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Remember when ESB used to be 9k each? Now it multiplied by almost 10x more expensive. Elite Siege Boxes are our life support. In real life, it’s like RICE. Rice owners, hoard them to reduce supply and to make the price of rice HIGHER. A lot of people depend on this especially if they only want to focus on one character. Aside from the FACT that the zeny revolving around the game has increased another BIGGER Factor is the SUPPLY problem.

Remember that the formula of Price is: SUPPLY/DEMAND.
If the Supply is higher than the Demand, then the price goes lower.

High Supply Example

Drops Card used to be a good card, wherein people sell it for 500k. But when people knew that NO CAST DEX is 265 and NO LONGER 150 DEX, the price went lower, as lesser people buy.

High Demand Example

The moment people knew that Hydra Cards don’t affect weapon damage, people buy Zipper Bear Cards as a combo to their Hydra Cards which has a very low supply as of now. Someone even sold it at 13m because he knows that the DEMAND is HIGH and the SUPPLY is LOW.


Therefore, to decrease the price of Elite Siege Box. We must INCREASE THE SUPPLY and DECREASE THE DEMAND.

Top 3 ESB Alternatives Compared

UPDATE: I created a table comparing Elite Siege Box White Potions versus Meat, Fish in Mouth, and NPC White Potion.

NameAverage HealWeightPriceEquals to 100 Siege (45k HP)How much Weight Is that?How much should I Pay for that?How much with Lvl 10 Overcharge?
Siege White Potion450 HP10?100 LOL1000??
White Potion365 HP151200z1231845147,600z112,176z
Meat with 2 Spring Rabbit170 HP15 50z265397513,250z10,070z
Delicious Fish with Fish In Mouth156 HP2250z28857672,000z54,720z
Ice Cream with Marc Card or Evil Druid Card (Because you may Freeze)125 HP8100z (5 per 500z)360288036,000z36,000z (Fixed)

Methods on How To Reduce the Price of Elite Siege Box as a Community

Reducing the cost is almost impossible, but trying to reduce it helps slow down the inflation.

1. As Long as Possible, Don’t buy From Merchants. Buy ESBs via ROK Points. [Helps Supply & Demand]

Look at that ESB on the featured image above. It used to be this (4) 30 minutes ago. Now, two were purchased because people HAVE NO CHOICE especially when they are in a hurry. I buy ESBs via ROK Points since I don’t want to play multi-client with a priest/acolyte following me.

2. Control Yourself from Rush Buying, go PUB for a cheaper or the RIGHT price. [Lower Demand]

This method takes patience, but it will surely help decrease the ESB price. Rush buying is usually the reason why merchants make their ESB more expensive. Let’s say, the normal ESB price is 35k, then merchants sold it for 38k, and no other merchants around are selling for 35k anymore, then you buy one, that means you are tolerating them. Then the NEW NORMAL PRICE will be 38k.

3. Buy ESBs via ROK POINTS and Sell Them Cheaper on Vend [Increases Supply]

This sounds implausible, but If you really care about the in-game economy and you have a good heart, you can always do this to increase the supply of ESBs. If you have money, buy it via ROK instead of RMT, the money you get will always be proportional as I’ve noticed.

Elite Siege Box Alternatives [Decreases Demand]

1. Get a Slave Priest/Acolyte or Join a Party [Decreases Demand]

Need some HP? Make them heal. Need some SP? Use Magnificat. I don’t do this though since I don’t wanna multi-task two characters at once.

2. Use Heal Increase Cards Instead of ESB [Decreases Demand]

White potions Heal 400-500 HP. So if you are not a mana user, buy lesser ESBs and think about the options below.

