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A number of people asked: “Sir ano ba ang Zenny Burning? Di ko po gets eh.”
Have you watched The Dark Knight 2008 (Batman) where Joker is? That’s a good example of LITERAL ZENY/MONEY BURNING. It’s a funny but precise comparison to the game. Due to that simple gesture of Joker, wherein he robbed the bank and killed his robber team mates, inflation in Gotham City has decreased and a lot of robbers died because of him. Heath Ledger’s Joker was actually one of my most favorite characters in fiction as he shows people that he’s the bad guy but if you look at the bright side, you can see that he’s actually doing good things more than the bad things he did. There was even even a long thread in Reddit that proposes that Joker actually saved Gotham City… more than Batman did.
It may not be shown that the economy of Gotham has improved, as the story was focused on Batman Vs Joker battle, but it did, and it would, considering that he also killed corrupt officials.
Anyway, let’s stick to the Ragnarok Online Topic. In Ragnarok Online, zeny burning is made by NPCs created by Official ROPH to control the in-game economy. To be honest, I really think that the in-game inflation will INCREASE a lot because of the arrival of Geffenia. Anyway, it was a good idea that they made Mastela and Royal Jelly unsellable to NPCs so it won’t hurt the economy.
“What is Inflation? Why would it hurt the economy if we have lots of zeny?”
Ok, I’ll explain. Imagine if we all earned 100m zeny every hour, then months later we reached the maximum possible zeny which is  2,147,483,647 zeny. (Take note `Muramasa almost reached that amount of money) We all had maximum number of zeny. Do you think someone would sell you a sandals[1] for 2b? No? The money would be useless, we’re going back to old-school trading again. Someone will only give you sandals for the price of a hood[1]. Since the other person no longer values zeny as it cannot buy other things he want.
That’s why I’m telling you that if you are going to farm, don’t farm for loots and sell it to NPC. Farm things that are needed by the people like Steel, Iron, Star Crumb, Oridecon, Infiltrator, Cyfar, Witch Star Sand, etc…
There are lots of zeny burners in game, but let me tell you the most popular ones:

1. Stojan

The most popular Zeny Burner. It burns 300k Zeny per try for Clips and 500k Zeny per try for Armors. This is so far the most effective Zeny Burner. It also burns the oridecons, golds, and eluniums in-game. That’s why GOLD will get expensive the faster it is burned.

I actually have plans to buy UPG equips especially Golden Clips once the economy inflated enough to perceive 20m as a cheap price. I have prepared 80 Golds and 50+ Bubble Gums for me to afford these stuff. Inflation actually helps ROPH a little bit. Because of inflation, Zeny Sellers (RMT) stops selling zenyto PHP because the rate/effort gets too low. But once another Server arrives, that’s when RMT people transfer.

2. Costume Fairy


The minimum Zeny Burn a costume fairy can do 5m Zeny. Because those Silvervine Fruit’s Worth gets expensive over time as the inflation increases.

3. Refining Shop

You won’t believe me, but Refining Shops are actually the most basic Zeny Burners, BUT also burns almost as much as UPG/Stojan. I know, 5k Zeny is far from the 500k Zeny that Stojan asks. But remember the number of people who refine their equipment. They are almost 100x more than UPG Risk Takers.

Final Words

Alright, that’s all I know as far as I could remember. Do you think this is enough to save our economy from the incoming inflation caused by Geffenia and Rogues? Do you know any other Zeny Burners? Feel free to comment below.

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