Frequently Asked Locations on Ragnarok Online Revo-Classic

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Having a hard time searching for the location of Arrow Crafting NPC? It’s just… right here… Near the tool dealer of morroc. Thanks to IGN: SadStyLus of Loki.

Arrow Crafting NPC

Charge Arrow NPC

Thanks to IGN: Mholz for informing us about this 🙂 It is near the bridge on Payon. Once you walk near him, he will say “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….”, so it’s easy to find this guy.

Sprinke Sand NPC

1 Cobweb, 1 Cactus Needle, and 1 Earthworm Peeling and you’ll get your bag.

Jeweler NPC

Thanks to

1Carat Diamond NPC

Witherless Rose, Stunner, Swordmace

I added these because there are lots of people getting scammed, buying stunners from vending areas. You can simply buy them here.


Middle Prontera, Upper right House

Familiar of that line in Vending Spots? They can be simply bought here. Stop getting scammed for a 99k npc item.


Prontera Church, Upper Right Prontera, where Prayer Vigil Happened on 8/8/2017 8pm.

Luk + 2, but some people are too unlucky to buy it from scammers. They can just be bought here.

LUTIE or Santa Claus NPC 


Anthell is a dangerous place to go. Not the place itself, but the way through it is a desert full of kobold archers and sidewinders. That’s why it is being guarded by an NPC. so you must really be good with running or hiding or clicking fast with potions. It is located, one map down Morroc, then go left and talk to the NPC, walk a little bit to the top and find a hole and go into it.

You are welcome IGN: G^riieeL of Loki.


Some people like IGN: cWacko of Loki still ask the location of the Stylist. They didn’t notice that they’re just hiding behind the box from where they bought the item. Also, make sure you buy the 1390 ROK Points and not the 300 for coloring your Clothing. Because for instance, this guy bought the 300 ROK points because he thought it’s cheaper. Haahhaahahaa! Peace Bro! Love you :*

Culvert NPC

First of all enter the Knight’s Guild on the top right corner house of Prontera.

Talk to the soldier and tell him you wanna be part of the Drainage Janitor Warriors… idk something like that. he will give you a freebie for being a humble janitor and warp you to another Janitor Soldier. Talk to all of them until you get to Culvert.

Hunter Job Change NPC

Looking for Airship to Hugel? Sadly, there’s no Airship in this game yet. So the Hunter Job Change NPC can be found on Payon Field 10. Thanks to IGN: Palukz for the Screenshot!

Merchant Job Change NPC – Bismark

First of all, if you’re having trouble finding Einbroch where you thought you’ll have to go there to Job Change, just go to geffen and go to the bottom right house. Once you get in, talk to the guy behind the Blacksmith Guildsman. Anyway, a more frequent question is “Where is Bismark” or “How to Get to Comodo?”. To get to Comodo, just warp to Morroc then warp again to Comodo. Easy peasy…



“Saan po ba nakikita yung wormtails”… “Saan po ba nakukuha ang pointed scale?”… “Mali po yung sabi ng RMS, wala po dun eh.”

I kept getting these messages for the past few weeks and I was not able to answer them since I was busy leveling up first job characters first. But hey! Thanks to IGN: wizardofoz of Thor, he found it himself and reported to the blog 🙂 Enjoy your free Elite Siege Box bro!

A real HUNTER knows where to hunt. That’s why it’s the quest because IT IS A SECRET MAP. Just like spore land, it has no red circle on the map. It can be found 2 Maps Down from Payon (Wolf Land), then go 1 Map left or 3 Maps Left of Alberta. Map name is Pay_fild_11. It’s loaded with so many wormtails.

If you are searching for other things especially Archer Quests, check this post.

Daily Rewards NPC

Just warp to alberta, then go a little bit to the right and talk to this guy. Btw, all Rewards doesn’t show up simultaneously, just take all the rewards you need and then reconnect, the other rewards will show up randomly. Weird, but that’s how it is currently. You could also just reconnect again and then there will be a chance that your expected reward will show up. Enjoy.


Well, if you wanna clean up your storage and merge the white potions and blue potions, you can find him here.

Delicious Fish Vendor in Alberta

Eden Quests, 2nd-Job Platinum Skills Quests

Eden quests, Skill Quests like PHANTASM Arrow (I wrote this as charge arrow before, thank you for correcting me) and Throw Venom knife are not yet available in this server as far as I am informed.

If you have found a classic location for an NPC, please comment it below 🙂

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