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Knight skills aren’t really that complicated to upgrade. Actually, Swordsmen skills are much more complicated. Anyway, all you have to care about is the sequence. If you noticed I maxed Magnum Break on all Types of Knight, that’s because it gives 20% more damage for 10 seconds which helps you kill enemies ASAP.

Bowling Bash Knight Skills

Swordsman Skills

Sequence: Level 5 Bash > Level 10 Magnum Break > Level 10 Increase HP Recovery > Upgrade to Level 10 Bash > Level 1 Sword Mastery > Level 10 Two Handed Mastery

Sequence: Level 10 Two Handed Quicken > Level 5 Counter > Level 10 Bowling Bash > Level 1 Peco Peco Riding > Level 5 Cavalier

You will have 17 Skill Points left, you can add them back on Swordsman Skills.

I chose to fully level up Sword Mastery and Provoke and the remaining Stats on Endure.

Brandish Spear Knight

Sequence: Level 5 Bash > Level 10 Magnum Break > Level 10 Increase Hp Recovery > Upgrade to Level 10 Bash > Level 10 Provoke > Level 9 Endure

Sequence: Level 1 Spear Mastery > Level 10 Pierce > Level 1 Peco Peco Riding > Level 5 Cavalry Mastery > Level 3 Spear Stab > Level 10 Brandish Spear > Upgrade Level 10 Spear Mastery > I don’t really care where you put the rest of the skill points.

More Skills Info

Swordsman Skills

Sword Mastery – Level 0-1: Increases damage with daggers and swords. Agi knights need to get this to level 1 as a requirement for Two-Hand Sword Mastery

Two-Handed Sword Mastery – Level 0-10: Increases damage with two-handed swords. You get +40 ATK once this gets to level 10 which means you’ll hit like a truck. If you’re going for AGI knight max this, with VIT knights you can leave this at 0.

Increase Recuperative Power –  Level 10: Heals a certain amount of HP every 10 seconds. The more VIT you have the more this skill heals you. Also increases the effect of healing items. At skill level 10, the healing power of items is doubled! Note that even though AGI knights have low VIT, they can still benefit from the passive HP heals and the healing item power-up. Max this out as soon as you can!

Bash – Level 10: A high damage attack. This is our bread-and-butter skill as swordsmen and this can still be useful to us even as knights. Bash becomes even more effective when you get the optional skill Fatal Blow (can stun enemies). Agi knights also need to max this out as level 10 is needed for Bowling Bash.

Magnum Break – Level 3-10: Splash attack with fire element attribute and knockback. Agi knights need to get this to level 3 minimum as this is required for Bowling Bash. At level 10 it can still be a decent mobbing skill especially against enemies weak against fire but it will get overshadowed later on by Bowling Bash or Brandish Spear. Take note this skill also gives +20% more damage to attacks.

Provoke – Level 5-10: Makes a monster aggressive towards you, lowering their defense but also increasing their attack. This is the skill to use when you want to tank for another player. At level 10, the target gets -55% defense but also +32% attack. You can use this against a single target you’re confident you can dodge so you can kill it faster while dodging its boosted attack. Get it to level 5 as a skill requirement for Endure but I personally use the skill only at level 1 – giving a high-level monster bonus damage is pretty dangerous in the late game UNLESS you are sure you can kill it before it can deal any major damage to you.

Endure – Level 1-10: Your character doesn’t flinch when taking damage and gives bonus magic defense. Lasts 7 hits or when the skill times out. Good for getting out of a hairy situation. Some leave this at level 1 while others get it to level 10. Also upgrades MDEF every level, at level 10 it’s MDEF + 10, which is a good thing… but better during pre-renewal. Now, it’s not much of a help since it also disabled in WoE.

Fatal Blow (Optional Skill) – Level 0-1: Gives a chance for Bash to stun the target. An excellent skill to have but if you don’t have the items (or money) for it, you can leave this for later.

Moving HP Recovery (Optional Skill) – Level 0-1: You regenerate HP while walking. Good to have but it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t have it.

Auto Berserk (Optional Skill) – Level 0-1: At 25% HP or below, you gain the effect of level 10 Provoke on yourself. So you get +32% attack but -55% defense until you get your HP above 25%. You never want to be fighting at low health anyway so you can skip this without worries.

