[Revo-Classic] A Detailed Guide about Zeny Making [EASY]

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Alright, there are HONESTLY THOUSANDS OF WAYS to make money in ROPH. All you have to do, is to assess yourself first which one is your passion: Grinding, Hunting, Looting, or Shopping, Helping.

4 Methods to Earn Zeny [Easy]

1. Farming or Hunting – for people who love to grind. hunt, or level up while farming. This is for people who enjoy repetitive tasks and doesn’t want to think too complicated.
2. KukreBasic. For absolutely poor players who won’t spend money in game. Just don’t loot rares unless people leave them. Importantly, be ETHICAL.
3. Trading – for people lazy in farming. Earns the most and spends the least time. Great for people who have a good memory for prices and has a foresight for price change. You must also have an Idea of ROI.
4. Service – sometimes considered as a subcategory of farming. This is usually used by leechers. Suggested for players who like helping and earning at the same time. (I can’t use color yellow coz it hurts my eyes, so yeah, orange.)

I also know color psychology, so you can just pick the color you want above and read the description if it fits you. The color psychology above is NOT 100% accurate though, but just try.

What is ROI? 

Return of Investment. Any business that earns more than 20% ROI is a good Investment if it sells in a day. 20% ROI for example is “Your Investment * 1.20”. For example, you invested 100k, if you earn 120k, then that’s 20% ROI.

EASY ~ Medium

1. Ethical Kukre

Requirements: “Kakapalan ng Mukha”, Endure or Anodyne once someone tells you “T*ng ina mo LOOTER!”
Earnings: Unbelievably around 150k/hr at populated high level dungeons
Earning Speed: Instant!
Method: Kukre

The principle behind this is that every loot that is around 75+ Zeny each that drops fast is worth it. Even Wing of red bat costs 84 zeny and 104z with overcharge level 10, you loot 10 pcs of that you get 1k zeny.

To be honest with you, I started off as a looter on all low-rate servers especially if you have the GREED Skill of the Blacksmith to start buying and selling. Sadly, we don’t have that skill yet in here. I do it on Glast Heim before. The best looting areas are Glast Heim, Magma Dungeon, High Orc Dungeons, Anolian Dungeons, etc. Just find a crowded area. BUT PLEASE! BE AN ETHICAL LOOTERYou’ve heard of “Ethical Hacking” right? Now you also heard of “Ethical Looting”. Looting is a way of life, may pera sa basura. JUST BE SURE TO LOOT ONLY THOSE THEY DO NOT LOOT. Wag makipag agawan sa RARES! PLEASE PLEASE, AND JUST PLEASE. This method will only help you earn to have a starting capital and start investing for the following methods.

Ang Raming RK sa gilid, pinamimigay lang loots, tnx

I tried looting here for 2 minutes and guess how much I earned!? FIVE FREEBIE THOUSAND ZENNY! Do it in 30 minutes and you’ll earn (5k*15) 75K ZENNY! Yes! And I’ll prove that to you with a video soon. My suggested character for this is Priest because you can teleport and loot.

Even Muramasa itself, the King of Bragging… I mean the ROPH Billionaire shows us that he is also a hardcore looter. But of course he loots HIS OWN killed mobs.

2. NPC Reselling and Supplying

Requirements: Merchant Vendor, 10k Zenny
Earnings: Around 20k/hr or Up to 24% ROI
(24% Level 10 Discount Right? And you sell it at the same price as the NPC)
Earning Speed: Average ~ Fast
Method: Trading & Service

To be honest, this might be a popular business in game but the ROI is TOO SMALL. It’s like suking tindahan. But in terms of helping people, yes it actually helps. Thank you for these people for keeping up this kind of business. But I really suggest that you don’t compete with other “Suking Tindahans” and go to other dungeons who need you.

IGN: BostonGeorge selling supplies near Geffen Tower

Other good samples to resell other than supplies would be belt[1]. Stunner, and Rosary. They can be found in this link.

Sell them at the same NPC price or add 10k zenny as rich people will still buy from you even if they know where it can be bought. You will earn around 50k/hr, just like warping but minus the hassle of always checking on your character. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON’T SELL IT OVERPRICED, that’s semi scamming in my opinion. Some people sell Stunner at 99k and that’s bad in my opinion. 70k Zenny would be reasonable for your efforts.

