Farming and Leveling Guide for Levels 51-100

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If you have the read the previous guide: Farming and Leveling Guide for Levels 1-40, then this would make more sense to you, if not, just read the notice below. I was not yet able to compute their NPC Value Yet, but I’ll assure you I can finish it tomorrow.

How to use this guide for those who doesn’t read:

Before you proceed, here’s how to find your mob:

  • IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP YOUR JO LEVEL, pick a mob with high JOB XP PER HP;

Click the column header to SORT descending/ascending.

Level 51 – 60

Pardon me if I put a bra on Isis, I’m just not a big fan of #FreeTheNipple Community. Isis are great targets for AOE users like grimtooth and for Nightmares, I don’t suggest Assassins to hunt them. They’re usually for Hunters and Wizards.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% FLEE100% HIT
Dryad 500.314:10.17:1Earth 4PlantM379312282
Kraben 500.035:10.225:1Ghost 2FormlessM265308303
Baphomet Jr. 500.315:10.173:1Shadow 1DemonS119284317
Parasite 490.212:10.28:1Wind 2PlantM194325327
Nightmare 490.431:10.431:1Ghost 3DemonL226316301
Orc Archer 490.232:10.24:1Earth 1Demi-HumanM166367310
Strouf 480.257:10.175:1Water 3FishL76267277
Gargoyle 480.418:10.418:1Wind 3DemonM152390361
Li Me Mang Ryang 480.278:10.278:1Earth 3DemonM91324302
Isis 470.53:10.221:1Shadow 1DemonL212272302
Antique Firelock 470.336:10.26:1Undead 2UndeadM100358332
Explosion 460.298:1
0.204:1Fire 3
Brilight 460.328:10.239:1Fire 1InsectS267308290
Wild Ginseng 460.150:10.100:1Fire 2PlantS189351341
Deviruchi 460.399:10.192:1Shadow 1DemonS224382342
Petite (BLUE) 450.306:10.187:1Wind 1DragonM258335318
Megalith 450.332:10.203:1Neutral 4FormlessL13334279
Petite 440.244:10.15:1Earth 1DragonM314321318
Bathory 440.462:10.191:1Shadow 1Demi-HumanM151323324
Punk 430.469:10.285:1Wind 1PlantS197420394
Choco 430.296:10.296:1Fire 1BruteS178260293
Sage Worm 430.3:10.343:1Neutral 3BruteS107288299
Blazer 430.385:10.227:1Fire 2DemonM351343376
Side Winder 430.405:10.201:1Poison 1BruteM212313302
Alligator 420.198:10.124:1Water 1BruteM157267305
Chepet 420.307:10.191:1Fire 1Demi-HumanM53244277
Hunter Fly 420.289:10.182:1Wind 2InsectS169333335
Stone Shooter 420.302:10.183:1Fire 3PlantM147319319
Wootan Fighter 410.402:10.187:1Fire 2Demi-HumanM93299281
Marionette 410.335:10.396:1Ghost 3DemonS222346369
Kapha 410.289:10.197:1Water 1
Argiope 410.41:10.194:1Poison 1InsectL157269298

