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Considering that I made 9 Skill Builds for Priest, and that’s too many, I will narrow them into 5. Support, Magnificat, TU, and Battle Priest. Even though Priest’s Skill Complexity is really high, it’s STAT Complexity isn’t that difficult to understand.

1. Support Priest

PvP: 4/5; PvM: 5/5; WoE: 5/5;
Recommended for: People for those who want to chit-chat a lot while leveling… or loot… yeah, seriously loooool… Or people who are born to assist. Also great for chixiloging (verb) – getting free gifts from their sugar daddies;
“Pabaps po kyaahhh/atehhhh… *Buffs all*”

If you noticed my STATS here are different from “MY STATS” below, that is because, this build is also plausible for people who want pure builds

In my skill build guide, I wrote 2 Types of Support Priest: FULL Support and Debuffer Support aka The Priest that Helps and Harm. All you need is in the picture. I believe that doesn’t cost much. You could also add 2 Alligator cards if you prefer more reduced damage from incoming ranged attacks.

While leveling, Support Priests always has an ally beside them. The sad fact is that, a lot of players now who need Priests, have their own Slave Priests, making the demand of hired Priests lower than the past ROPH.

Your role is simple, but during WoE, a fast mind and a fast hand is the fine line between life and death of a member of yours. Dying yourself isn’t a big deal. But if the person you are assisting dies, then that is the big deal.

Suggested Stats: STR 9-30, VIT 70-99, INT 60-99, DEX 1-60, LUK 1-30;
My Plan Stats: STR 27, VIT 89, INT 99, LUK 21;
Pros: Uhhhh, you don’t have to think a lot about the enemy.
Cons: …You can’t fight? You can’t kill except if you’re lucky to resurrect enemies on Evil Druid.
Required Equipment: Poo Poo Hat or RoB, Unfro Saint’s Robe, Healing Staff or Arc Wand, Thara Buckler, Immune Muffler or Hood

With the planned stats I have above, I just tried to aim 100 total vit and 120 total INT. Because, you know… 100 VIT is all you need for 100% Resistance to STUN and X2 SP Regeneration at 120 INT. That means X4 SP REGEN during magnificat. But take note that only you will experience that X4. +7 Healing Staff still heals 200+ HP more than EBW, but I equipped it since I needed 4 more INT. Replacing GPIPE with that 1 Int Mask and using Arc Wand would also be a good alternative.

2. Magnus Exorcismus Priest

PvP: 2/5; PvM: 5/5; WoE: 3/5;
Recommended for: Pure Farmers and people who dare to be different.

Geffen Dungeon is one of the best Farm Site in game. Using a Magnus Priest will cost you nothing but equips to farm.

Lots of Magnus Excorcismus Priests quitted due to the fact that MATK has been nerfed a lot right now. They forgot the fact that even if MATK was reduced, DEF and MDEF of players and monsters were also reduced. That’s why, using ME Priest in Geffen Dungeon 3 is effective if you already have these Items on the image equipped.

Be reminded that Geffen Dungeon is not the only place where there are lots of Demons and Undead. You can check these posts for checking Undeads, and just manually check for Demon Farming Sites through this post. Just click the Race and look for Demon Mobs for your level. Remember that Niflheim and Geffenia is also a place full of Demons to slay.

Is it Still Effective? Yes.

Suggested Stats: ; STR 0- 30, VIT 50-99, INT 60-99, DEX 0-60, LUK 0-60;
My Plan Stats: STR 4, VIT 74, INT 91, DEX 60, LUK 30;
Pros: You don’t have to spend ESBs Farming;
Cons: You are not in-demand in WoE but having one in the guild would be sufficient against Undead Knights;
Required Equipment: Skull Hood, Holy Robe, Khalitzburg Card Buckler, Immune Muffler, 2 Eye of Dullahans, 1 Phen Card Accessory, Any Staff;

3. Battle Priest

PVP: 2/5; PvM: 5/5; WoE: 4/5;
Recommended for: Those who Praise but also Fight; Supports but also Debuffs; Hybrids; Strong Independent Men who needs no Tank, because you are the Tank, Hitter, and Support in one.
“God’s Right Hand… of Justice”

Yep, you’re suspicion is right. A Battle Priest can solo Geffenia since he needs not Priest but Himself.

Lots of players bring Slave Priests here in Geffenia. But what if you party with a Rogue instead? Then instead of letting your Priest AFK, let a friend handle it and FIGHT Together. I’ve tried playing with a Rogue (LOW VIT OFC) in this place and it feels sad that a Rogue can’t handle playing in Geffenia alone without getting a support from a Priest. So I thought, “Why not go together and share the loots?”. A battle Priest could even 2 V 1 Mobs with not much of a problem. Here’s the proof:

Anyway, these stats are tentative and I might reset stats soon, but so far, it’s pretty good stats already. LUK 30 is the Maximum since you already have Gloria. That’s my opinion though. I mean, a battle Priest is also like a Blitz Hunter which is very hard to stat build because you need ALL STATS for real.

