Top 25 Best Job XP Giving Mobs (Lvl41-50)

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Please note that I only suggest killing Mobs 10 levels below your level at this rate especially if you don’t have enough potions. If you are rich in ESB, you could fight enemies at the same level.

I have not yet confirmed whether Niflheim exists or not. But I have confirmed that Umbala exists already. In case you visited already Niflheim, please take a screenshot and comment below. I am willing to give 1 Free ESB if you want that favor returned. Thanks

NameLevelJob XP per HPElement
Nightmare490.431:1Ghost 3
Gargoyle480.418:1Wind 3
Marionette410.396:1Ghost 3
Deviace470.359:1Water 4
Sage Worm430.343:1Neutral 3
Choco430.296:1Fire 1
Parasite490.28:1Wind 2
Punk430.285:1Wind 1
Orc Archer490.24:1Earth 1
Brilight460.239:1Fire 1
Blazer430.227:1Fire 2
Isis470.221:1Shadow 1
Explosion460.204:1Fire 3
Megalith450.203:1Neutral 4
Sidewinder430.201:1Poison 1
Kapha410.197:1Water 1
Argiope410.194:1Poison 1
Deviruchi460.192:1Shadow 1
Chepet420.191:1Fire 1
Bathory440.191:1Shadow 1
Petite450.187:1Earth 1
Wootan Fighter410.187:1Fire 2
Stone Shooter420.183:1Fire 3
Hunter Fly420.182:1Wind 2
Strouf480.175:1Water 3

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