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No need to research them all, I’ll put them all here in one post. I have listed the Cards that affect your weapon damage, reduce incoming damage, change armor element, and increases experience. If you have any other list suggestions, please comment it below.

#1 Cards that Affect Weapon Damage

Equipped on Weapon

NameTargetDamage Increase
AnacondaqPoison 20%
Drainliar Card Water 20%
Kaho CardEarth 20%
Mandragora Card Wind 20%
Mao Guai CardGhost 20%
Orc Skeleton CardHoly 20%
Santa Poring CardShadow 20%
Vadon CardFire 20%
Abysmal Knight CardBoss25%
Aster Card Shell Fishes30%
Caramel Card Insect20%
Crab CardAsters30%
Desert Wolf CardSmall size15% & Atk + 5
Deviace Card DemiHuman, Brute, Plant and Insect7%
Drainliar CardWater 20%
Earth Petite CardDragon 20%
Elder CardGuardians on WOE40%
Flora Card Fish 20%
Goblin CardBrute 20%
Goblin Leader CardGoblins30%
Hydra Card DemiHuman 20%
Kaho CardEarth 20%
Kobold Leader CardKobolds30%
Lava Golem CardGolems30%
Minorous CardLarge size15% & Atk +5
Peco Peco Egg CardFormless 20%
Scorpion CardPlant 20%
Shell Fish CardCrabs30% & Atk +5
Skeleton Worker CardMedium size15% & Atk +5
Strouf CardDemon 20%
Turtle General CardALL20%

#2 Cards that Reduce Incoming Damage

NameEquipped OnDamage DecreaseOn?Damage IncreaseOn?
Alice CardShield 40%Boss40%Everything Else
Anubis Card Shield30%Angel N/AN/A
Bigfoot CardShield30%InsectN/AN/A
Deviling CardGarment50%Neutral50%Everything Else
Dryad Card Headgear10%EarthN/AN/A
Dustiness Card Garment30%WindN/AN/A
Executioner CardShield25%Large Size MonsterN/AN/A
Giant Hornet CardHeadgear10%WindN/AN/A
Giearth CardHeadgear15%EarthN/AN/A
Harpy CardGarment15%NeutralN/AN/A
Hode CardGarment30%EarthN/AN/A
Isis CardGarment30%ShadowN/AN/A
Jakk CardGarment30%FireN/AN/A
Khalitzburg CardShield30%DemonN/AN/A
Leaf Cat CardHeadgear10%WaterN/AN/A
Leib Olmai Card Headgear10%FireN/AN/A
Marc CardArmor5%WaterN/AN/A
Marionette CardGarment30%GhostN/AN/A
Marse CardGarment30%WaterN/AN/A
Medusa Card Shield15%DemonN/AN/A
Mi Gao Card Shield50%Guardians during WOEN/AN/A
Munak CardShield15% & 5%Stone Curse & EarthN/AN/A
Myst Card Garment30%PoisonN/AN/A
Mysteltainn CardShield25%Small SizeN/AN/A
Ogretooth CardShield25%Medium SizeN/AN/A
Orc Baby CardGarment10%NeutralN/AN/A
Orc Warrior CardShield30%BruteN/AN/A
Orc Zombie CardGarment30%UndeadN/AN/A
Parasite CardShield5%NeutralN/AN/A
Penomena CardShield30%FormlessN/AN/A
Permeter CardHeadgear15%Shadow & UndeadN/AN/A
Rafflesia CardShield30%FishN/AN/A
Raydric CardGarment20%NeutralN/AN/A
Sky Petite CardShield30%DragonN/AN/A
Steel Chonchon CardArmor10%WindN/AN/A
Teddy Bear CardShield30%UndeadN/AN/A
Thara Frog CardShield30%DemiHumanN/AN/A

#3 Cards that Change Armor Element

Equipped on Armor

NameElementOther Effects
Angeling Card Holy N/A
Argiope CardPoison DEF + 1
Bathory Card Shadow N/A
Dokebi Card Wind DEF + 1
Evil Druid CardUndead INT + 1, DEF + 1
Ghostring CardGhost HP Recovery - 25%
(NERFED: From 25% decrease to 70%)
Pasana CardFire DEF + 1
Sandman CardEarth DEF + 1
Swordfish CardWater DEF + 1

