How to Level Up FAST with a Party

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How Much BONUS XP Does Partying Give?

First of all, before we discuss about the ideal composition. You must first know that it gives bonus XP. A party has a maximum number of 12 members. When you choose Even Share EXP, every time a member joins in, you are given 20% more XP. So crowded areas are good places to level up. Payon Field 02 for example, 2 maps below payon. So if you are 12 members in a party, you all get 320% divided by 12 people. Remember that you should be at most, 15 levels away (Corrected by Mark, thanks for the confirmation) from each to share exp, or else the bonus exp will not work.

What Team Composition is the Best Way to Level Up

An example for this would be 2 acolytes2 merchant, 2 swordsman with provoke level 1, 4 archers, 2 mages. Sometimes mages go alone, so let them live their life if they reject the party invitation. Also having too many acolytes in a group wherein they consist around 40%+ of the team composition is a crappy party. 

Some people just invite random people into the party with a mindset of: “Well, more people, more EXP!”. But that’s not the case. Sometimes you are being inefficient and could level faster if you are alone. So here’s my ideal team composition:  1-2 Supports, 1-4 Tankers, 2-6 Ranged Hitters, Any # of Roamers, but if they die, it’s not your fault.

I really suggest that tankers lure to your party spot like playing another Classic Game named RAN Online and let the Archers and Mages kill them. The purpose of this is for the acolyte to regenerate SP faster since they will just sit down and heal once a party member is being damaged.

I don’t really suggest having too many roamers in game. Some roamers just actually afk on a spot to leech party exp. If they do that, kick them.

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