[Revo-Classic] List of Items You Don’t Wanna Throw

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Most Important Items

OBB Quest



For more Info, please check Kamonway’s guide on how to do the quest.

Suggested Arrow Crafting Items

Source ItemsProduct
AmuletCursed Arrow x 40
Tree RootArrow x 7
JellopyArrow x 4
Scorpion TailRusty Arrow x 3
JellopyArrow x 4
GarletIron Arrow x 12
Wolf ClawIron Arrow x 15
HornIron Arrow x 35
Cactus NeedleArrow x 50
GillCrystal Arrow x 150, Iron Arrow x 80
Red BloodFire Arrow x 600
Flame HeartFire Arrow x 1800 , Mute Arrow x 5
Mole ClawStone Arrow x 60, Iron Arrow x 50
TrunkArrow x 40
Porcupine QuillArrow x 70, Stone Arrow x 30
LanternIron Arrow x 80
Ancient ToothSteel Arrow x 20, Crystal Arrow x 300
Fine-grained TrunkArrow x 20
Solid TrunkArrow x 20
Barren TrunkArrow x 20
Unicorn HornSilver Arrow x 1000
Matyr's LeashSteel Arrow x 100, Arrow of Wind x 150 , Sharp Arrow x 10
Tail of Steel ScorpionSteel Arrow x 250, Poison Arrow x 1
Key of Clock TowerOridecon Arrow x 50
Key of UndergroundArrow of Shadow x 100
MatchstickFire Arrow x 3000
Ice CubicCrystal Arrow x 100
Stone FragmentStone Arrow x 50, Stun Arrow x 30
Burnt TreeFire Arrow x 250
Burning HeartFire Arrow x 150,
Live CoalFire Arrow x 100
Sharp LeafSharp Arrow x 30
Cat's EyeArrow of Wind x 200

Forging Items

Iron Ore x 1Iron
Iron x 5 + Coal x 1Steel
Red Blood x 10Flame Heart
Crystal Blue x 10Mystic Frozen
Wind of Verdure x 10Rough Wind
Green Live x 10Great Nature
Star Dust x 10Star Crumb
Jellopy x 10 + Iron x 1Knife
Iron x 25Cutter
Iron x 50Main Gauche
Steel x 17Dirk
Steel x 30Dagger
Steel x 40Stiletto
Sapphire x 1 + Oridecon x 4 + Steel x 4 Gladius
Zircon x 1 + Oridecon x 4 + Steel x 60Damascus
Iron x 2Sword
Iron x 30 Falchion
Tooth of Bat x 25 + Iron x 45Blade
Steel x 20Rapier
Steel x 35Scimitar
Wolf Claw x 50 + Steel x 40Ring Pommel Saber
Garnet x 1 + Oridecon x 8 + Steel x 15Tsurugi
Topaz x 1 + Oridecon x 8 + Steel x 10Haedonggum
Opal x 1 + Oridecon x 8 + Steel x 5Saber
Cursed Ruby x 1 + Oridecon x 16Flamberge
Horrendous Mouth x 15 + Iron x 35Katana
Decayed Nail x 20 + Steel x 25Slayer
Steel x 45Bastard Sword
Oridecon x 12 + Steel x 10Two-Handed Sword
Oridecon x 12 + Steel x 20Broad Sword
Cracked Diamond x 1 + Oridecon x 16 + Steel x 20Claymore
Iron x 10Axe
Iron x 110Battle Axe
Steel x 30Hammer
Orc's Fang x 30 + Oridecon x 4 + Steel x 20Buster
Amethyst x 1 + Oridecon x 8 + Steel x 10Two-Handed Axe
Iron x 3Club
Iron x 30Mace
Steel x 20Smasher
Steel x 33Flail
Steel x 45Chain
1carat Diamond x 1 + Steel x 85Morning Star
Sharp Scale x 20 + Steel x 1Sword Mace
Heroic Emblem x 1 + Steel x 120Stunner
Pearl x 1 + Iron x 16Waghnak
Steel x 50Knuckle Dusters
Steel x 65Studded Knuckles
Ruby x 10 + Oridecon x 4Fist
Topaz x 10 + Oridecon x 8Claw
Opal x 10 + Oridecon x 4Finger
Iron x 3Javelin
Iron x 35Spear
Iron x 70Pike
Steel x 25Guisarme
Steel x 40Glaive
Steel x 55Partizan
Ruby x 3 + Evil Horn x 2 + Oridecon x 12Lance
Aquamarine x 5 + Oridecon x 8 + Steel x 10Trident
Oridecon x 12 + Steel x 10Halberd

For Potions and Juices

For Juices – which are usually used for low level healing or pet food, please refer to this post.

For Potions, which are good alternatives to ESB:

Random Jewel Box Content

Legend: Green = Don’t Throw, Blue = Up to You, Red = Throw

Job Quest Items

Job PurposePrimary RequirementsOther Possible Requirements
Knight Job Change Elder Pixie's Moustache x 5
Wing of Red Bat x 5
Orcish Voucher x 5
Moth Dust x 5
Reptile Tongue x 5
Mane x 5
Bug Leg x 5
Heart of Mermaid x 5
Snail's Shell x 5
Clam Flesh x 5
Old Frying Pan x 5
Maneater Blossom x 5
Blacksmith Job Change8 Iron, 20 Green Herb, 2 Animal Skin, 1 Ring Pommel SaberN/A
Wizard Job ChangeRed Gemstone x 10, Blue Gemstone x 10, Yellow Gemstone x 10Crystal Blue x 5, Green Live x 5, Red Blood x 5, Wind of Verdure x 5
Hunter Job ChangeClaw of Desert Wolf x 5
Trunk x 5
White Herb x 3
N/A, not sure please confirm the existence
[Archer] Arrow Crafting Resin x 20
Mushroom Spore x 7
Pointed Scale x 41
Trunk x 13
Red Potion x 1
[Archer] Charge ArrowEmerald x 2
Yoyo Tail x 3
Tentacle x 10
Bill of Birds x 10
Banana Juice x 36
[Swordsman] Fatal BlowFire Arrow x 10
Silver Arrow x 10
Banana Juice x 1
Tentacle x 30
Royal Jelly x 5
[Swordsman] Moving HP RecoveryEmpty Bottle x 200
Moth Wings x 1
[Swordsman] Auto BerserkPowder of Butterfly x 35
Horrendous Mouth x 10
Decayed Nail x 10
Honey x 10
[Mage] Energy CoatGlass Bead x 3
1carat Diamond x 1
Shell x 5
Solid Shell x 1
[Acolyte] Holy LightOpal x 1
Crystal Blue x 1
Rosary x 1
[Merchant] Cart RevolutionGrape Juice x 2
Iron x 20
Sticky Mucus x 30
Fly Wing x 5
Tentacle x 6
[Merchant] Change CartTrunk x 50
Iron x 10
Animal Skin x 20
[Merchant] Crazy UproarPearl x 7
Banana Juice x 1
Mushroom Spore x 50
[Thief] Sand AttackFine Grit x 5
Leather Bag of Infinity x 1
[Thief] Back SlidingGrasshopper's Leg x 20N/A
[Thief] Pick StoneZargon x 1
Bear's Footskin x 1
Spawn x 5
[Thief] Throw StoneGarlet x 2
Scell x 2

More will be added soon, please comment suggestions below if you have 🙂



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