Level 61 – 70

Niflheim and Glast Heim Raydric rooms are now filled with high level parties. So they just got the right place to level up.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% FLEE100% HIT
Gig600.468:10.242:1Fire 2BruteS383302326
Kaho 600.474:10.054:1Fire 4DemonM193309321
Stalactic Golem 600.311:10.144:1Neutral 4FormlessL346299307
Clock 600.309:10.263:1Earth 2FormlessM170327284
Chung E 590.178:10.038:1Wind 2Demi-HumanM196308338
Arclouze 590.142:10.165:1Earth 2InsectM248397332
Rideword 590.172:10.267:1Neutral 3FormlessS296354312
Dark Frame 590.487:10.436:1Shadow 3DemonM392293296
Sea Otter 590.305:10.164:1Water 3BruteM361270285
Evil Druid 580.175:10.111:1Undead 4UndeadL92313290
Gibbet 580.586:10.267:1Shadow 1DemonL303301314
Alarm 580.374:10.216:1Neutral 3FormlessM270299330
Spring Rabbit 580.44:10.195:1Earth 2BruteM239286324
Grand Peco 580.296:10.169:1Fire 2BruteL305289303
Leib Olmai 580.248:10.090:1Earth 1BruteL139305293
Joker 570.298:10.19:1Wind 4Demi-HumanL69319356
Penomena 570.396:10.303:1Poison 1 FishM268334295
The Paper 560.154:10.108:1Neutral 3FormlessM336299305
Geographer 560.336:10.248:1Earth 3PlantM128298282
Hyegun 560.220:10.102:1Undead 2UndeadM280308294
Cramp 560.487:10.321:1Poison 2BruteS215308299
Evil Cloud Hermit 560.318:10.212:1
Neutral 2FormlessL897345313
Demon Pungus 560.434:10.25:1Poison 3DemonS552321317
Disguise 550.373:10.254:1Earth 4DemonM442353356
Bloody Butterfly 550.262:10.193:1Wind 2InsectM252333323
Dancing Dragon 540.332:10.084:1Wind 2DragonM265297330
Merman 530.306:10.204:1
Water 3
Wraith 530.200:10.100:1Undead 4UndeadL165314279
Zombie Prisoner 530.234:10.153:1Undead 3UndeadM227305292
Enchanted Peach Tree 530.291:10.202:1Earth 2PlantM441315305
Tamruan 520.372:10.005:1Shadow 3DemonL373295290
Skeleton Prisoner 520.284:10.18:1Undead 3UndeadM261307287
Raydric 520.396:10.208:1
Shadow 2Demi-HumanL209328339
Raydric Archer 520.576:10.405:1Shadow 2DemonM203356276
Minorous 520.370:10.186:1Fire 2BruteL169283294
High Orc 520.525:10.238:1Fire 2Demi-HumanL178305268
Driller 520.431:10.25:1Earth 1BruteM315288315
Injustice 510.279:10.196:1Shadow 2UndeadM375271310
Hylozoist 510.322:10.18:1Shadow 2DemonS356304318
Carat 510.37:10.26:1Wind 2DemonM138301315
Nine Tail 510.362:10.106:1Fire 3BruteM228327289
Wind Ghost 510.503:10.309:1Wind 3 DemonM248323278
Mimic 510.027:10.027:1Neutral 3FormlessM47330371
Wooden Golem 510.209:10.147:1Earth 4PlantL316301302
Increase Soil 510.335:10.256:1Earth 3FormlessM193315274

Level 71 – 80

Earth Deleters and Sky Deleters actually have the same amount of zeny worth, but this picture’s better… sooo… yeah.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% FLEE100% HIT
Harpy 700.215:10.129:1Wind 3DemonM433365309
Solider 700.368:10.161:1Earth 2BruteM236296314
Goat 690.303:10.182:1Fire 3BruteM260317309
Shinobi 690.391:10.237:1Shadow 3Demi-HumanM345322339
Heater 680.342:10.214:1Fire 2BruteM350344317
Mini Demon 680.258:10.114:1Shadow 1DemonS227349337
Grizzly 680.285:10.171:1Fire 3BruteL75324294
Diabolic 670.38:10.231:1Shadow 2DemonS644331347
Sleeper 670.473:10.26:1Earth 2FormlessM658316322
Deleter 660.197:10.119:1Fire 2
Majoruros 660.147:10.066:1Fire 2BruteL365322324
Fake Angel 650.200:10.116:1Holy 3AngelS90357372
Deleter 650.224:10.136:1Fire 2DragonM660303330
Kobold Leader 650.406:10.148:1Wind 2Demi-HumanM203398346
Tengu 650.248:10.168:1Earth 2DemonL213315303
Ancient Mummy 640.198:10.086:1Undead 2UndeadM291441371
Elder 640.262:10.158:1Neutral 4Demi-HumanL358340327
Goblin Leader 640.300:10.108:1Wind 1Demi-HumanM106307331
Clock Tower Manager 630.235:10.153:1Neutral 4FormlessL396170200
Wicked Nymph 630.246:10.162:1Shadow 3DemonM227359343
Permeter 630.456:10.238:1Neutral 2BruteM198283291
Zealotus 630.197:10.126:1Neutral 3Demi-HumanM267369324
Khalitzburg 630.227:10.143:1Undead 1UndeadL126358311
Fur Seal 630.413:10.2:1Water 1BruteM171268303
Civil Servant 620.280:10.191:1Wind 2BruteM204306338
Alice 620.358:10.24:1Neutral 3Demi-HumanM331328315
Gullinbursti 620.273:10.111:1Earth 2BruteL44308316
Deviace 620.497:10.362:1Water 4FishM316275286
Dullahan 620.363:1
0.238:1Undead 2UndeadM434332291
Galapago 610.35:10.215:1Earth 1BruteS265261289
Mobster 610.554:10.211:1Neutral 1Demi-HumanM1473276297
Dragon Tail 610.429:10.174:1Wind 2InsectM153293326
Am Mut 610.637:10.222:1Shadow 1DemonS150311305
Pasana 610.493:10.258:1Fire 2Demi-HumanM490311297
Anolian 610.311:10.195:1Water 2FishM365301324
Garm Baby 610.051:10.148:1Water 2BruteM532370355
Sting 610.43:10.313:1Earth 3FormlessM222350310