#4 Cards that Increases Experience

Increases it by 10% but also increases damage taken by 20%. Equipped on Footgear

Am Mut CardDemiHuman
Ancient Worm CardDemon
Christmas Cookie CardAngel
Explosion CardDragon
Gajomart CardPlant
Gullinbursti CardFish
Mini Demon CardBrute
Skeleton General CardInsect
Zombie Prisoner CardUndead

#5 Cards That Affect Stats

a. Cards that Give Strength

NameEquipped OnStr GivenOther Effects 
Deviruchi Card HeadgearSTR + 1Gain immunity to the Blind status.
Firelock Soldier CardFootgearSTR + 2[Refine Rate 9~10]
Maximum HP and SP + 10%
Hornet CardWeaponSTR + 1ATK + 3
Kobold CardAccessorySTR + 1Critical Rate + 4%
Mantis Card AccessorySTR + 3N/A
Picky Card ArmorSTR + 1ATK + 10
Raggler Card FootgearSTR + 1VIT + 1 (COMBO)
Tarou Card AccessorySTR + 2(COMBO)
Vagabond Wolf CardGarmentSTR + 1[+ Wolf Card]
Flee Rate + 18

b. Cards That Give Agi

NameEquipped OnAgi GivenOther Effects 
Bapho Jr. CardGarmentAGI + 3Critical Rate + 1%
Chonchon CardFootgearAGI + 1Flee Rate + 2
Dragon Fly CardGarmentAGI + 1Flee Rate + 18 (COMBO)
Dragon Tail CardGarmentAGI + 1Flee Rate + 10
Inflict 5% more damage with Double Strafing and Arrow Shower. (COMBO)
Female Thief Bug CardWeaponAGI + 1Flee Rate + 1
Kukre CardAccessoryAGI + 2N/A
Male Thief Bug CardFootgearAGI + 2[+ Wolf Card]
Flee Rate + 18
Matyr CardFootgearAGI + 1Maximum HP + 10%
Nightmare CardHeadgearAGI + 1Gain immunity to the Sleep status. (COMBO)
Nine Tail CardGarmentAGI + 2[Refine Rate 9~10]
Flee Rate + 20
Shinobi CardAccessoryAGI + 1Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Cloaking on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
If you equip this without learning Level 3 Cloaking or higher, it only activates when you are next to the wall. (COMBO)
Thief Bug CardArmorAGI + 1N/A
Wild Rose CardFootgearAGI + 1[Thief Class]
Perfect Dodge + 5
Yoyo CardAccessoryAGI + 1Perfect Dodge + 5
Zhu Po Long CardAccessoryAGI + 1Critical Rate + 3 (COMBO)

c. Cards That Give Dex

NameEquipped OnDex GivenOther Effects
Drops CardWeaponDEX + 1HIT + 3
Rocker CardArmorDEX + 1ATK + 5 (COMBO)
Wormtail CardAccessoryDEX + 2N/A
Zerom CardAccessoryDEX + 3N/A

d. Cards that Give Vit

NameEquipped OnVit GivenOther Effects
Alarm CardFootgearVIT + 1Maximum HP + 300
Add a 20% chance of auto casting Level 1 Sight around the user when the user receives Physical Damage. (COMBO)
Eclipse CardGarmentVIT + 1[+ Lunatic Card]
Flee Rate + 18
Fabre CardWeaponVIT + 1Maximum HP + 100
Orc Hero CardHeadgearVIT + 3Gain immunity to the Stun status.
Picky Egg CardArmorVIT + 1Maximum HP + 100
Raggler CardFootgearVIT + 1STR + 1 (COMBO)
Savage CardArmorVIT + 3N/A
Spore Card AccessoryVIT + 2N/A
Succubus CardArmorVIT - 3Maximum HP + 1000
HP Recovery - 20%
[+ Incubus Card]
VIT + 4
HP Recovery + 30%

