What are the Chances of you Getting a Card?

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UPDATE: Many have found this article misleading… This is because I usually simplify the words for most people to understand quick. Anyway there is no “solid proof” to this but this is just my mere observation.

Knowing that all cards drop at a rate of 0.01%. That would mean, out of 10,000 hydras, an AVERAGE OF ONE  of them will drop a card. If all of these people used a bubble gum, the chance is double. It becomes 5000 hydras which is not bad. Just think that a party of 10 who hunts 500 hydras each can do it in 1-2 hours since they are mobbed in one place. What’s more is if there is an additional 50% drop rate and you activated a bubblegum, the chance a lot bigger and becomes 1 card for 3333 hydras. You could even hunt that alone in an average of 3 hours! When in luck, you could even have it earlier since other people trying to level up are killing hydras too.

The average hunting time with hunting a card is usually 6-24 Hours. Spend a week in a map with an average density of mobs and you’ll surely have that card.

This is the reason why the bigger the server, the cheaper the cards are. The rarity of cards are reasonable for our population.

So… good luck!

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