combine a higher level version of that hero.

Every turn you are given 5 gold plus 10% of your previous gold rounded off plus win streak or lose streak bonus and a random set of heroes you can pick.

And every turn you have the option to re-roll, level-up your chess pieces / heroes or level-up yourself to have more chess pieces on the board.

Skills Discussion

“Wtf? I don’t understand. How do I put these heroes on the board?”

I think most of us have been through here. Anyway:
Q- Pick a Chess, and press Q again to where you want to put it.
W- Withdraw a hero back to your backseat or whatever you call that.
E- Sell a Hero, it’s sale cost is the same as you purchased it so no worries about overbuying.
D- Costs 2 Gold. Reroll the heroes shop. If you don’t like the heroes on the list, you can pay 2 gold to find the hero you wanted.
F- Costs 5 Gold. Adds 4 EXP. Always check your EXP bar by clicking ALT or pressing ALT+CLICK on it so you could check how much more EXP you need to get to the next level.


  • In order to win the game. you must do your best to be on the top 3 for every game.
  • Most quitters say it’s a bad game because it’s so RNG-based. But the truth is, it is more on gold investment-based.
  • Every round, you gain 10% of your total gold. So if you have 10 gold, you get an extra 1 gold. If you have 20 gold, you get an extra 2 gold. The maximum interest given is 5 gold. Therefore, once you have a stable build of mid-game heroes, you should start saving 50 gold to earn 5 extra gold per turn and spend only the excess of your 50 gold.
  • You should pick your heroes depending on your list and not depending on what you already had in mind.
  • It’s okay to lose a few rounds in the mid-game wherein you already have 3-6 Two-Star Heroes, just as long as you don’t take more than 6 damage per round.

Which Heroes Should you Choose?

To be honest, every patch, the game master tries to balance every hero. Therefore, it’s not wise to say. “GO WARRIORS ALWAYS!” or “GO MECHS ALWAYS!”. Anyway, those heroes are the easiest to use once you start the game. So if it’s gonna be your first time or you are not confident enough, try those 2. Just add “DRUIDS” because they’re pretty early-mid gamers. Useless late-gamers though.

On level 1, you are give the options to choose only 1. Take note that you can press the LOCK button on the bottom left part of the image below if you want to KEEP it. Most of my games, I always lock them especially if there are duplicates of a hero.

Just for example, in this image, there are two anti mage. I locked them and take the two anti mage so I can easily get a level 2 Anti Mage. You need 3 of the same heroes to get a leveled-up hero.

Early Game Combos (3 – 4 Heroes)

I’m going to cut this short as you can figure it out by yourself. So I’m just gonna list a summary.

1. The Warriors

Bonus: +5 Armor if 3 different Warriors are on the Battlefield
Axe / Tusk / Tiny / Jugg / Lycan / Slardar

2. The Goblin Mechs

Bonus: +15 HP Regeneration for every Mech, +15 HP Regen and Armor for one random ally.

Clockwork / Timber / Tinker / Bounty Hunter

Yes, because Bounty Hunter is a Goblin, you need them 4!

3. The Druids

Bonus: If you have 2 different druids on the battlefield. You only need 2 and not 3 of the same heroes to level up. For example, if you have Enchantress and Treant and you have an extra Treant. The two Treants immediately level up to 2*.

Enchantress / Treant / Furion

Take note that the Druids are usually Fillers or Heroes that can live by themselves in a group. For example. 3 Warriors and a Treant Protector. Or 3 Mechs and a Treant Protector. NEVER EVER make a group of two or three of them in the battlefield because you will lose in late game.


These hero combos might lose you early game but it’s okay. They’re still deadly in late game.

1. Trolls and Knights

Bonus: +30% ASPD to Trolls,+25% Chance to Gain Shield

Shadow Shaman / Bat Rider / Chaos Knight /

My Personal Favorite. In late-game, Trolls work well with Warriors since Troll Warlord is a Warrior. But still they work out even with Mechs in my experience.

2. Elves and Druids

Bonus: 20/40/60% Total Evasion per 2/4/6 Elves.

There are a total of 7 Elves so just choose any of them. Druids are not necessary but they work well with the team.

3. Tanks and Assassins

Bonus: 3 Assassins = 10% Chance to 4x Crit, 6 Assassins = 20% Chance to 4x Crit

Assassins perform well with Warlocks. The biggest issue about them is that they’re too soft. Glass Cannons. So you need some Tanks like Treant Protector (Druid), Lone Druid (Druid) or 3 Warriors. Also I don’t suggest getting all 6 of them on mid-game. So better pick 3 and get another 3 warriors or 3 mechs. Up to you.


I call them Fillers because they’re not an ideal main team. But they work great together with other teams.

1. Undead

Undead Bonus works great as a counter for warriors. Since you only need the TWO of them to decrease the enemies’ armors by 5.

They work best combined with Knights and Hunters or Warlocks and Mages in the late game.

2. Elementals

To be discussed…

Mid To Late Game

To be discussed…

There will be more updates in the future. Share this post to motivate the writer to continue working on this guide.

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