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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” ― Daniel J. Boorstin

I myself am a victim of this. I thought I know everything about stats until someone said that this CLASSIC RAGNAROK is using RENEWAL STATS which is using this calculator. I have played almost all Types of Ragnarok servers even renewal but I quitted renewal early because I didn’t enjoy 3rd jobs after trying ALL CHARACTERS. Even my friends noticed that I can’t really stay with JUST ONE CHARACTER, because I wanna try every thing, I wanna level up again and find the FASTEST method to level up, thus creating a blog about it.

UPDATE: Many things were changed. Some stats have been nerfed. Bonus damage every 10 str or 10 dex doesn’t work anymore. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE ADDED SOON.


  • Increases Melee ATTACK by 1.
  • Increase Weapon ATTACK by 0.5%.
  • Increases Weight Capacity by 30.
  • Bonus Damage every 10 str.


  • Increases Attack Speed by 1%, more than 1%, calculation is hard to explain.
  • Increases Flee by 1.
  • Affects Skill Delays but does not affect skill fixed cooldowns.
  • Increases DEF by 1 for every 5 agi.
  • Increases Sleep Resistance by 1%.

The ASPD written on the stats is not your percentage of attack speed.


  • Increases HIT by 1.
  • Increases Ranged Damage by 1.
  • Increases Ranged Weapon Damage by 0.5%.
  • Increases Melee DMG, HIT, MATK and MDEF by 0.2.
  • Increases Forging and Steal Success Rate by 1% for every 10 DEX.
  • Increases ASPD a little bit. 4Dex = 1 Agi.  52 DEX = 1 AGI.
  • Increases Casting Speed. No Cast at 150 Dex.  265 DEX (Which is impossible as of now)
  • Increases Minimum Damage by 1 (AKA Damage mortality)  Min Dmg is now -10% and Max Dmg is +10%.
  • Bonus Damage every 10 DEX.


  • Increases MAX HP by 1%.
  • Boosts HP Healing Potions by 2%.
  • Increases HP recovery by 1 per 6 seconds standing for every 5 vit.
  • Decreases Enemy Physical Damage by 1 0.5
  • Secretly Decreases Enemy Magical Damage by 0.5 0.2.
  • Reduces chance of Getting Stunned or Poisoned. 100%  Resistance at 100 Vit.
  • Reduces Freezing time by 1 second for every 10 vit.

Every 200 of Max HP provides 1 more HP regenerated during natural HP Recovery.


  • Increases MAX SP by 1%.
  • Boosts SP Healing Potions by 2% 1%.
  • Increases SP Recovery by 1 per 8 seconds standing for every 6 int. Thrice faster at 120 int.
  • Increases Magical Damage by 1 1.5.
  • Increases Magical Defense by 1 0.5
  • Increases Blind and Chaos Resistance by 0.67%.
  • Decreases Enemy Magical Damage by 1.
  • Decreases Cast Time. No Cast at 530 Int (Which is impossible as of now)
  • Bonus Magical Damage for every 5 int.

Every 100 of Max SP provides 1 more SP regenerated during natural SP Recovery.


  • Increases ATK, MATK, and Hit Rate by 1 for every 3 LUK.
  • Increases Critical Hit rate by 3% for every 10 LUK.
  • Increases Perfect Dodge by 1% for every 10 LUK.
  • Increases FLEE RATE and Critical Hit Shield by 1 for every 5 LUK.
  • Increases Resistance to ALL ABNORMAL EFFECTS. 1% Resistance to Curse100% Resist to all at 300 LUK.
  • Auto Blitz Rate by 1% for Every 3 LUK

So those are the basics… If you wanna know more about STATS, you may wanna know about SUBSTATS too.


Pure stat builds like 99 Str 99 Dex with Hydra Cards and Skeleton Worker Cards for sonic blow would deal half the damage that it did before. Assassins sometimes can’t 1 hit enemies even if Enchant Deadly Poison arrives. VIT, AGI, and LUK skills are boosted. While STR,DEX, and INT, were nerfed… A LOT.



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