The Scammer’s Guide: How they Scam and How to Avoid Falling into their Trap

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Ragnarok Online is a game that has been around since 2003. During its stay, a lot of bad people thought of ways on how to take advantage of people, in simple terms on how they would scam people.

Why do these people scam other players?

The answer is that it is an easy way of earning Zeny or items. Most often than not most newbies fall into this kind of evil deeds and leaving them with rage, sorrow, and a feeling of disgust/dislike to the game because of this bad experience.
We wrote this article to inform people of the different Scamming methods used by those criminals and hopefully with this information, you, yourself would not fall victim to their evil schemes.

#1 – False Advertisement

1. Pub Method

This is where a Seller would advertise an item they are selling via pub. An example is a player advertising that they are selling a Choco Card +10 Flee +5 Perfect Dodge, what they would do is they would request a deal/trade to another player, put the Choco Card on the trade window, cancel the trade and make excuses multiple times for the cancelled trade and when the time is right and the buyer is riled up with excitement and anticipation they would request a trade again and put in a Coco Card. If you can notice the typeface or font is almost the same minus the missing letter “h”, you might laugh at this but many people fall victim into this kind of scam.

2. Merchant Vend Method

Like the pub method, this takes advantage of people roaming around town looking for an item.

a. Cards Example

We can have Choco Card and Coco Card or Raydric and Raydric Archer for an example. What the Merchant would do is first set up his/her store and the advertisement “S> Choco Card 5M RUSH! / S> Raydric Card 2M RUSH!”, the advertisement would entice people into checking it right away and buy the item if they are impulsive thus would lead them falling into their scheme, if they weren’t careful enough to double check the item they are buying, another one is using the same scenario but what they do is put up the real card they’re selling and the one they’re using for scamming purposes, they set up the item that they are trying to use for scamming people on top of the item they are actually selling on the advertisement, they set it up with both items having the same prices, thus, if you are an impulsive buyer you would fall victim into this scheme.


The most common example of this is those who sell Recruit Siege Boxes at a cheaper price rather than selling the Elite Siege Boxes, again if you didn’t double/triple check what you’re purchasing then you’d fall into their trap.

What’s worse is that this vendor used to have 10 RSB and 8 of them were bought!

c. Another Example – Rough Oridecon

#2 – Posers

1. The GMs (Game Masters) Method

The target of this is normally those who have set up a pub when they are buying/selling something. A player would enter the pub and then ask the seller/buyer some questions about the item they are buying/selling and then suddenly a GM*name* would join in the chat normally referring to the people in the chat “Lucky Players” and would ask them to do things like going to a place where there are no people around and bid the player to do the specific instructions they are giving. This is done by taking advantage of the spaces you can use when you chat. You can actually try it out yourself. With the right number of spaces, you can actually make it look like someone else is talking/chatting in the Pub Chat.

2. The Name Character Substitute

The people who often fall victim to this type of scam are those people whose characters names have an upper case “i” or a lower case “L”. These people would create a novice character using the spelling of the name with a substitute alphabet character.

Example for an in-game name:


While both look like they are spelled exactly alike the first name is actually spelled as A-L-L-E-N and the other one is A-I-I-E-N, taking advantage of the font face that has letters upper case “i” and lower case “L” that looks the same. These people might PM you asking you to do stuff giving you crazy instructions or asking items from you. These people would lurk around people who are cozily chatting in town, they would spy on you to gauge how close you are to the person you are chatting with and if they are lucky that you really are close, it starts.

Let me share an anecdote:

My friend and I are cozily chatting in town and my character has those letter in its name, and all of a sudden a player posing my character’s name started chatting my friend giving out ridiculous instructions to which my friend is not really familiar with this scamming method, asking to type stuff, asking for a deal. Given the nature of our friendship (We’ve known each other since we were grinding buds at Orc Village), I wasn’t hesitant on lending him an item. There was an alarm at first because he used a word that he never used before. But given that we’re basically friends I ignored what I noticed. But what really was happening is that there was this person who was actually sending him PMs of instructions using my IGN same name but with a substitute character, he thought that it was me giving him really weird instructions so that I can transfer my item to my supposedly my other character. What transpired almost broke our friendship, sadly at the back of my mind I had an idea of what is happening but given that we are friends, I brushed it off.

To avoid this from happening to you personally, if you are to borrow an item or lending an item to a friend, the first thing you do is send a pm to them via messenger or text them to verify that it is really them.

3. PUB Propagandas

When you see people buying more than the market price, that means there’s a near vendor who sells that stuff at a cheaper price. Their main goal is to make you buy it and try to sell it to them. For example, this guy says he will be back at 8pm but never comes back anyway, There’s a lot of people doing it with ESB too so the price of ESB will increase. What’s worse is people are actually believing it and adjust to their price.

“B> ESB 700k per set” — This was during the time ESB was sold at 50k, then other real people actually try to sell at 60k per ESB until the LIE became the TRUTH.


#3 – Phishing Site

What they normally do is set-up a multi-client character that pubs free items if you visit ****.wixsite.*** and fill out the information there, come on! Seriously?

If Ragnarok PH has events it should be on their Facebook Page or at their website at, anything other than those two is fraudulent. Their events might ask for your username but that is the extent of it since they can directly access your accounts, they wouldn’t ask you for your password let alone your 4-digit PIN.

Admin Note: This is the main reason why people are cynical of websites on Ragnarok PUBS. I have received multiple messages from people saying I am a phishing site because they have not checked the website first.

#4 – Semi-Scams

1. NPC Overpricing

A lot of people have been vending Rosary[0], Belt[1], Stunner. If they only added 20% more to it, it wouldn’t be unfair but what’s worse is they sell it at TWICE the NPC PRICE! The Vendor NPC Locations can be found here.

2. Top1 Forger +60 Attack? Wtf?

Hey. Just because you are top 1 doesn’t mean you have extra damage. Everyone in the TOP 10 Blacksmith gives additional 10 MASTERY DAMAGE ONLY, nothing else. VVVS Gives +40 Mastery Attack but it won’t ever be 60 Attack. Beware of this scam.

P.S. In the event that we discover new scamming methods, we would update this post so everyone would be properly warned and would be same from the evil doers.

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