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New to the game? Or probably you just came back after years of not playing Ragnarok games? Well, here’s a simple walkthrough for you. Before we start, let’s talk about stats first in the character creation.

Stat Walkthrough

Swordsman & Thief – Str,Agi,Dex
Mage & Acolyte – Agi, Dex, Int
Archer – Str, Agi, Dex (Agi, Dex,Luk ~ if you plan to be a Blitz Hunter)


If you noticed, dex is always there. Dex is one of the most important stat in the game. Casting for mages, and hit rate for hitters. I suggest you maximize your Dex while you are still a novice, unless you are a rich guy planning to be a 1 luk crit-build assassin.

Step 1 – Brade

Talk to the person on the starting point ONCE, it doesn’t give you exp like before when you talk to it twice. Then head into the castle and you’ll meet Brade, your new Novice Buddy.

He will level you up and tell you to wear your equipments. Do it and talk to him again. After that, talk to the guy on the white robe on the top right, named Jinha. He will give you First Aid Skill. Use it from your ALT+S then talk again to Brade. Talk again to Brade and he will give you Novice Adventurer Suit.

NOTE: Just because it is called “NOVICE ADVENTURER SUIT, doesn’t mean it’s only for novice. You can wear that, as well as Novice Cutter which you will get later on”.

Talk to Brade again and tell him to send you to the next room so you don’t have to waste time walking to the left.

Step 2 – Your Chocolaty Buddy

Talk to the NPCs in this Sequence: Chocolat -> Kafra -> Red Kafra Guy -> Soldier -> CHOCOLAT again.

Chocolat will warp you to training grounds and give you 50 Kafra Tickets for Storage and Warp. There were two instances that I was not able to talk to Chocolat and went directly to Brade after talking to these NPCs. I wasted money selling Elite Siege Box just I can transport. Damn! If you’re poor, you’re just gonna beg on streets for pamasahe.

Step 3

Once you’re in REAL Training Grounds, talk to Brade and tell him to start the quest. He will give you a quest about killing a poring and pick up the jellopy. I’m not sure if picking up the jellopy can be skipped but I think you can. Keep talking to him until he gives you a novice cutter.


It has 7 more attack than main gauche, and you save 5k zeny buying main gauche. Also it can be equipped by a mage or acolyte, which is somehow funny, because they shouldn’t.

Step 4

Kill spores… Only spores. You will get EXACTLY BASE AND JOB LEVEL 10 at the same time! Did it in 5 minutes. Unless if you are planning to be an archer, then go pick up some trunks and google how to job change into an archer.

Then pick a nigga that you wanna be in the future. Don’t pick that nigga on the right side, he looks like a scammer, and actually the jobs he is talking about doesn’t work. He maybe an OFW scammer and bring you somewhere like Africa and take your kidneys. jk.

Step 5

Get A JOB! I don’t mean to hurt you if you don’t have one yet IRL. Do the quests. Google how to do them. They are available in So I’m not writing that in this website. Jk! Enjoy and have fun in game guys! 🙂

Anyway this novice has Job changed into a Mage and you might want to see how I leveled up from novice to level 33/23 in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Having a hard time choosing which JOB should you choose? Click this link.

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