How To Search a Good Mob For You to Level Up

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Most of us are tired of competition, going to Payon Cave or Glast Heim and leveling 2-3 levels only after an hour in a populated server. So in this guide, I am going to show you how to do a research for good xp mobs on Once you learn how to do this, you can surely go level up anywhere you want.

First, click on that link above… You will arrive in this page.

Mob Search

Click Base Experience drop down menu, and change — Any — to between. The best levels for you to hunt will be around 15 levels below your level up if you don’t want to use a lot of pots or 5 levels above you if you have a pretty good amount of pots and equipment.


So for my case, I am level 40, I will be searching for monsters between 25-35. Click the radio button Naturally Spawned Mob Only and Exclude MVP, since they are not good for leveling up.


Sort results by Base Exp Per HP, Descending.


You will arrive at the results page. Anything Above 0.25 Base Exp Per Hp are pretty good EXP givers. But make sure you like the amount of mobs on the map. I usually prefer 0.30 Base Exp Per Hp and up, but most mobs who are between 0.25-0.30 are mobbed in one place so you wont waste time on teleporting or using fly wing.


In classic RO, these monsters sometimes don’t appear on the map said by So you gotta pick another mob instead or search for them on the whole map.

So for my case, I have listed my best pick of mobs:

NameLevelBase XP per HP
Horong 340.405:1
Wild Rose380.373:1
Kobold Hammer310.37:1
Steam Goblin350.347:1
Greatest General400.341:1
Myst Case380.323:1
Orc Lady310.322:1
Kobold Mace310.296:1
Swordfish 300.291:1

I have tried horong on payon_fild10, but they’re not the best for me since they cost a lot of white potions. So I guess I’m going for: Cruiser, MystCase, Wolf, Argos, Cookie, Swordfish, or Kobolds.


I reduced the options more by looking at their stats and drops, I was confused whether I’d go to Wolf, Swordfish, or Argos. So far, Kobolds have the best drops, even their blue hair which drops often can be sold at 171 zeny, but I could easily get mobbed here. With Swordfish, they give sharp scale which is 125 zeny, Argos drops Cobwebs which sells for 92 zeny (This gets expensive later in game if you sell it to professors/scholars) and Wolves drop the least amount of zeny but I’m sure they could level you up fast. But I need zeny right now so I’m going for Swordfish.


Anyway, I will walk into all these maps in the future and inform you what mobs live on that map. If any of you have any better way of telling me how to do this, please write down in the comments. Thanks.


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