As you can see above, my INT is 44, you might be wondering why. This is because I needed to make it divisible by 6 for 10 SP Regeneration Bonus. For VIT, I made it exactly 80 points for 80% Stun Resistance. And 14 LUK because I’m relying more on my Gloria.

+7 Skull Hood is perfect for a Battle Priest. Because aside from the 10% Demon Reduction which is a good combo to their Divine Protection skill and Angelus, it gives a chance to increase the CRIT. Mine reached up to 70% Crit Rate. This character is also perfect partnered with Blacksmith. Since a Battlepriest holds maces so you could get the benefits of most Blacksmith Buffs. Aside from that, you could buff the Blacksmith in return and that means FAIR TRADE. So if you’re planning to be a Battle Priest, go find your Blacksmith Partner.

Suggested Stats: STR 30-80, AGI 50-99, VIT 50-80, INT 30-60, DEX 9-40, LUK 10-30;
My Plan Stats: STR 44, AGI 82, VIT 74, INT 44, DEX 30, LUK 19;
Pros: Self-Supportive Hybrid; Can counter Knights in PVP by decreasing their Agi or Adding Safety Wall or Aspersio-ing them; You can solo but you can party too;
Cons: “You’re the Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.” – Yeah, that’s the complete quote, google it;
Required Equipment: +7 Skull Hood, Holy Robe, Khalitzburg Buckler, 3 Fur Seal Cards Chain[3], Immune Muffler, 2 Eye of Dullahans;

4. Turn Undead Priest

PVP: 1/5; PvM: 5/5; WoE: 2/5;
Recommended for: Leechers
“Bayad muna sir, legit to.”

I still don’t get the Idea of Turn Undead… Your Turn the Undead into Undead? WAT

With TU Priests, the #1 Question is not “What is the final Stats of TU Priest?” but “When could I start killing Anubis?”. The answer to that question is not really the level, but the attributes (HP, DEX, LUK) and Equipment.

As a Level 30 TU Priest, the most important thing you should have is FLY WING. Always bring FLY WING because you do not stand a chance against its Jupitel Thunder. It’s Jupitel Thunder is obvious because it tries to target you and it cast around 2-3 Seconds. Actually you can just hide while it’s casting that thing. But my fear is that another mob like Minorous or Pasana may hit you and lose your hiding status which can help evade the Jupitel Thunder. Anyway, it’s all up to you. If you think you are capable enough to have fast hands, go grab a Smokie Card and hide once it casts Jupitel Thunder.

Donut in Mouth, Quad VIT Rod and Alarm Card Sandals is only important during low levels. You can always swap that with anything you want. But if you don’t have anything else in mind right now, keep those equipped.

At Level 30, I had VIT 17, INT 30, LUK 30 to survive Anubis. You can watch that video for the full details. Actually, for PURE TU Priests, you can maximize INT to 99 until you could reach a total of 120 INT so that you will feel the RUSH OF SP REGENERATION BONUS. The Plan Stats below is just MY Build.

Suggested Stats: VIT 50-85, INT 50-99, DEX 0-60, LUK 30-60 ;
My Plan Stats: VIT 83, INT 73, DEX 50, LUK 58;
Pros: Super Fast Leveling, No Potions Needed;
Cons: Is not very effective in PVP and WoE unless Hybrid;
Required Equipment: Poo Poo Hat or Angeling Hat or RoB, Cranial Buckler, Donut in Mouth (For Low Levels), Quad VIT Rod, Bathory Carded Saint’s Robe, Alarm Card Sandals (For Low Levels), All in One Ring;

5. WoE Sanctuary Priest

PVP: 1/5; PvM: 3/5; WoE: 5/5;
Recommended for: Players who just want to chill or people who doesn’t want to go to war but wants to help the guild.
“Dito lang ako sa base hehe…”

A Sanctuary Priest chillin` in her sanctuary.

Sanctuary Priests is a type of FULL SUPPORT Priest which can use the lazy priest stat build: 99 vit 99 int. It is effective but not the best in my opinion. But if you live in simplicity and beauty and all you just want to do is help. Why would I mess with my Stats? xD Actually, Sanctuary Priests can still join the war too. Just keep yourself safe and stay behind.

Once you have your own Castle already, and you are now defending the area. Place Sanctuary on your Hunters but not on the Knights area since most Knights wear Evil Druid Cards. Let them go to the sanctuary or else you might heal someone who is wearing Undead Armor.

Suggested Stats: STR 9, VIT 80-99, INT 60-99, DEX 1-60, LUK 1-30;
My Plan Stats: STR 9, VIT 99, INT 99;
Pros: Pretty Chill. Just Stay on the Base and get your Salary (If your Guild gives Salary Already) ;
Cons: Getting Sanctuary Level 10 and Safety Wall Level 10 can cause other buffs to be compromised;
Required Equipment: Marc Saint’s Robe, RoB, Cranial Buckler, that’s all;

That’s all folks! After few weeks, finally I am in the mood to finish this article. xD Take note that these are just my opinions and it’s up to you if you agree or disagree. 😉 If you’d disagree, feel free to criticize below the comments, just don’t add any “bobo, or fail” because it would explain who you are as a person :))

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