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I know right? They nerfed Wizard a lot in this server. It would have been fine if they only nerfed it in WoE, but damn! Also in PVP. Even my Glass Canon Wizard can’t kill anyone here in this test server with simple Storm Gust + Jupitel Thunder combo. Anyway for skill builds, please wait for a while since it will take time to write that article. Instead of making skill templates, it would be a better idea if I’d tell you the combos instead. And there sure are tons of Wizard combos out there, so I may be explaining each and every skill of a Wizard. Anyway, let’s start with Stat Builds.

1. The Glass Canon

PvP: 2/5; PvM: 3/5; WoE: 4/5;
Recommended for: People with a DEVO-Crusader friend/ally. You’ll die like shit without it.
“Hurts like a canon, brittle as a glass.”

With no defensive Equipment, you would want to grind on enemies that move slow

If you used to play pre-renewal before, glass canon wizards, even newbies are a threat and very dangerous if you don’t do switching or you have low MDEF. But today they were super nerfed. Therefore doing 99 DEX 99 INT Wizard is no longer a good suggestion since 150 DEX is no longer no-cast. Btw to achieve an effective Glass Canon Wizard, I would like you to remember that it is very expensive and very dependent to a Devo-crusader. You’ll die like hell if you’re bad at it and it’s not really easy to use especially if you don’t have the Fire Wall skill. The glass canon hurts twice as much than a Wizard with a shield. And compared to its pre-renewal version, the Glass Canon could deal the same damage with only a Rod[0] equipped.

Btw, sidenote, if you have “the sign” accessory, make sure you equip it to this Wizard (5% MATK is a hell of a damage). If you don’t have 2 UPG Clips will do fine.

Suggested Stats: Str 0-4; Int 90-99; Dex 90-9; Vit 9-52;
My Plan Stats: Str 4; Vit 52; Int 90; Dex 90;
Pros: Faster Casting, higher damage; An Army of Glass Canons plus a Devo Crusader and Bards will do magic;
Cons: Going alone is not safe; Maximum achievable HP is 7k; Vulnerable against “Screaming Dancers”; Going 99 DEX 99 INT will leave your HP at 3k;
Required Equipment: Any 2 Handed Staff (Soul Staff/Wizardry Staff), (+1-10)Balloon Hat, Robo Eye, Rainbow Scarf, THE SIGN (IF YOU HAVE) or UPG Clips;

2. Shielded Wizard

PvP: 3/5; PvM: 4/5; WoE: 3/5;
Recommended for: People who want to level alone with a Wizard.
“Look for a DUO Priest? Ah, no thanks. I don’t have time for that.”

A shielded Wizard could handle itself with the support of an all-in-one-ring. During Mage-stage, we know mages don’t need a Priest to level up since there are Geographers and Greatest General. Once they become a Wizard, that’s when things get harder. It gets hard to find a good leveling spot where you don’t die a lot. But a shielded Wizard can. Level 60 Leveling Spot? Check out this video. Just wear HORN Card + 2 Alligator Cards and worry no more…

Anyway, on the picture above = you’ll need a total of 100 VIT a total STUN immunity. You can use food but I don’t want to depend on it, once you die, then it’s lost. A total of 90 INT (100 in the picture) for an exact additional 15 SP recovery per 3 seconds sitting. While the rest of the stats are put on DEX. Don’t worry though if you already have more than 70 INT and you’re going to go with “Shielded Wizard”. You can compromise you VIT with the help of a LEVEL 10 Angelus in a party. A total of 67 VIT would be suggested.

Suggested Stats: Vit 100 Total; Int 60-90 Total; Dex 60-80;
My Plan Stats: Vit 96; Int 62; Dex 76;
Pros: You could level up alone; You can stay longer in PVP; If you go with a Crusader, the Crusader will last longer.
Cons: Almost half the damage a Glass Canon could deal;
Required Equipment: Ribbon of Bride or Poopoo Hat, Wand of Occult, Cranial Guard, Blush of Groom, Gentleman’s Pipe, Immune Hood, All in One Ring or Phen/Smokie/Vitata Clips;

I know this is quite short compared to other articles. But wait for the skill builds article because it’s definitely a long one.


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