BB Knight Skills

Two-Hand Quicken – Level 10

Requirements: Two-Handed Sword Mastery 1

Increases your attack speed by 30% when equipping two-handed swords. You can’t use this when equipping any other weapon, hence the weapon of choice for agi knights is two-handed swords. This skill will give you amazing DPS (damage per second). Turn this on, click on an enemy, and watch it die within seconds. At level 10 this lasts for 5 minutes. Max this out as a skill requirement for Bowling Bash.

Auto Counter – Level 5

Requirements: Two-Handed Sword Mastery 1

Assume a counter stance (can’t move) until skill duration expires. If attacked from the front, you will block the attack and perform a counter-attack with a higher chance for a critical hit. Just max it to 5 as a requirement for Bowling Bash but you shouldn’t find too many uses for this skill.

Bowling Bash – Level 10

Requirements: Bash 10, Magnum Break 3, Two-Handed Sword Mastery 5, Two-Hand Quicken 10, Auto-Counter 5

The holy grail of mobbing skills! Hit an enemy (500% damage at level 10) and knock it back (5 cells at level 10). If the target hits any other enemies as it is pushed back, the damage becomes splash with additional damage to secondary targets. Under the right circumstances, this is a massive damage-dealing skill!

Granted though, this skill is pretty tricky to use since you have to account for where you are in the map when using it (no splash and no bonus damage if you are in an area called a “gutter”). But as a general rule of thumb, if your skill isn’t dealing splash damage to a mob you should relocate and try again until the damage becomes splash.

Peco Peco Ride – Level 1

Requirements: Endure 1

Enables you to rent and ride a Peco Peco. While on a Peco Peco, you gain additional movement speed and increase your weight capacity by 1000 but your attack speed gets reduced (can be cancelled out with Cavalry Mastery). Grants the AGI Knight more mobility on the battlefield so it’s easier to gather monsters to use Bowling Bash on. Make this your last priority as you should always max-out your damage-dealing skills first. And be careful not to ride a Peco until you have Cavalry Mastery at Level 5!

Cavalry Mastery – Level 5

Requirements: Peco Peco Ride 1

Returns attack speed to normal while riding a Peco Peco. At level 5, you get your normal attack speed back. Don’t ride a Peco until you max this skill!

Spear Knight Skills

Spear Mastery – Level 1-10

Increases damage with a spear-type weapon. When riding a Peco Peco, the damage increases slightly more. You can place more points into this after maxing Pierce and Brandish Spear.

Pierce – Level 10

Requirements: Spear Mastery 1

At level 10, pierces the enemy for 200% ATK. Pierces the enemy twice if its size is Medium, pierces it THREE TIMES if the monster’s size is large! Against large-size enemies, this is skill easily finishes them off, allowing Vit knights to level fast and effectively in places where there are large-sized high-HP monsters. Put some decent points into this skill early on to help you level-up.

Spear Stab – Level 3-8 

Requirements: Pierce 5

Stabs an enemy and knocks them back a few spaces. Has its uses but you will definitely see yourself using Pierce more than this skill. You can invest more points into it later but just get it to 3 to get Brandish Spear.

Brandish Spear – Level 1-10

Requirements: Riding 1, Spear Stab 3

The spear knight’s mobbing skill. The closer enemies are to you, the more damage you deal to them. Has a cast delay so your points in DEX will help out a lot here, as well as the cast speed bonus from the Peco Peco Headband. Not as popular as Bowling Bash but is still a very decent skill, with level 10 seeing you deal 300% ATK damage to anything in your way. Since this skill knocks back, it would be best to Brandish Spear enemies into a wall so you keep on casting the skill without risking their formation to scatter. You can choose to max Pierce out first before this one but you can definitely invest a few skill points early on to help you level up. Note that you can’t use this skill if you aren’t on a Peco Peco.

Spear Boomerang – Level 0-5

Requirements: Pierce 3

A ranged spear attack! Also good for PVP and WOE for attacking fleeing enemies. But level this last and only if you have extra points. Pierce and Brandish Spear should be your top priorities.

Peco Peco Ride – Level 1

Requirements: Endure 1

The more mobile you are on the field, the better. Being on a Peco allows you to weave in and out of mobs, piercing and killing a target and moving on to the next in swift fashion.

Cavalry Mastery – Level 5

Requirements: Peco Peco Ride 1

Max this skill out before riding a Peco Peco!

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