Is Oridecon Already Too Cheap? Here’s What We Can Do.

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I’ve been receiving complaints lately that farming oridecon has become less and less profitable that some people are already trying to control the price of Oridecons through organizing an oligopoly. To be exact, this discussion has become a trending topic right now in ROPH Cancer-Free Community.


Take note that Dave is only another seller, he is not the organizer

Benefits for the farmers, yeah… but not the “market stabilization part”. I think they missed the part that upgraded weapons and forged weapons will also rise. FUN FACT!

“Did you know that currently, G4 sells VVS ELEMENTAL Claymores at 2.46m since oridecon costs 26k each? But if the price raised to 65k each, the price will also go to 5.1m. Seriously, do you want that to happen?”

Anyway, here’s one of the top comments that we can agree with…

I agree that manipulating the market is unfair, but it also comes natural that people will and will always try to control it since even companies in real life do that ~ Oligopoly. I myself am not a big fan of Oligopoly, but there’s always a cure to that.

Instead of trying to control the price of the market by selling it higher, why don’t we add more consumers to the table considering that the main reason why Oridecons are going cheaper is because we had too much farmers and too few consumers.

Here’s what you Can Do

Instead of unnaturally controlling the price, try to build a FORGING BUSINESS or become an UPGRADED WEAPON VENDOR where in you use your oridecons to sell upgraded weapons like +5 Infiltrators and such. This way, we can consume the overflowing number of oridecons in the market and the price will rise up normally and naturally.

This is the real “market stabilization”. We will have more providers of forging weapons, meaning forged weapons will become cheaper, and upgraded weapons. Me and my friends will try to find out that the REAL ROPH CUSTOMIZED Refine Rate so we can compute the correct or fair prices which is around 20 ~ 50% Markup. (Depends on the risk)


Alright, as you noticed in my articles, I sometimes/usually (I’m not sure, do I always do it?) add some hugot into it. Did you know why PLDT and others ISPs are VERY EXPENSIVE and has a totally sh*t SERVICE? Sorry for my word but it’s true. They are INCOMPETENT because they LACK COMPETITION. This is also what’s wrong with our country. We educated students to become “WORKERS”/”FARMERS” so the so-called-smartasses can monopolize trading or entrepreneurship. Their should be BALANCE OF FARMERS AND TRADERS in the society to meet economic equilibrium.

(I am Sky Cable now, support NEW but good service companies, they are always cheaper, like SUN Cellular for example, sadly I switched to Globe again now since SUN doesn’t have 4g SIM 🙁 )

I highly advice people, especially those who always buy and sell in Ragnarok and have not picked their course yet to take ENTREP. I may be a hypocrite since I quitted school because I hate the education system (I passed the major subjects and failed on minor subjects such as ethics and accounting wtf?), but still I believe in education, just not the education we have now.

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