How to Buy Ragnarok Online PH ROK Points via Paypal or VISA

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NOTE: This DOESN’T have the Promotion Bonuses. You can only get promotion Bonuses if you Buy Through EXCASH. (EXCash can be bought through Loadcentral which you can buy at: Mineski, Netopia, etc…)

Anyway, to buy ROKPoints, here’s what you do. After you click the TOP UP on the menu and finish entering your login details, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Choose MOL Points as Method of Payment

Step 2 – Choose Mol Points E-Wallet

Step 3 – Choose the Amount of MOL points you will buy. (1 Mol Point = 1Php.)

Minimum paypal payment is 250php. But you can just buy even 20php only for 20 Mol Points.

Step 4 – Create an Account on MOL if you don’t have one yet, confirm email, then login.

Step 5 – Click ADD MOL Points


Step 6 – Add Balance, Pick your Payment Method

Step 7 – You know what Else to Do. Enjoy!

If you have any questions and problems, comment below.


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