Imba Weapons Like Ice Pick To Be Removed in ROPH too?

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There have been sellers of Imba Weapons like Ice Pick in ROPH Marketplaces recently. One ice pick is currently for sale at $1500 in an ROPH Marketplace that we cannot mention for the privacy of the seller. But as we can see, there are still some superheroes who do not wear capes to warn the people from buying imba weapons.

“What are those images in the middle?”

– Let’s zoom it in…

The images above shows that these weapons which can be made through Seal of Mjolnir Quest will be replaced with the corresponding UPG Equipment. You will be able to receive one weapon depending on your job. Take note that this quest is only open after 50 or more players has completed the Seal of Brisingamen. Not many people are doing that in ROPH, but we are on the way there… The question here is… why? Why are they replacing these weapons with UPG Equips instead?

Forgive the english as these are only translated from thai language.

So that’s it, they want to keep the game balanced… Or maybe they just want the Big-time RMT Sellers to stop selling such high-priced weapons? Anyway, whatever the reason is… there is a big chance that these weapons will be removed permanently from the game. So that would be a BIG Problem if you actually bought one with 100m+ or real money and it just magically turned into a 20m armor later on. Therefore, it is highly discouraged to buy one of these at high costs.

I still am bothered why these weapons are being removed by THRO.

Let’s try looking closer into detail:

– Hellfire – 200 DMG, Fire – A bit stronger than VVS Fire Lance I say.  But… ROEXE, why?;

– Immaterial Sword – 140 DMG, Ghost – Perfect Weapon for Geffen Dungeon 3;

– Slaughter – 120 DMG, Earth, Pierces Brute Monster’s Def, and may cause COMA–tose to Brute Monsters at 4% chance, seems like a pretty high chance of Brute Killing for Blacksmiths;

– Azoth – 110 DMG, transforms enemies into different enemies by 30% chance. – Can only be used by Alchemist… It’s a natural dead branch that transforms enemies in 3-5 hits in average…

– Bazerald – 70 DMG, Fire, Int+5, Matk+105 – primarily used by grand cross and biochemist in trans.

– Book of the Apocalipse – Increases damage on EarthWaterFire and Wind Property enemies by 7% and Holy Property enemies by 5%. – Faster Sage Leveling? Or Star Gladiator? Uhhhh, can anyone explain?

– Ice Pick – 80 DMG, Damage increases as the enemies DEF and VIT increases. Perfect for enemies with UPG Equips.

– Weeder Knife – Add a 15% resistance against Plant monster. Increases damage inflicted on Plant monster by 15%.
Pierces Defense of Plant monster. – Description explains itself. Perfect for Rogue Plant Farming.

– Slash – 145 DMG. Increases damage inflicted on Undead monster by 15%. Receive 5% more Experience Points from Undead monsters. Causes Coma effect on Undead by 1% chance. – For Acolyte Classes only. Good for Monks? ROEXE why?

– Kaiser Knuckle – 110 DMG. Wind, Inflicts 5% additional damage on Undead monster and 10% additional damage on EarthWaterFire and Wind Property enemies. – Explains itself.

– Electric Guitar – 110 DMG, Wind, Enables use of Level 1 Jupitel Thunder. – Frost Joke, Jupitel Thunder + Vulcan Arrow combo?

– Rapture Rose  115 DMG, Poison, 50% chance to inflict poison on Target. – Faster Dancer leveling?

– Ballista[1] – 145 DMG with 1 Slot. +4 Range. Surely an imba weapon for DS Hunters.

I still am not really convinced why they are trying to remove these stuff. So if you know more than I do, feel free to comment below and I will add it in this article.

Currently, in THRO, these weapons are not replaced yet. But there are news from their Customer Supports that they will totally remove the equipment and most probably put them in Kafra shop as a rental item if Real Money Trading peeps continue to trade these Class A Weapons to real money. Anyway, if ever this happens in ROPH, it will take around 2 years since the total removal is not even implemented yet in THRO. Though, the replacing of the Seal Quest Rewards are already implemented on THRO.

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