Top 25 Best Base XP Giving Mobs (Lvl 41-50)

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Isis… your childhood fap material, and most active terrorist group of today. Killing one of them will give you a BIG XP Reward. Just like you could have IRL. I personally don’t suggest hunting Deviace since they’re rare to find on Byalan. Punks, move slow and looks vulnerable to magic but they aren’t, so beware, they also have high hit rate and high flee which is a big problem. Just look for a weakness from these mobs that you can EXPLOIT, and enjoy leveling a lot.

NameLevelBase XP per HPElement
Isis470.53:1Shadow 1
Deviace470.497:1Water 4
Punk430.469:1Wind 1
Bathory440.462:1Shadow 1
Nightmare490.431:1Ghost 3
Gargoyle480.418:1Wind 3
Argiope410.41:1Poison 1
Sidewinder430.405:1Poison 1
Wootan Shooter410.402:1Fire 2
Deviruchi460.399:1Shadow 1
Blazer430.385:1Fire 2
Marionette410.335:1Ghost 3
Megalith450.332:1Neutral 4
Brilight460.328:1Fire 1
Baphomet Jr.500.315:1Shadow 1
Dryad500.314:1Earth 4
Chepet420.307:1Fire 1
Stone Shooter420.302:1Fire 3
Sage Worm430.3:1Neutral 3
Explosion460.298:1Fire 3
Choco430.296:1Fire 1
Hunter Fly420.289:1Wind 2
Kapha410.289:1Water 1
Strouf480.257:1Water 3
Petite440.244:1Earth 1

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