How Much Chance is Add A Chance? [Chance List]

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I’ve already answered you about the question: “HOW STRONG IS VERY VERY STRONG“, now we also have “How much chance is add a chance”. We have always been curious HOW MUCH CHANCE is add a chance and add a small chance. How do I know this? I am a dev, so I know how to read codes.

NameTarget MonsterItems DroppedDrop Chance
Anopheles Card Insect Tentacle and Cheese Gratin0.5%
Armeyer Dinze CardFish Clam Soup0.5%
Blazer Card AnyFood 6%
Cloud Hermit CardPlant Box of Gloom1%
Dragon Egg CardDragon Herb and Honey Tea0.5%
Dryad Card Plant Green Live1%
Dumpling Child Card DemiHuman Candy and Candy Cane3% and 1%
Fish In Mouth AnyDelicious Fish5%
Galapago CapAnyAnodyne1%
Galapago CardInsectApple Juice, Banana Juice or Carrot Juice3%
Gargoyle CardInsect Box of Thunder1%
Giant Hornet CardInsect Wind of Verdure1%
Hermit Plant CardPlant Red, White, Yellow Herb3%, 2%, and 1%
Jing Guai CardAngel Box of Sunlight1%
Kitchen KnifeBrute Meat 50%
Lady Tanee CardAnyBanana2%
Leaf Cat Card Fish or ShellfishCrystal Blue1%
Leib Olmai CardBrute Red Blood1%
Lunatic Hat AnyRainbow Carrot0.5%
Marin CardAnyJellopy or Large Jellopy20% and 0.1%
Mimic CardAnyOld Blue Box0.1%
Myst Case CardAnyGift Box0.3%
Orc Archer BowAnySteel Arrow2%
Orc Archer CardDemiHuman Box of Panting1%
Plasma CardAnyElemental Resist Potion0.5%
Raydric Archer Card Demon Box of Resentment1%
Red Square BagAnyRed Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Blue Potion0.5%, 0.2, 0.2%, 0.2%, 0.1%
Sage Worm CardAnyYellow Gemstone, Red Gemstone, Blue Gemstone0.3%, 0.3%, 0.3%
Sea-Otter CardFish Sushi or Raw Fish0.5%, 3%
Sleeper CardFish Box of Drowsiness1%
Spring Rabbit CardBrute Meat or Monster's Feed2%, 2%
Stem Worm CardBrute Box of Storms1%
Tengu CardAnyRandom Healing Item6%
Wraith CardUndead Giggling Box1%

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