e. Cards that Give Int

NameEquipped OnInt GivenOther Effects
Amon Ra CardFootgearAll Stats + 1Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
[Base Intelligence >= 99]
Add a chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison is increased to 10%.
Andre Larva CardWeaponINT + 1Maximum SP + 10
Baby Desert Wolf CardArmorINT + 1
Carat CardHeadgearINT + 2[When compounded into an item with refine rate of 9~10]
Maximum SP + 150
Elder Willow Card HeadgearINT + 2
Evil Druid CardArmorINT + 1Enchant Armor with the Undead Property. DEF + 1
Evil Nymph CardHeadgearINT + 1Maximum SP + 50 (COMBO)
Evil Snake Lord CardHeadgearINT + 3Never be affected by Blind and Curse effects.
Incubus CardHeadgearINT - 3Maximum SP + 150
SP Recovery - 20%
[+ Succubus Card]
INT + 4
SP Recovery + 30%
Rideword CardHeadgearINT + 1[Acolyte Class]
INT + 1
Tower Keeper CardHeadgearINT + 1Reduce Casting Time by 5%
[+ Alarm, Clock & Punk Card]
MDEF + 3
DEF + 3

f. Card that Give Luk

NameEquipped OnLuk GivenOther Effects
Baby Leopard Card ArmorLUK + 3[Merchant Class]
Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). (COMBO)
Cookie CardAccessoryLUK + 2Inflict 10% more damage with Holy Light. (COMBO)
Green Maiden Card GarmentLUK - 5Increase LUK and Critical Rate + 1% per Refine Level of the equipment this card is compounded on.
Holden CardHeadgearLUK + 2[+ Raggler, Zipper Bear, Muka & Baby Leopard Card]
STR + 4
Maximum HP and SP + 7%
Inflict 20% more damage with Mammonite.
Gain 1 SP on every physical attack on enemies.
[Alchemist, Creator]
Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Adrenaline Rush on the user when attacking.
Add a chance of gaining "Glistening Coat" or "Stem" each time a monster is killed.
Lunatic CardWeaponLUK + 1Critical Rate + 1
Perfect Dodge + 1 (COMBO)
Mastering CardGarmentLUK + 1[+ Poring]
Flee Rate + 18
Poring CardArmorLUK + 2Perfect Dodge + 1 (COMBO)
Zealotus CardShieldLUK + 2Inflict 10% more damage with Throw Arrow and Musical Strike. (COMBO)

#6 Cards that Affect Substats

a. Attack – Some with Status Effects

NameEquipped OnATTACK GivenOther Effects
Andre CardWeaponATK + 20N/A
Archdam CardArmorATK + 10Increase Casting Time by 20%.
[+ Permeter, Freezer & Heater Card]
INT + 1
STR + 1
DEF + 2
SP Recovery + 10%
Inflict 10% more damage with Shield Chain and Sacrifice.
Reduce Casting Time by 10%.
[Crusader, Paladin]
Blesses an Armor with the Holy Property.
Aster CardWeaponATK + 5Inflict 30% more damage on Shell Fishes. (COMBO)
Atroce CardWeaponATK + 25When dealing a physical attack there is a small chance that for 10 seconds your ASPD will increase by 100%.
Breeze CardWeaponATK + 5Add a 5% chance of auto casting Bleeding on the enemy when attacking.
Crab CardWeaponATK + 5Inflict 30% more damage on Asters.
[+ Shell Fish & Aster]
Inflict 30% more damage on Water Property enemies.
30% chance of gaining 'Raw Fish' item each time a Fish monster is killed.
Desert Wolf CardWeaponATK + 5Increase damage inflicted on Small size monster by 15%.
Familiar CardWeaponATK + 5Blind an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
Golem CardWeaponATK + 5Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
Hornet CardWeaponATK + 3STR + 1
Magnolia CardWeaponATK + 5Curse an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
Marina CardWeaponATK + 5Freeze an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
Metaller CardWeaponATK + 5Silence an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
Minorous CardWeaponATK + 5Increase damage inflicted on Large size monster by 15%.
Mutant Dragonoid CardWeaponATK + 15Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Fireball on an enemy when attacking.
If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Fire Ball.
Picky CardArmorATK + 10STR + 1
Plankton CardWeaponATK + 5Inflict Sleep status when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
Porcellio CardArmorATK + 25DEF - 5
Rocker CardArmorATK + 5DEX + 1 (COMBO)
Shell Fish CardWeaponATK + 5Inflict 30% more damage on Crabs. (COMBO)
Skeleton CardWeaponATK + 10Causes Stun effect to enemies by 2% chance.
Skeleton Worker CardWeaponATK + 5Increase damage inflicted on Medium size monster by 15%.
Snake CardWeaponATK + 5Poison an enemy when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
Stone Shooter CardWeaponATK + 10HIT + 10
Wolf CardWeaponATK + 15Critical Rate + 1 (COMBO)
Zenorc CardWeaponATK + 10Poison an enemy when you Attack (Success Chance 4%).
Zipper Bear CardWeaponATK + 30Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack.
[Merchant Class]
Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). (COMBO)

