How to Speed up Bluestacks for Ragnarok M

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The biggest problem in Ragnarok M is that you want to grind all the way through the 300 minutes every day. But most of us know that charging while playing games will damage the battery in the long run since charging itself will heat up the battery and so does playing games. This is the main reason why your battery gets bloated. So to achieve at 10 hour AFK grind without having issues, here we have Bluestacks.

Ragnarok Mobile Combat Time

But another problem arises. Most desktop users experience LAG bluestacks gaming and wonder why it’s faster in their low-end laptop. No matter how they follow these basic solutions:
1. Adjust Power Plan

2. Enabling Virtualization in BIOS


But the real solution my dear friends is increasing the RAM allocation for Bluestacks and I’m going to teach you here the step-by-step process.

How to Speed up Bluestacks in 3 Simple Steps

1. Check your RAM first. Search dxdiag in your search. And take note of your total RAM and divide it by 2.

So for example, I have 12GB RAM, then I could allocate 6000MB or 6GB for Bluestacks.

2. Now Search again for regedit and paste the following text to the URL bar


Input this link: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android and press enter, You should see this.


3. Allocate half of your RAM to Bluestacks Memory

Double click Memory, click Decimal and allocate half of your RAM. In my case 12GB divided by 2 = 6GB so 6000MB approximately. (6144MB to be exactly 6GB)

memory allocation for bluestacks

Then… VOILA! It will run faster than your 15k Pesos Octa Core Phone and it’s now easier to grind without the risk of battery damage 🙂 Enjoy!!!


Bonus Information: How to Optimize your Bluestacks

Click on the keyboard icon the bottom bar and click the link icon i boxed red to add hotkeys. Just click on the skill and specify a hotkey for it. For the movement controller just drag that green thing i boxed and that’s it.

how to optimize bluestacks

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