Cards that Increase Heal
NameItemHeal Rate Increase
Dumpling Child CardCandy and Candy Cane50%
Galapago CardJuice items50%
Hermit Plant CardHerb items50%
Sea-Otter CardSushi and Raw Fish50%
Spring Rabbit Card 'Meat' and 'Monster's Feed'50%
Total Heal with these Cards
Item1 Card: Min Heal1 Card: Max Heal2 Cards: Min Heal2 Cards: Max Heal
Candy Cane157.5217.5210290
Apple Juice37.552.55070
Banana Juice37.552.55070
Carrot Juice40.549.55466
Red Herb27423656
Yellow Herb578776116
White Herb112.5172.5150230
Raw Fish37.59050120
Cards that Give HP/SP on Physical Kill

Thanks to Schubert Hallig, for this…

Earth Deleter Card 

Reduces natural SP recovery by 100%.
Gain 10 SP each time an enemy is killed by a Physical Melee Damage.
Drain 100 SP as the armor is unequipped.

Sky Deleter Card 

Reduces natural HP recovery by 100%.
Gain 100 HP each time an enemy is killed by a Physical Melee Damage.

3. Invest for Fish in Mouth [Decreases Demand]

Investing for Fish in Mouth for 3000 rok points is not a bad deal. You got a 5% chance of looting it every kill and it heals you for 100-150 HP. But with Fresh Fish it becomes 125-187.5 HP. Which is almost half the Heal of Siege White potion. I don’t suggest buying it since ESB is still cheaper AS OF NOW. But  anyway Fresh Fish is sold in 3 different towns, thanks to RMS. It has only 2 weight though wherein White Siege Potions have 10 weight.

4. If you are HIGH AGI, Invest for Hunter Fly Cards [Decreases Demand]

A hunter fly might be really expensive but it is a really good investment for 2-3m. With a 3-4 Slotted weapon, equip Hunter Fly Cards and 4 Hunter Fly Cards gets an average of 12% chance of gaining 15% of the damage inflicted. So you get an average total of almost 2% of your own damage as heal while attacking. Thanks to Eric Bacquial.

5. If you are HIGH INT, Buy All in One Ring Box. [Decreases Demand]

Every 6 int is 1 Sp Regeneration. This multiplies by 3 times more if you get a total of 120 int. Therefore a HIGH INT character like a wizard or a HIGH INT Trapper Hunters doesn’t need SP, because they can just sit down and regenerate, all it needs now is HP. So you just have to heal yourself after battles. This wizard takes 4 Level 1 Heals to fully heal itself. Not bad, and SP consumption is almost not visible.

6. Don’t THROW AWAY Your White Herbs, Blue Herbs and Empty Bottles… [Decreases Demand]

Thanks to Michelle Garcia for you comment. I thought only Alchemists do this, but it seems like there are also NPC Alchemists who can do these for us. Thanks to for showing this exact location. Two herbs and 1 Empty Bottle create the magic!

> 33 Blue Herbs in 10 Minutes

Umbala Top Left > Yggdrasil Field

This is not so much worth your time, but if you’re poor and you want to hunt blue potions, you can hunt them here.

White Herbs to White Potions

7. Anthell = Red Potions Heaven

It may be a hell of Ants, but that’s where you get tons of worm peelings. In Al de Baran, you can trade 1 Worm Peeling for 1 Red Potion. You get twice more with a thief. In 10 minutes I was able to gather 100 Worm Peelings with my Swordsman. VIT type swordsman do better here.

8. Buy Ice Cream


Credits to Ray Pua for this. The image is so small because of facebook minifying images. It’s found on 85,304 on Assassins’ Guild Map. You would want to wear Marc Card or Evil Druid in order to take full use of this. You don’t wanna heal yourself 100 HP and get damaged by 1000 after getting frozen. I added it in the table and the price and weight is definitely worth it! 🙂

Final Words

I hope this movement will help the economy because before, I used to be a hardcore vendor too. I get a happy feeling when the price of an Item Increases so I gain more zeny. But I noticed that EVEN I as a MERCHANT made other ITEMS proportionally expensive too.

Also, this is why Philippines in real life has a very high INFLATION rate, wherein lots of people are rich, and lots of people are also very poor, because half of us are greedy, and the other half is ignorant. This is why I’m educating you guys so I could remove the “ignorant”. Don’t buy “overpriced” stuff especially on MALLS, don’t buy expensive stuff to make yourself feel special, you tolerate them to be rich but you become fashionable but also poor. This might just be a game but how you act in games, is how you also act in real life…

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