Level 81 – 99

Anubis and Wanderers are the TOP XP Giving mobs in Revo-Classic. Actually Anubis and Wanderer have the same JOB XP per HP Ration but I just put the Wanderer instead so it wouldn’t look redundant. Anyway Investing for Level 90 is a MUST if you want to be one of the richest in game. Once you reach level 90 and you are well equipped for Geffenia. Go hunt Incubus and Succubus, that’s the “secret” mob for Hunters who had 40m/week. Now it’s no longer a secret since I listed it here. But first, you have to do a VERY LONG QUEST. It totally is worth it! 😉

UPDATE: It is confirmed that Geffenia Quest is not yet available in this server, most probably it will be added after the OBT. (OBT is our Stage as of Now, that’s why there are tons of things to fix) Part 19 Melkaba, which can be found in Al de Baran Alchemist Guild has no portal yet. Thanks to Kevz Enriquez for correcting this part.

NameLevelBase XP per HPJob XP per HPElementRaceSizeNPC Zeny Worth95% FLEE100% HIT
Succubus 850.316:10.255:1Shadow 3DemonM1450370349
Bloody Knight 820.175:10.118:1Shadow 4FormlessL324389341
Abysmal Knight 790.234:10.173:1Shadow 4Demi-HumanL254385334
Medusa 790.419:10.286:1Neutral 2DemonM412332347
Nightmare Terror 780.296:10.193:1Shadow 3DemonL252354331
Lava Golem 770.266:10.159:1Fire 4FormlessL450339319
Violy 750.348:10.193:1Neutral 2Demi-HumanM791371361
Incubus 750.304:10.244:1Shadow 3DemonM1773384331
Anubis 750.737:10.579:1Undead 2Demi-HumanL165352342
Wanderer 740.708:10.579:1Wind 1DemonM396413366
Wraith Dead 740.240:10.084:1Undead 4UndeadL177350343
Phendark 730.300:10.151:1Neutral 2Demi-HumanL122381367
Skeleton General 730.469:10.194:1Undead 1UndeadM345410373
Bloody Murderer 720.354:10.129:1Shadow 3Demi-HumanL504349337
Freezer 720.424:10.254:1Water 2BruteM362311319
Loli Ruri 710.283:10.184:1Shadow 4DemonL423336321
Assaulter 710.435:10.238:1Wind 2Demi-HumanM343385363
Rybio 710.66:10.368:1Neutral 2DemonL158356350

Remember that this is only a guide and I only base by levels. You could ALWAYS fight a mob of the same with you or higher than your levels if you exploit its weakness. Like Bathory Card and Dustiness Card against Anubis.

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