b. Critical

NameEquipped OnCrit Rate IncreaseOn?Crit Damage IncreaseOther Effects
Assaulter CardWeapon7Demi Human10%Combo Card
Bapho Jr. CardGarment1AnyN/AN/A
Bloody Murderer CardWeapon7Insect10%N/A
Cruiser CardWeapon7Brute10%Combo Card
Dullahan CardWeapon7Dragon 10%N/A
Giant Whisper CardGarment3Base LUK >= 80N/AFlee Rate + 10
[Base STR >= 80]
ATK + 20
[Base VIT >= 80]
Maximum HP + 3%
Goblin Archer Card Weapon7Undead 10%N/A
Goblin Steamrider CardWeapon 7Formless 10%N/A
Green Maiden CardGarment 1 - 10AnyN/ALUK - 5
Increase LUK and Critical Rate + 1% per Refine Level of the equipment this card is compounded on.
Gryphon CardWeapon 7AnyN/AFlee Rate + 2
[Swordman Class]
Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 5 Bowling Bash on the enemy when attacking.
Heater CardAccessory 3AnyN/ACombo Card
Kobold Archer CardWeapon 7Plant 10%N/A
Kobold CardAccessory 4AnyN/ASTR + 1
Lunatic CardWeapon 1AnyN/ALUK + 1
Perfect Dodge + 1
Combo Card
Mobster CardWeapon 4 if Thief ClassAny15%N/A
Panzer Goblin CardWeapon 7Demon 10%N/A
Rotar Zairo CardWeapon 7Fish 10%N/A
Seal CardWeapon 9 if Acolyte ClassDemon and UndeadN/AHIT + 10
Flee Rate + 3
Soldier Skeleton CardWeapon 9AnyN/AN/A
Wolf CardWeapon 1AnyN/AATK + 15
Combo Card
Yao Jun CardGarment 1AnyN/AFlee Rate + 15
Combo Card
Zhu Po Long CardAccessory 3AnyN/AAGI + 1
Combo Card
The Paper CardWeapon N/AN/A20%[+ Wanderer, Wild Rose, Shinobi & Dancing Dragon Card]
AGI + 5
STR + 5
Intimidate Auto-Spell will not function.
Increases Attack Speed by 5%.
Movement Speed + 5%
Gain 1 SP every time when attacking.
[Thief Class]
Allows its user to use certain skills without spending Gemstones.

#7 Cards that Give Skills

a. Autospell Skills

Skills that activate when you are attacking are great combos to High Orc Card. Since the reflect damage is considered “attacking”, therefore you can just AFK in an area where enemies only deal 10 damage and watch mobs die by their own AFK-ing.

