[Quick Rogue Guide] How Does Rogue’s Snatcher Work?

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There’s still a lot of people who don’t understand this, and wonder what’s the BIG DEAL with Rogues. At around 60 DEX, you have an estimated chance of 60% chance to loot one item from a mob. (Estimated… not always) There are even people in ROPH Cancer-Free Group saying that they looted more rares from snatcher rather than drops. They thought it was a BUG/GLITCH or whatever. It’s not, that’s how it really works.
First and foremost, I’ll tell you the formula first…

Steal Formula according to iRO Wiki: “[Item_Drop_Rate × (User_DEX + 3 × Skill_Lv − Target_DEX + 10)]%”

Ok, so I’ll explain the logic here…
If your steal has a 60% chance to steal and your snatcher has 20% chance to steal… With that logic, we can say that you have a 20% * 0.6 = 12% chance to steal every HIT. So if you hit a monster 8 times, that’s like duplicating the mob already since 8*12 = 96%. So if you attack a mob 25 times, then it’s like making THREE MORE COPIES OF IT. Add bubblegum and it’s SIX MORE COPIES OF IT. But don’t get so excited! Remember that you can only STEAL one item only per monster.
Understand the logic? 🙂 That’s why Rogues are perfect for targetting HIGH-HP RARE mobs with rare loots.
That’s why I told you to go for 99 agi 🙂 Every Hit counts. I’m pretty sure there will be another argument about this with the “individual chance”, but duh… that’s an estimate sire. Chances fluctuate we get it, kill 100-300 samples of the same mob, you’ll see that my deductions are precise.

My Farming Rogue Stats

Some people will argue with the 30-50 STR suggestion. I get it…

WTF is 0 DEX Steal?

According to Geeky Bratt’s Post, 0 DEX Steal makes all the drop rate of all the target’s loots by 0.01%, that’s why they said that you can actually LOOT more rares with 0-1 DEX. This is also why Joker card was disabled because HIGH SP jobs like Wizards and Priests can abuse it. But seriously, only botters would have time for that xD But if you are a human bot, like you grind 10 hours a day, go for it! Just get mummy cards and Angel Spirit for hit. For further information, please check his post.

Farmer Rogue Skill Build

You’re going to get level 10 Intimidate so you can copy Triple Attack from Monks. Most Rogue Target Mobs have skills which are not copy-able. Level 9 Sword Mastery doesn’t only work for swords, it also works for daggers.

Rogue Stats and Equips Sneak Peek

Wear snake head hat if you are going for swords or sacrifice 1 card slot and add a sidewinder card if you are lazy in switching. Equip Bathory or Pasana Card or any elemental card to your Pantie[1] if you are planning to face some enemies with annoying elemental skills.

Here I also have Triple Boned Saber for Medium Monsters, Triple Titan Saber for Larger Monsters, and Triple Gigantic Gladius for Small Monsters. Triple Malicious Gladius is inefficient with damage but it’s for people who are lazy in switching and if you don’t want to click potions.

Alternative Weapons: Elemental Tsurugis, VVVS Tsurugis. 2x Wolf Damascus (Cheapest Cost-Efficient Starter Rogue Weapon), +7 Gigantic Stiletto (Also Really Cheap)
Alternative Accessory to Thief Figure: Clip of Storm (Stem Worm Card) = You’ll get a free Water Elemental Property Scroll-like item.

Stats: STR 30-80, AGI 90-99, VIT 0-25, INT 0-12, DEX 0-80;
There are TOO Many opinions about Rogue Stats, but here’s mine:

Str 50 = Average STR, I only upgrade STR from 30-50 once I am level 80+;
Agi 99 = Flee, More Hits -> More Chances of Winning!
Vit 2 = Eh… just extra stats, I could choose 25 by sacrificing 10 more DEX. 25 VIT means 50% more FiM Heal though.
Int 10 = Total of 24, that’s an additional 4 SP Regeneration every 10 seconds. Better than bringing lots of GJs.
Dex 80 = I’m targeting mobs with average loot drop rates. Not really rares. Like rough oridecon for example.

If you noticed my DEX is too highhhh… That’s because I’m going to target Low Density Mobs with AVG-HIGH HP.

If you are going to target High HP mobs with Average Density (Not Low), then go you can have 50+ STR. While if you are going to target HIGH HP mobs with HIGH Density… “Mag Knight ka nalang bess… High Density naman pala…”

If you don’t agree, feel free to comment below so people can see your opinion. But here’s mine.

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