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This is the continuation of the Easy Version of the Zeny Making Guide. I noticed that the first guide reached 2000+ words and too lengthy to read, so I split them into two and categorized them into easy, average, and hard. The Hard versions will tackle a lot about BB Knights Farming, Trappers Farming, MVP, and Forging, and UPG Equips. We will add more examples to this part.

If you read the easy version, you can skip this part:

3 Methods to Earn Zeny [Average]

1. Farming or Hunting – for people who love to grind. hunt, or level up while farming. This is for people who enjoy repetitive tasks and doesn’t want to think too complicated.
2. Trading – for people lazy in farming. Earns the most and spends the least time. Great for people who have a good memory for prices and has a foresight for price change. You must also have an Idea of ROI.
3. Service – sometimes considered as a subcategory of farming. This is usually used by leechers. Suggested for players who like helping and earning at the same time. (I can’t use color yellow coz it hurts my eyes, so yeah, orange.)

I also know color psychology, so you can just pick the color you want above and read the description if it fits you. The color psychology above is NOT 100% accurate though, but just try.

What is ROI? 

Return of Investment. Any business that earns more than 20% ROI is a good Investment if it sells in a day. 20% ROI for example is “Your Investment * 1.20”. For example, you invested 100k, if you earn 120k, then that’s 20% ROI.


1. Item Buying and Selling

Requirements: I suggest 1m Zeny at least, One Merchant at Least, make more for expansion.
Earnings: 20% ~ 10,000% ROI, Average of 50% ROI (Depends on your Luck)
Earning Speed: Low ~ High, Depends on the Items you buy and sell.
Method: Trading

Buying and Selling is a very wide field to tackle. But here, I’ll state some examples.


-Kuku’s Hunter is leveling up in Sphinx 5 killing Pasanas since they are one of the “FASTEST XP GIVING MOBS” in ROPH. They give almost 0.5 XP per HP. Almost twice FASTER than Anolians. Truth be told, Pasana is a better area for leveling rather than Anolians since first of all it is already crowded now, and second of all, they only give 0.3 XP per HP.  They just have large XP, so I only suggest you to kill them if your damage is more than what you could deal against a Pasana.

If you bought -Kuku’s Undershirt, you could earn around 50% ROI since my preferred selling price for this is 75k even though some people still sell it at 99k. You can have 100% ROI but the earning speed will be slow. For me, time is more important than zeny, so I will sell it again at 75k or slot it.

Some people also do buying and selling of upgrade items like Oridecon, they buy from Geffen and Sell it at Refine Shops. They still earn significant amount of money doing this, but I don’t suggest you doing this as it would inflate the economy. We need more farmers than traders.

2. Long-Term Investments

Requirements: I suggest 5m Zeny. That’s all you need, doesn’t matter which character.
Earnings: 50% ~ 500% ROI
Earning Speed: Slow
Method: Trading

I highly suggest everyone to have long-term investments. It’s VERY EASY since you just have to buy stuff and sell it once it reached its peak price.  The hard thing to predict is WHEN YOU SHOULD SELL THEM. But I’m addicted to ROPH “stock market”, so you can just rely on my news on my Fanpage or become a VIP by doing great deeds to the community. I tell VIPs earlier when they should buy and sell, like ESB, GOLD, and guess what’s next? I’m not telling it yet. I personally believe that Kind people are the ones who deserve to be rich first, therefore I tell them EARLIER what to buy, when to sell, so they’ll become rich too 🙂

Here’s a picture of my storage, I invested ESBs before they vanished from the Kafra Shops.

One of the basic methods I can share with long-term investments are card buying and selling. Since we are currently on the days where everything is CHEAP, so I’m PUBbing “B> CARDS LIV PRICE” and buying cheap cards.

I’m saving all of these cards for me, and for the future once the ROPH Market inflates at its peak.

Average – Farming

You can refer to this post, farming and leveling guide to check the NPC Zeny Worth for every monster so you can estimate how much zeny you will have per kill. Any mob around 300+ NPC Zeny Worth can give you around 100K ZENY PER 30 MINUTES WITH BBG! Take this picture below for example, Miyabi Doll have very expensive loots because they are professional prostitutes (Geisha IRL) therefore their remains are expensive.

Sample Farming Spots:

1. Cyfar Hunting

Earnings: Around 100k/30 Mins with BBG
Recommended Farmer:
 Assassin/Rogue Steal Type
Method: Farming

Use Rogue/Assassin to farm Cyfars. Currently, as of September 22,2017, Cyfars are bought at 800 zeny, but it will increase back to almost 1k zenny once the prices are stable again. Wild Roses’ NPC Zeny Worth are just 206z, but also try to check what they drop, they drop Cyfars which are expensive for OBB Buyers, that means, you get more than the estimated 206z per kill.

2. Amatsu Level 1

Earnings: Around 100k/30 Mins with BBG
Recommended Farmer:
 Assassin/Rogue Steal Type
Method: Farming

Miyabi Dolls have 458z NPC Zenny worth per kill according to the picture above and this link. So you can just sell their drops to the NPCs BUT You can also sell it to Forgers like me, just message me here 🙂 I buy StarCrumbs at 3k zeny each. And Irons which drops from Firelock Solider at the highest market price. As of September 22, 2017, I’ll buy it at 700z each.

3. Gonryun Evil Cloud Hermits

Earnings: Around 150k/30 Mins with BBG, with Vit Knight, you’ll consume potions…
Recommended Farmer:
 Assassin/Rogue Steal Type, Lancer Vit Knight
Method: Farming

Only target Evil Cloud Hermits and make sure you hide once they cast Lightning bolt so you don’t have to waste potions. Evil Cloud Hermits give an estimated Zeny of 897z per kill,

4. Magma Dungeon

Earnings: Around 250k/30 Mins with BBG
Recommended Farmer:
 Rogue, BB Knight
Method: Farming

THERE ARE HUNDREDS MORE FARMING SPOTS, Seriously, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO MAKE USE OF THESE FARMING GUIDES: Level 1-50; Level 50-99; I added a video on how to use those Guides. PLEASE, make use of it. I worked hard for it, stop asking for spoon feed questions such as “Saan maganda mag farm“, there are already “NPC Zeny Worth” on it so you’ll know around how much you will earn per kill.

Up next will be the Hard Versions, BB Knights will be mentioned a lot in here since they are overpowered when fully equipped. Stay tuned!

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