You can also sell Flu masks, Sunglasses, Eye patch, and such as a starter to earn more zeny. People buy it even at 9,999 zenny, and honestly, it’s not a necessity, so I don’t think it’s a scam.

3. Selling Quest Items

Requirements: Any Hunting character and a Vendor
Earnings: Around 50k/hr but at least no hassle and no capital needed.
Earning Speed: Slow ~ Average
Method: Farming and Service

Before Ayothaya became a trend. The quest item prices here were ABSURD. Now they were stabilized because of competition. Competition helps the economy to stabilize. Same in real life. When SMART monopolized our SIM Cards, all their services were expensive. But thanks to SUN, they are G4_STEEL_FABRICATION of Real life which made Smart and Globe go cheaper. (I just hoped that TELSTRA joined the PH Competition)

We can see here that IGN: Skymerch is selling at the right price

IGN:ManongKaloy Selling Tons of Quest Items

4. Warping

Requirements: An Acolyte/Priest with Level 4 Warp
Earnings & Speed: Around 50k zenny per hour.
Method: Service

For me, this is a hassle. I never did this before because I am the ‘trader type of person”. The good thing about this is you could just sit, play your main character and wait for someone to buzz on your pub and then go alt + tab to check your warper. This is still good for players who doesn’t have any capital to invest yet.

IGN: HolySh3t Warping Service in Payon

5. Arrow Crafting Money Making

Requirements: 10k Zenny Investment, Arrow Crafting Archer, Buying Merchant or Assassin/Rogue with Level 10 Steal.
Earnings: Up to 250% ROI!!!
Earning Speed: Slow ~ Average
Method: Farming & Trading

Farm with an Assassin/Rogue (Steal+Kill on Marc) or Use Buying Vend to buy Arrow Crafting Materials and vend at populated areas with Fire Monsters like Magma Dungeon or High Orc Areas.

“Here we can see IGN: MrHaguchi in Izlude buying GILLS” and arrow crafting them to sell Crystal Arrows somewhere.”


Now here is IGN: MrBungal… Wait… Same Mr… Are these two just one person?

Here in Aldebaran, someone is selling Crystal Arrows at 4 zeny each. Each GIll produces 150 Crystal Arrows and 80 Iron Arrows. So with only 215z Investment, he can earn (150 x 4z = 600z; 80 x 2z = 760z). Now that’s 253% ROI! Now if you bought a lot of GILLS at 215,000 zenny. You’ll earn 760,000 zenny! That sounds amazing but don’t forget the time you’ll wait for it to be bought 🙂

Remember that not only GILLS, there are so many possible materials to arrow craft:

Flame Heart creates 1800 Fire Arrows and you can sell it up to 4z each! That’s 3k zenny each today right? You’ll earn 7200z with 3k Investment.  140% ROI.

Stone Arrows – Mole Claw, Stone Fragment
Crystal Arrows – Ice Cubic
Silver Arrows – Unicorn Horn
Wind Arrows – Matyr’s Leash
Shadow Arrows – Key of Underground, Armor Piece of Dullahan, Tangled Chains, Evil Horn

Status Effect Arrows

Cursed Arrows – Amulet, Dragon Skin, Bloody Edge
Mute Arrows – Dragon Skin
Flash Arrows – Evil Horn

The rest of the arrows, I don’t suggest to craft them. Some sell sleep arrows and frozen arrows but I think they are useless for Grimtooth and Arrow Shower Hunters because once you accidentally hit after making them sleep or freezing them, it is cancelled, so your efforts were put in vain. Nobody seems to appreciate Flash Arrows too much, but that’s actually a good arrow in WOE, so be with Familiar Cards and Requiem Cards. Yes, you heard me right, I love Requiem card combined with Magnolia Card. Try putting those two in a Composite Bow[4] 2 Magnolia 2 Requiem and enjoy WOE.

Here’s one example of a place where nobody sells Crystal Arrows. SOMEONE SHOULD! Gef_Fild14


Alright, this post has become TOO Long already, we’ll have the Part 2, the Average version next! You can also check Muramasa’s Zeny Making Guide though it is more of an overview.

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