Revo-Classic Refinement Success Rate Table

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I promised myself  to never try upgrading any equipment until I receive information about refinement success here in Revo-classic Ragnarok Online PH. Luckily, I’ve found a credible source in Thailand that gave the information Below.

I’m also planning to add Forging Success Table but I haven’t received any news yet, if you have one please inform us through commenting below. Thanks!

NOTE: WE HAVE PROVED THAT THRO REFINE RATE IS NOT THE SAME TO OUR SERVER. Therefore we will be needing people who love to refine weapons to report their data on ROPH Support Page to fix this table.

Upgrade LevelLevel 1 WeaponLevel 2 WeaponLevel 3 WeaponLevel 4 WeaponArmor


– How much damage does every level of refine add?
For level 1 weapons = +2/refine; Level 2 = +3/refine; Level 3 = +5/refine; Level 4 = +7/refine;

– How much armor does it add every refine? Is it worth it?
0.66 DEF, in pre-renewal it’s definitely worth it. Here, it’s a BIG NO. 

Long ago I was able to upgrade my armors to 70 HARD DEF, that means 70% damage reduction from physical attacks. Today, 700 HARD DEF just means 50% damage reduction, and that’s SUPER-NERFED. If you are going to upgrade armors, only upgrade UPG ARMORS or never mind. The estimated calculation for you to understand how much damage reduction you get is every 10 Hard Def = 1% dmg reduction.

So better buy hood[1] with 4 def than buy an overpriced Muffler[1] for 8 def. Got me? Good.

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