Top 25 Best Base XP Giving Mobs (Lvl 51-60)

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I have confirmed that Niflheim actually exists in Classic Server. But I am not 100% sure it exists here, but I am around 90% sure so I will confirm that once I go hunting for wootan shooters in umbala. Niflheim is near Umbala. I will update it in my FB page once it is 100% confirmed. It is a good leveling spot for Level 70 and above parties.

NameLevelBase XP per HPElement
Gibbet580.586:1Shadow 1
Raydric Archer520.576:1Shadow 2
High Orc520.525:1Fire 2
Panzer Goblin590.51:1Wind 2
Wind Ghost510.503:1Wind 3
Cramp560.487:1Poison 2
Dark frame590.487:1Shadow 3
Kaho600.474:1Fire 4
Gig600.468:1Fire 2
Mineral560.448:1Neutral 2
Spring Rabbit580.44:1Earth 2
Demon Pungus 560.434:1Poison 3
Driller520.431:1Earth 1
Raydric Archer520.396:1Shadow 2
Penomena570.396:1Poison 1
Alarm580.374:1Neutral 3
Disguise 550.373:1Earth 4
Carat510.37:1Wind 2
Minorous520.37:1Fire 2
Nine Tail510.362:1Fire 3
Geographer560.336:1Earth 3
Hylozoist510.322:1Shadow 2
Stalactic Golem600.311:1Neutral 4
Clock 600.309:1Earth 2
Merman530.306:1Water 3

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