Top 25 Best Job XP Giving Mobs (Lvl 51-60)

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Dark Frames may top the list, but they are on a difficult map and the map is so big that they are not so dense. Hunting them would not be very efficient.

Going with a party is suggested for hunting most mobs in this list. Like, Raydrics and Raydric Archers… The perfect target for Level 65 and above hunters. Just make sure you have a Priest and a Tank with you. At least, a 3-man team would be good enough to sustain your party and your exp.

NameLevelJob XP per HPElement
Dark Frame590.436:1Shadow 3
Raydric Archer520.405:1Shadow 2
Cramp560.321:1Poison 2
Wind Ghost510.309:1Wind 3
Penomena570.303:1Poison 1
Clock600.263:1Earth 2
Carat510.26:1Wind 2
Demon Pungus560.25:1Poison 3
Geographer560.248:1Earth 3
Gig 600.242:1Fire 2
High Orc520.238:1Fire 2
Raydric520.208:1Shadow 2
Merman530.204:1Water 3
Injustice510.196:1Shadow 2
Spring Rabbit580.195:1Earth 2
Panzer590.191:1Wind 2
Joker570.19:1Wind 4
Minorous520.186:1Fire 2
Skeleton Prisoner520.18:1Undead 3
Arclouse590.165:1Earth 2
Sea Otter590.164:1Water 3
Zombie Prisoner530.153:1Undead 3
Wooden Golem510.147:1Earth 4
Stalactic Golem600.144:1Neutral 4

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