[Forging Guide] How Strong are VERY VERY STRONG Weapons?

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This became a FAQ since before. Some people who do not find out how strong VVS are just buy it even if they are still poor expecting themselves to become very very strong because it is also very very expensive. Being a forger is like going for a Doctorate Degree. You pay them high because they had a hard time in school. A pure forger with 99 DEX and 99 LUK cries with his expenses for Leeching Services and these payments are their investments. A HYBRID Forger with 80 DEX and 80 Luk 70-80 Agi and 10-30 Str will sacrifice 4% of total chance of refinement but can do better leveling.

So How Strong are VERY VERY STRONG Weapons?

With 100 Total LUK and DEX using only anvil, here’s the BASIC chance table.
Btw, Oridecon Anvil Gives +3% more chance, Golden +5%; Emperium +10%;

TypeLevel 1 WeaponLevel 2 WeaponLevel 3 WeaponMastery ATK Bonus
Very Strong90.00%70.00%65.00%+5
Very Very Strong75.00%55.00%50.00%+10
Very Strong Elemental70.00%50.00%45.00%+5
Very Very Very Strong60.00%40.00%35.00%+40
Very Very Strong Elemental55.00%35.00%30.00%+10

What the Hell is Mastery ATK?

Mastery ATK is an attack with no elemental property that would allow you to damage a whisper even if you are neutral element.

BONUS: If a person is in the top 10 list of /blacksmith. His weapons grant +10 MORE Mastery ATK! This is why Bloomingdales RO is having a FREE Forge Promo. Just message him… or her… chixilog ksi char hirap kung him ba or her.

Is it True that Swordmaces and Axes do not Break?

Yes. Axes, Maces, Rod and Book never break however you use a swordbreaker.

Source: Dreamer RO Forums, or prove it for yourself.

Ranker Damage Comparison ft. Puto and Krent`

“Is there any difference between a TOP 1 Forger VS a TOP 4 forger or any TOP Ranker?”

No, as a proof you may want to see the video below.

+0 VS +5 Damage Comparison ft. Puto

“Is it true that mastery damage is only added on the final damage?” 


Usage and Comparison

Levels 1 – 30

If you are going to create a Level 1 Weapon like main gauche for your Low Level Character. NEVER BUY A WIND MAIN GAUCHE and OTHER LEVEL 1-2 WEAPONS LIKE THIS IN THE IMAGE. This has become a trend in IZLUDE. Because most likely, you are going to fight against mobs that receive 25-75% damage only from wind. 75% of 43 is 32.25. If you really want a VVS, go for VVVS which is +40 attack which is almost TWICE the damage of a main gauche. What’s more is that it’s not ONLY Limited to Water Elements, but EVERY OTHER MOB. It’s like have 2 free Andre Cards. Otherwise, just don’t buy because WIND MAINGAUCHES are no longer as effective as before as they are not affected by your STR. Damascus can do better damage. For a cheap guy like me, just use your novice cutter and save for damascus. Don’t waste your time on VVS.

My Suggested Weapons for You

NameRequired LevelTotal AttackEffective Against Which Monster SizeForging Materials
VVVS Main Gauche043 + 40SmallIron x 50 + Star Crumbs x 3
VVVS Rapier1470 + 40MediumSteel x 20 + Star Crumbs x 3
VVVS Scimitar1485 + 40MediumSteel x 35 + Star Crumb x 3
VVVS Katana460 + 40MediumHorrendous Mouth x 15 + Iron x 35 + Star Crumb x 3
VVVS Battle Axe380 + 40LargeIron x 110 + Star Crumb x 3
VVVS Chain1484 + 40Medium, LargeSteel x 45 + Star Crumb x 3
VVVS Knuckle Dusters1250 + 40SmallSteel x 50 + Star Crumb x 3
VVVS Pike460 + 40Large Iron x 70 + Star Crumb x 3

Levels 30 and Above

“VVS Wind 2-Handed Axe or 2-Handed Axe [2] with 2 Drainliar Cards?” 

Alright, I’ll let you decide. Drainliar cards today as 7/23/2017 range between 200-350k. Above that is overpriced. Guys, remember I educate you so you don’t get fooled with overpriced stuff, I hate people like that, it inflates the economy. So let’s say for example you are going to fight Water Mobs that receives damage from wind ranging from 125% to 200% .

Let’s do the math.

a. VVS 2 Handed Axe = 185+10 Mastery ATK = 195 base damage.
With a range of 125% – 200% you will deal 243.75 – 390 Damage to Water Mobs.

b. 2 Handed Axe[2] with 2 Drainliar cards = 185 + 40% damage = 259 Damage.

Therefore, sometimes Drainliar carded 2 Handed Axe deals better damage than VVS 2H Axe. You only spend around 1m with choice B, while with choice A you spend around 1.5m.

My Suggested Weapons For You

Since VVS only adds +10 Attack, you could forget about 2 Star Crumbs to make the forge chance higher, and your weapon cheaper. Btw, here are the elemental stones: Ice = Mystic Frozen; Fire = Flame Heart; Earth = Great Nature; Wind = Rough Wind;

NameRequired LevelTotal AttackEffective Against Which Monster SizeForging Materials
VVS Elemental Damascus24118 + 10 Small Zircon x 1 + Oridecon x 4 + Steel x 60 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2
VVS Elemental Claymore33180 + 10MediumCracked Diamond x 1 + Oridecon x 16 + Steel x 20 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2
VVS Elemental 2-H Sword33160 + 10MediumOridecon x 12 +
Steel x 10 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2
VVS Elemental 2-H Axe30185 + 10LargeAmethyst x 1 + Oridecon x 8 + Steel x 10 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2
VVS Elemental Sword Mace27130 + 10LargeSharp Scale x 20 +
Steel x 100 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2
VVS Elemental Fist24115 + 10SmallRuby x 10 + Oridecon x 4 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2
VVS Elemental Lance33185 + 10LargeRuby x 3 + Evil Horn x 2 + Oridecon x 12 + Elemental Stone + Star Crumb x 2


NEVER BUY LEVEL 1-2 ELEMENTAL WEAPONS, IF YOU CAN ONLY EQUIP LVL 1-2 VVS WEAPONS, go for VVVS with +40 Mastery ATK.  Anyway, we already forge these weapons for 99k per try, just make sure you bring your materials 🙂 You could also directly go to https://www.facebook.com/g4forger and message us.

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