How much Int is Needed for Zaha Doll Hat to be Worth It?

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Question of the Day:
“At how much INT po worth it ang Zaha Doll Hat?”

Considering that Zaha Doll Hat is Magnificat Level 3, that means it takes 40 sp but multiplies your SP recovery by 2x in 60 seconds. Therefore if you have an sp regeneration of 40 in 60 seconds, Zaha Doll hat is totally not worth it.
So first, we need to know what factors affect SP Regeneration:
>#1 – Natural SP for all jobs = +1 SP Regen
#2 – 100 sp = +1 SP regen
#3 – 6 int = +1 SP regen
#4 – Items… duh… (Willow Card subliminally adds +0.8 sp regen considering it adds 80 sp)

It’s a common mistake for a Knight to invest for Magnificat and forgetting that Magnificat itself consumes SP.
So ummm… let’s take for example, a level 60 BB Knight with 45 Str 50 Agi and 50 Dex. Knowing that it has 2 SP Regeneration for every 8 seconds standing or walking, that means, within 60 seconds you will gain (60/8 = 7.5*2) 15 SP within 60 seconds.

You invested 40 SP for Zaha Doll hat and you only earn 15 SP within 60 seconds. That’s a 25 SP deficit. That’s why if you’re going to be a pure farmer, go and invest for INT even if you are a knight.

The Blurred out sections are inaccurate to revo-classic

So if we sacrifice 7 DEX and go for 18 int, here’s what we get… (60/8 = 7.5*6) 45 SP within 60 seconds. Therefore we earn 5 more SP. That’s not much :/ BUT! If we sit down while on Magnificat Mode, we will gain 90 SP and that’s 50 SP Gain! Add Sohee Card and Willow Card and that would be over 100 SP if you sit down on Magni.

The Blurred out sections are inaccurate to revo-classic

Alright, let’s calculate for others!
ESTIMATED INTSp RegenerationSP Net Profit StandingSP Net Profit Sitting
60 and AboveDefinitely worth it lolDefinitely worth it lolDefinitely worth it lol
But most Knight Farmers prefer to not rest. So, if you don’t have at least 18 int, or at least 6 SP Regeneration. Then don’t invest for Zaha Doll Hat. Period. For Wizards, Grand Cross Crusaders, and other High Int Characters, it’s just perfect. Enjoy the Game!

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