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I have been asked multiple times that it would be wise to create a revo-classic ragnarok farming guide. I don’t just wanna point out 2 of my current farming spots and tell people to crowd that area and become my competition. So I thought, why not create a table of all mobs at once and add an “Average NPC Zeny Worth” which is written as NPC Zeny Worth in the tables below.Average NPC Zeny Worth is calculated as follows: (Item’s Drop Rate Chance)*(Item’s NPC Sell Value) = Average NPC Zeny Worth per kill.

I have never found this anywhere in the internet even in So I made one myself. Anyway, I also merged TOP JOB XP and BASE XP givers into one post, which is this one.

How to use this guide for those who doesn’t read:

Before we proceed, here’s how to find your mob:

  • IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP YOUR JO LEVEL, pick a mob with high JOB XP PER HP;

Click the column header to SORT descending/ascending.

Mobs You Can Skip

The moment you stepped on the training grounds, you were given equipment that made you as strong as a spore. So I definitely suggest that you go directly to spores. Even if you are trying to hunt PUPA Cards, I still don’t suggest doing it in a low level. It would be better once you reach the point where you can just 1 hit PUPA’s to increase the hunting speed.

This is the one reason why Payon Cave is the most popular, these top mobs exist there. But to be honest, if you really want to farm, invest for LEVEL and don’t farm yet. It’s LIKE not going to school yet because you wanna be a Tricycle Driver even if you have money to enroll to school. So Invest for school! I mean level… Lots of mobs give better zeny later.

You can also see from here the main reason why people at low levels love zombies, that’s because they give opals which is 3k zeny each making them an average of 63 zeny per kill. But if you wanna level up fast, kill SPORES and skip this table.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% Flee100% Hit
Poring10.04:10.020:1Water 1PlantMedium6177202
Pupa20.005:10.009:1Earth 1InsectSmall8182205
Fabre 20.048:10.032:1Earth 1InsectSmall7188211
Picky 30.050:10.038:1Fire 1BruteSmall7189218
Drops 30.073:10.055:1Fire 1PlantMedium8178203
Peco Peco Egg30.010:10.010:1Neutral 3FormlessSmall5187217
Lunatic 30.100:10.033:1Neutral 3BruteSmall9181206
Willow 40.053:10.042:1Earth 1PlantMedium16190211
Thief Bug Egg 40.167:10.083:1Shadow 1InsectSmall11193221
Chonchon 40.075:10.060:1Wind 1InsectSmall10183209
Ant Egg 40.012:10.010:1Neutral 3FormlessSmall9208229
Picky 40.06:10.048:1Fire 1BruteSmall8189218
Condor 50.065:10.054:1Wind 1BruteMedium30188212
Roda Frog 50.045:10.038:1Water 1FishMedium15197219
Thief Bug 60.135:10.040:1Neutral 3
Savage Babe 70.077:10.066:1Earth 1BruteSmall36205222
Familiar 80.181:10.097:1Shadow 1BruteSmall15214243
Hornet 80.112:10.089:1
Wind 1InsectSmall25187235
Desert Wolf Baby 90.122:10.098:1Fire 1BruteSmall32201226
Rocker 90.101:10.081:1Earth 1InsectMedium19196227
Skeleton 100.077:10.060:1Undead 1UndeadMedium33199225
Plankton 100.065:10.051:1Water 3UndeadSmall26215263
Thief Bug Female 100.206:10.106:1Shadow 1InsectMedium16204220
Tarou 110.201:10.099:1Shadow 1BruteSmall38191217
Kukre 110.075:10.055:1Water 1FishSmall25213241
Mandragora 120.111:10.079:1Earth 3PlantMedium38192215
Ambernite 130.115:10.077:1Water 1InsectLarge37204233
Poporing 140.235:10.128:1Poison 1PlantMedium25220240
Hydra 140.089:10.061:1Water 2PlantSmall28219223
Wormtail 140.138:10.094:1Earth 1PlantMedium30196220
Zombie 150.094:10.062:1Undead 1UndeadMedium63200223
Snake / Boa 150.153:10.102:1Earth 1BruteMedium53202226
Shellfish 150.072:10.048:1Water 1FishSmall40249261
Marin 150.089:10.059:1Water 2PlantMedium29215220

Mobs Suggested for Levels 1-20

In This Table, I would like to add some exceptions: I could still suggest Spores, Muka, Thief Bug Male, Argos,Poison Spore and Wolf up to Level 40.

