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Say hello to the new member of the TEAM! G4_STEEL_FABRICATION. The main goal is to make leveling MORE AFFORDABLE. We all know that the purpose of these weapons are mere leveling and nothing else. It’s not really used in PVP therefore we do anything we can do to make leveling faster for everyone.

TAKE NOTE that I only sell NON VVS. Tell me, would you really spend twice the price for extra 10 Mastery damage? Don’t forget that mastery damage is not affected by STR. Though it ignores DEF and VIT DEF of the enemy.


The suggested retail price has a markup of only 35% of the forged weapon worth while the Discounted Suggested Retail Price only has a 15% Price Markup. In this case, Elemental Two Handed Axe costs only 1.2m!!! Let’s say you wanna buy the 4 Elemental 2H Axes, it would only cost you 4.8m all in all. But that’s when you help me first.


You can view the EXCEL SHEET I use to automatically compute the prices of forged weapons depending on the ingredients prices. So if you guys sell it cheaper to me, well, the price goes down!

How Do I get the Discounted Price?

Two ways to get discounted price:

  1. Be a donor or investor – Invest/Donate Zenny, Ingredients or Money. (At Least 500k Zeny Worth)
  2. Be my ingredients supplier – Supply me amethyst for example, iron, iron ore, etc…

I will list all those people who helped me in my investments in my excel sheet.

What is Mastery Damage?

Mastery Damage is a DEF and VIT DEF ignoring damage, it also ignores the target’s element so it hits ghost even if your weapon is neutral, but it does not ignore the flee. VVS is precisely equivalent to Level 3 Katar Mastery. 

Wtf? Club is in The List? Hahaha

Yep! Why not? 27+40 Def ignoring Damage = 67! Also it only costs you 16k zeny. Best for leveling from 10-27 with acolyte.  LOL. Here’s a video of an acolyte hitting from 23 damage to 70 damage.

Other Underrated Weapons I can forge
(Base + Starcrumb Mastery ATK + Rank Mastery ATK = Total DMG)
Javelin: 28 + 40 + 10 = 78 (Stronger than Pike)
Club: 23 + 40 + 10 = 73 (Best Acolyte Leveling Weapon from Level 1-27)
Sword: 25 + 40 + 10 = 75 (IDK, but it’s cheap…)
Knife: 17 + 40 + 10 = 67 (Stronger than cutter since it ignores VIT DEF)

Another Video of Me Hitting with a Battle Axe with 80 DMG VS VVVS Knife with 17+40 DMG

What’s the Down-side of This?

Since I won’t be forging VVS Weapons. My Rank will fall from the TOP 10, so the difference between my weapons versus the Ranked Forgers would be 10 Mastery Damage. If you think you can afford total of 20 lesser damage with half the price, well, I’ll always be here. If you are a perfectionist and you prefer 20 more damage at twice the price, type /blacksmith and buy from any of them. If you would, I suggest you to support Filipino Forgers like Puto, `Muramasa, BloomingDales.

Will You Still Forge for Free?

Sadly no, but I will only charge 50,000 zeny per try, only if you read this article, since you’ve read this far, whatever you want me to forge. To others, it will be 99k. Or you can also pay with anything worth 50k like Oridecon. This 50,000 zeny is just a small number for you, but this will surely help the community. If you don’t feel like spending a donation of 50k to the community forger, you could always have the TOP 10 Forgers forge weapons for you FOR FREE. Yeah, they all offer free forging,

When will you Start Forging?

I’m also busy with my personal life and work, therefore I will start forging on September 4, 2017, Monday. You can start investing by donating zenny, money, or materials now, while I did not start yet 🙂



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