[Promotion] 900PHP = 1k EXCash by Kentski of ELITES UNITED

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WTF?!! 900PHP for 1k EXCash? Are you serious??? — Yep! Right now, you could be either of the two:

Cut the Talk! I Want to Order or Uhuh?


The Suggested Retail Price for 1k EXCash is 1000php. I’ll be honest with you because I want you to learn economics, they earn exactly 120php per order, so that’s 880php per 1k excash, which is a good investment. Also, selling at 1000php is just the RIGHT PRICE, because the FIRST Time I bought EXCash was on MINESKI who adds 10% more price so I paid 1100php instead of just 1000.

So yeah, considering that it’s 880php each, he only earns 20php per order. But 20php isn’t bad man… Some retail business like Suking Tindahan only adds 5php added price on their chichirya. Yet, he gets 20php and not 5php. Of course he will be giving me some share.

As a test to see if it’s just 880, I registered my own Load Central Account because it’s free to register but my WALLET IS EMPTY because I don’t have enough money to invest xD Yes, you could start with 1k Investment but I’m not the guy for retailer businesses, so here I am helping you and a retailer I like.

Sidenote: You could also be a Retailer in Load Central, just ask him how.

Why Are You Guys Doing This?

Yep, I’m a collector of KIND PEOPLE… In fact I am also advertising someone who FORGER FOR FREE G4_STEEL_FABRICATION. Just bring your own materials and it’s not his fault if it fails. Also I admire people especially in Ayothaya who sells YggDrasil Leaf just on the RIGHT PRICE! Don’t forget to Thank them!

Anyway, this guy who is selling for 900php/1k ExCash is a Load Central Retailer who messaged me during the time I posted “Why is Elite Siege Box too Expensive”. I posted this on ROPH Official Community before and there were tons of negative comments which I expected since most people are actually merchants and most businessmen hoard ESB since they expect that the price of ESB will rise. What’s funny is that the price of ESB nowadays are ACTUALLY DECREASING. XD Thanks for all your support guys.

He is IGN: Kentski of Elites United in Thor Server. A Blacksmith. Known for being lazy in grinding, so leechers know him well.

What is Your Goal?

Since we both share the same philosophy and hate Overpriced Capitalists… like Apple Company for example… sorry my tongue slipped. We are selling it as cheap as possible. This would also help lower the prices of in-game items.

Hey This Will Hurt Other Load Central Retailers!

Chill! This is just a promotion, it will end after 5000 sales. He will sell it cheap but not for 900php anymore.

How do I Order?

Step 1: Go to his Elites United Guild FanPage, just message him via the fanpage.

Step 2: He will also ask you to fill up this google docs for both-of-your-SECURITY purposes. Payment Methods Include: BDO, BPI, PayMaya, Remittance (Palawan Express for Example), Walk-in (Labangon, Cebu Area) and more, just ask him.

Step 3: After filling up the Google Docs, you can track your order here. You could also track through that link the number of people who ordered. So when it HITS 5000 Orders then the promo ends there.

Final Words

Remember that Ragnarok has a new Promotion this MONTH, It’s 3 Gold, it’s additional, 2.25m-3m Zeny!

Enjoy your Underpriced EXCash ^_^ Don’t forget to thank him too for being cheap. It’s rare to find people like that.

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