Btw, I still have not searched a map where Rotar Zairos are mobbed. If ever I find this map, this will be a golden map for Forgers since they drop iron and steel A LOT.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% Flee100% Hit
Spore 160.129:10.212:1Water 1PlantMedium28198221
Stainer 160.195:10.130:1Wind 1InsectSmall51225226
Creamy 160.176:10.118:1Wind 1InsectSmall55194224
Andre 170.158:10.103:1Earth 1InsectSmall32211237
Coco 170.147:10.095:1Earth 1BruteSmall58225230
Steel Chonchon 170.206:10.134:1Wind 1InsectSmall20243279
Muka 170.448:10.197:1Earth 1PlantLarge75230226
Piere 180.166:10.106:1Earth 1InsectSmall32215237
Smokie 180.209:10.134:1Earth 1BruteSmall41215252
Martin 180.121:10.078:1Earth 2BruteSmall63218247
Horn 180.203:1
0.131:1Earth 1InsectMedium53209230
Aster 180.089:10.057:1Earth 1FishSmall8201223
Vadon 190.133:10.084:1Water 1FishSmall76222240
Thief Bug Male 190.383:10.160:1Shadow 1InsectMedium51220256
Pecopeco 190.299:10.136:1Fire 1BruteLarge58217229
Deniro 190.178:10.112:1Earth 1InsectSmall39212235
Poison Spore 190.280:10.14:1Poison 1PlantMedium56209236
Vitata 200.182:10.113:1Earth 1InsectSmall99211231
Crab 200.067:10.041:1
Water 1FishSmall35241257
Elder Willow 200.235:10.146:1Fire 2PlantMedium72219234
Yoyo 210.319:10.126:1Earth 1BruteSmall75210232
Dustiness 210.209:10.134:1Wind 2InsectSmall82266243
Orc Baby 210.241:10.241:1Earth 1Demi-HumanSmall64222222
Marina 210.104:10.067:1Water 2PlantSmall25220248
Raggler 210.214:10.137:1Wind 1BruteSmall134245263
Goblin_5 220.123:10.078:1Water 1
Thara Frog 220.102:10.064:1Water 2FishMedium49222232
Metaller 220.26:10.164:1Fire 1InsectMedium22244246
Goblin_4 230.194:10.121:1Earth 1Demi-HumanMedium12227250
Caramel 230.185:10.114:1Earth 1BruteSmall101225233
Anacondaq 230.271:10.134:1Poison 1BruteMedium92260269
Zerom 230.216:10.134:1Fire 1Demi-HumanMedium18255272
Cornutus 230.148:10.092:1Water 1FishSmall93220250
Orc Zombie 240.125:10.077:1Undead 1UndeadMedium57251241
Megalodon 240.13:10.08:1Undead 1UndeadMedium74223248
Goblin_3 240.345:10.170:1Poison 1Demi-HumanMedium76222251
Drainliar 240.371:10.151:1Shadow 2BruteSmall75244258
Eggyra 240.340:10.348:1Ghost 2FormlessMedium70251249
Scorpion 240.259:10.159:1Fire 1InsectSmall45213239
Orc Warrior 240.291:10.114:1Earth 1Demi-HumanMedium71210239
Goblin_2 240.278:10.170:1Fire 1Demi-HumanMedium82252240
Rotar Zairo 250.290:10.178:1Wind 2FormlessLarge156256295
Pirate Skeleton 250.139:10.085:1Undead 1UndeadMedium70225250
Wolf 250.358:10.217:1Earth 1BruteMedium51228249
Golem 250.119:10.024:1Neutral 3FormlessLarge111229252
Bigfoot 250.191:10.116:1Earth 1BruteLarge105207229
Cookie 250.326:10.198:1Neutral 3Demi-HumanSmall97226248
Argos 250.347:10.168:1Poison 1InsectLarge106221242
Goblin_1 250.264:10.160:1Wind 1Demi-HumanMedium84231279