NameEquipped OnSkill and LevelWhen?ChanceOther Effects
Alarm CardFootgear Level 1 SightAttacked Physically20%Maximum HP + 300
VIT + 1
Amon Ra Card FootgearLevel 10 Kyrie EleisonAttacked Physically3%All Stats + 1
[Base Intelligence >= 99]
Add a chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison is increased to 10%.
Ancient Mummy CardShield Level 5 Signum CrucisAttacked Physically3%[+ Mummy Card]
Perfect Hit (which never miss its target) + 20
Anolian CardArmor Level 1 Attention Concentrate Attacked Physically3%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Attention Concentrate.
Bloody Knight CardWeapon Level 1 Meteor StormAttacking2%N/A
Bongun CardAccessory Level 1 BashAttacking2%The Bash skill shoves the enemy 5 cells back.
Receive 100% more damage from Munaks.
Combo Card
Chepet CardWeapon Level 5 HealAttacking5%N/A
Clock Card Armor Level 3 Auto GuardAttacked Physically3%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Auto Guard.
Combo Card
Dark Lord CardFootgear Level 5 Meteor StormAttacked Physically10%[+ Dark Illusion Card]
Maximum HP and SP + 20%.
Reduce cast time by an additional 10%.
Enchanted Peach Tree CardShield Level 1 HealAttacking2%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Heal.
Combo Card
Geographer CardArmor Level 2 BlessingAttacked Physically3%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Blessing.
[+ Rideword, Enchanted Peach Tree, Cookie & Seal Card]
VIT + 10
Reduce Casting Time by 10%.
Reduce 10% SP comsumption.
[Acolyte Class]
Receive 30% less damage from Demon and Undead monster.
Receive 5% more Experience Points from Demon and Undead monsters.
Grand Peco CardHeadgear Level 1 GloriaAttacked Physically5%[+ Peco Peco Card]
DEF + 3
VIT + 3
Greatest General CardAccessory Level 5 Call SpiritsAttacking0.2%[Acolyte Class]
The chance is increased to 2%.
Gryphon CardWeapon Level 5 Bowling Bash if Swordsman ClassAttacking1%Flee Rate + 2
Critical Rate + 7
Hatii Babe CardWeapon Level 3 Frost DiverAttacking5%[+ Garm Card]
Frost Diver chance Increases to 30%
Injustice CardWeapon Level 1 Sonic BlowAttacking5%[+ Zherlthsh Card]
ATK + 20
LUK + 3
Loli Ruri CardArmor Level 3 HealAttacked Physically5%[+ Parasite, Miyabi Doll, Evil Nymph, Harpy & Bloody Butterfly Card]
DEF + 5
MDEF + 5
Maximum HP + 500
Inflict 10% more damage with Fire, Cold and Lightning Bolt skill.
[Mage Class]
MATK + 3%
Reduce Casting Time by 15%.
Lude Card Accessory Level 1 Endure if NoviceAttacked Physically20%[+ Quve Card]
Maximum HP + 300
Mutant Dragonoid CardWeapon Level 3 FireballAttacking5%ATK + 15
If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Fire Ball.
Owl Baron CardAccessory Level 1 Lex AeternaAttacking3%Combo Card
Owl Duke CardAccessory Level 3 Impositio ManusAttacking0.3%[+ Owl Baron Card]
Add a 2% chance of auto casting Level 5 Lightning Bolt on an enemy when attacking.
Poisonous Toad CardAccessory Level 1 EnvenomAttacking2%N/A
Punk CardGarment Level 1 QuagmireAttacked Physically5%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 5, it will cast Level 5 Quagmire.
Combo Card
Quve CardAccessory Level 1 Increase AgilityAttacked Physically10%[+ Lude Card]
Maximum SP + 60
Shinobi CardAccessory Level 3 CloakingAttacked Physically10%Level 5 Cloaking if you learned Level 5+ Cloaking. AGI + 1
Combo Card
Stormy Knight CardWeapon Level 2 Storm GustAttacking2%Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking.
Turtle General CardWeapon Level 10 Magnum BreakAttacking3%Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%.
Violy Card Accessory Level 1 Frost JokerAttacking2%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 5, it will cast Level 5 Frost Joker.
Wanderer CardGarment Level 1 IntimidateAttacking2%[Thief Class]
Flee Rate + 20
Combo Card
Wind Ghost CardAccessory Level 3 Jupitel ThunderAccessory 2%If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Jupitel Thunder.

b. MISC Skills

These are the skills that Show up in Your MISC on Skills Tab.

NameSkill and LevelOther Effects
Joker CardLevel 1 StealN/A
Poison Spore CardLevel 3 EnvenomN/A
Poporing Card Level 1 DetoxifyN/A
Sidewinder CardLevel 1 Double AttackLevel of Double Attack Increases depending on your Double Attack Skill Level.
Smokie CardLevel 1 HidingN/A

More Card Lists will be shown soon, just comment down your suggestions 🙂

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