Revo-Classic Item and Skill FAQs [WRONG Descriptions and More]

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Alright, as we know, Official ROPH has low budget. They obviously did not hire enough workers. The customer support queue is always long, the wrong descriptions were never updated, the LAG is too high even with fiber optics connection, the DDoS defense package is not good enough. I really suggest buying cash via EXCash if you want this game to last.

Anyway, let’s mention some stuff that needs updating but they never did.

1. Weaponry Research

So Weaponry Research actually adds 20 ATK and HIT, but doesn’t show in the ALT Q. Seriously, after several maintenance, why didn’t they just update the description? It will be more effort for the FB manager to keep on answering the same question. I suspect that they don’t list their mistakes. So I hope this post reaches to them because I already listed the mistakes so they’ll fix it next maintenance.

Remember that EXPERIMENT I performed in Revo-classic Substats POST? I wondered where the 4 damage came from? Here it is… Thanks EJ Mabajen for the information.

2. Peco Peco Hair Band

“Hahaha, wasting your ASPD for movespeed? LOL IDIOT”
 – Typical pee-noise

“Sir, why are you wearing that, doesn’t that decrease ASPD?”
– A humble person who learns more…

So, I receive these “idiot” words again from random people just because they think it doesn’t work. I can’t forget this statement from a guy I already forgot… “Hahahaha cge lokohin mo pa sarili mo.”

Truth be told, why don’t just DEVS fix the description to make it LESS CONFUSING. We all know the Attack Delay Decrease means reducing the cool down of your next attack right? So this Decreases ASPD by 10% is just confusing people since it doesn’t decrease the total ASPD. They should have written AT LEAST “Decreases ASPD delay”. But if they’re kind enough better just erase that.

3. Critical HITS

Look at this Thai Playing his Assassin. Almost EVERY HIT is critical hit. You still think this is just 29 Crit? Definitely not! There are so many invisible stats that I almost don’t know if they did it on purpose, or they’re just lazy so they’d say they did it in purpose.

4.  PLUS 50% XP + 50% DROP RATE + 100% LAG

They only said 50% More XP and drop rate on 8-12pm event. But they never said that it would be a hundred percent LAG. I’m just joking… But anyway, we have NO RIGHT to tell them to FIX it unless we are actually supporting them. So I advise you to buy more ROK than RMT because I pity their number of workers.

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