Mobs Suggested for Levels 21-40

To find this “Miyabi Doll” you still have to do the Amatsu Dungeon Quest which I will be doing soon. But crap, LOOK AT THAT PRETTY FACE, WILL YOU REALLY KILL THAT FOR MONEY!??? Anyway, yeah, I’d still do since it’s just a game, I’ll inform you once I create the Amatsu Dungeon Quest.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% Flee100% Hit
Phen 260.107:10.068:1Water 2FishMedium94224241
Mantis 260.159:10.1:1Earth 1InsectMedium116242259
Magnolia 260.123:10.078:1Water 1DemonSmall93227251
Flora 260.171:10.108:1Earth 1PlantLarge97242255
Savage 260.249:10.119:1Earth 2BruteLarge95248247
Hode 260.241:10.131:1Earth 2BruteMedium133228242
Desert Wolf 270.249:10.155:1Fire 1BruteMedium214295296
Rice Cake Boy / Dumpling Child 270.11:10.071:1Neutral 1Demi-HumanSmall131277303
Orc Skeleton 280.138:10.085:1Undead 1UndeadMedium121222244
Goblin Archer 280.263:10.162:1Poison 1Demi-HumanSmall20251262
Marine Sphere 280.131:10.081:1Water 2PlantSmall130250267
Christmas Cookie 280.221:10.136:1Holy 2Demi-HumanSmall101232253
Giearth 290.220:10.134:1Earth 1DemonSmall86227248
Soldier Skeleton 290.159:10.097:1Undead 1UndeadMedium124228239
Swordfish 300.291:10.148:1Water 2FishLarge129244286
Munak 300.209:10.111:1Undead 1UndeadMedium125233239
Skeleton Worker 300.138:10.084:1Undead 1UndeadMedium86237243
Karakasa 300.158:10.104:1Neutral 3FormlessMedium306264303
Frilldora 300.261:10.158:1Fire 1BruteMedium46251268
Sasquatch 300.167:10.101:1Neutral 3BruteLarge79271265
Obeaune 310.163:10.103:1Water 2FishMedium244241278
Orc lady 310.322:10.204:1Earth 2Demi-HumanMedium187258242
Kobold_2 310.370:10.187:1Fire 2Demi-HumanMedium105296292
Archer Skeleton 310.159:10.093:1Undead 1UndeadMedium81236260
Matyr 310.374:10.157:1Shadow 1BruteMedium50248251
Zenorc 310.374:10.157:1Shadow 1Demi-HumanMedium86229249
Marse 310.116:10.074:1Water 2FishSmall143234248
Kobold_3 310.296:10.187:1Fire 2Demi-HumanMedium109281295
Baby Leopard 320.136:10.078:1Ghost 1BruteSmall224263268
Tri Joint 320.168:10.096:1Earth 1InsectSmall49263265
Bongun 320.12:10.069:1Undead 1UndeadMedium84239256
Kobold Archer 330.289:10.178:1Fire 1Demi-HumanSmall99327272
Dokebi 330.330:10.169:1Shadow 1DemonSmall153269289
Miyabi Ningyo / Miyabi Doll 330.126:10.072:1Shadow 1DemonMedium458291263
Sohee 330.131:10.081:1Water 1DemonMedium168244257

Mobs Suggested for Levels 41-50

Damn Leaf Cat is the best JOB XP Mob EVARRRR! Also it gives us GREAT LOOTS. But sadly, the map now is crowded. Except if you are playing in Thor Server, then congratulations, this Map is still EFFICIENT for you!

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% Flee100% Hit
Horong 340.405:10.247:1Fire 4FormlessSmall77266266
Beetle King 340.362:10.236:1Earth 1InsectSmall118275302
Whisper 340.329:10.334:1Ghost 3DemonSmall96256282
Sandman 340.237:10.144:1Earth 3FormlessMedium110238242
Cruiser 350.390:10.160:1Neutral 3FormlessMedium66239245
Requiem 350.259:10.148:1Shadow 1Demi-HumanMedium196255269
Zipper Bear 350.128:10.078:1Shadow 1BruteMedium323275286
Steam Goblin 350.347:10.199:1Wind 2Demi-HumanMedium200295296
Kobold_1 360.254:10.161:1Wind 2Demi-HumanMedium123304312
Lude 360.122:10.077:1Undead 1UndeadSmall196289274
Mole / Holden 360.121:10.078:1Earth 2BruteSmall101313350
Marc 360.143:10.091:1Water 2FishMedium193259260
Mummy 370.155:10.116:1Undead 2UndeadMedium196275241
Leaf Cat 380.069:10.506:1Earth 1BruteSmall306244254
Verit 380.158:10.098:1Undead 1UndeadMedium241214242
Jakk 380.393:10.246:1Fire 2FormlessMedium340269281
Wild Rose 380.373:10.231:1Wind 1BruteSmall206277325
Myst Case 380.323:10.199:1Neutral 3FormlessMedium216239257
Myst 380.371:10.184:1Poison 1FormlessLarge9249275
Wootan Shooter 390.223:10.114:1Earth 2Demi-HumanMedium116285263
Greatest General 400.341:10.207:1Fire 2FormlessMedium168238270
Marduk 400.294:10.178:1Fire 1Demi-HumanLarge112289289
Pest 400.382:10.232:1Shadow 2BruteSmall82316317
Stem Worm 400.237:10.153:1Wind 1PlantMedium156294277
Neraid 400.273:10.166:1Earth 1BruteSmall100293285
Quve 400.091:10.067:1Undead 1UndeadSmall180355354
Ghoul 400.201:10.115:1Undead 2UndeadMedium162240252

I will create the list for 51-100 this Week. Since Most level 50+ are already Job changed.

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