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We will be giving away Very very very strong weapons to newbie thieves, swordsmen, and acolyte tomorrow night. VVVS Knives for Thieves with 67 Total Damage, wherein the 50 damage ignores defense. VVVS Swords for Newbie Swordsmen with a total of 75 Damage. VVVS Club for Newbie Acolytes with a total of 73 damage. We all know that at levels 10-27, Acolytes have the worst experience in leveling since they can’t equip the novice cutter and they have to rely on a party to level up. With these VVVS Clubs, they can kill Spores 3 maps below Payon and level up by themselves alone.

Take note that these VVVS Weapons are only recommended for levels 10-27, after that you can use the suggested NPC Weapons such as Damascus, 2H Swords, or Sword Mace. Therefore, we are not giving these away to second jobs. Thanks to IGN: Katchupoy┬áfor helping me out with this event ­čÖé

Make sure you like┬áG4_STEEL_FABRICATION’S FACEBOOK PAGE to get updated with more events.

1. Thieves – Thief Job Change Area (9pm – 10pm)

2. Swordsmen – Boat to Byalan (10pm – 11pm)

3. Acolytes – Prontera Church (11pm-12pm)

Event lasts until stocks last. Currently, the stocks we have for now are those in the featured image. If you have starcrumbs and irons, please PM me so we can extend the event. Amatsu dungeon is the best farm spot for those.

Again, thank you for all the supporters and for this guy IGN: Katchupoy.

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